Friday, 12 November 2010

Why do I blog?

Well, Lovelies, it’s been a week or so since I outed myself as a blogoholic and started bloggy rehab. So how am I travelling? I now follow only 224 blogs, not 532. I check my stats a few times a day. I have 5 emails in my inbox. I’ve taken the odd day off from posting. I’ve bought another e-book – woops! I’ve had a couple of earlier nights. And I’m really trying to only respond to your comments once a day. I now mostly write my posts at night. All up, I’m feeling more in control. Still dog-tired but not as overwhelmed. I’ve been fascinated by the interest in this series of posts. It’s also prompted me to ask myself why I blog at all. I’ve realised the answer is a lot more complex than I anticipated. Here goes, in no particular order!

I blog to rediscover my identity

One of my very first posts touched on this. Our past almost six years have been filled to the brim with dreaming about, hoping for and finally arriving at, this blessed point in our lives where we have three healthy, delightful children. Mr PB and I have ridden an enormous rollercoaster to get here with many tears, fears and concerns troubling us along the way. But we’ve rolled up our sleeves and embraced it, that unbelievable joy and honour of being parents to the pixies. We’ve let it settle into our bones. It has completely redefined us both as a couple and as individuals. But at some point, I started to disappear into it. I morphed completely into ‘Jane-the-mum’ and lost contact with ‘Jane-the-person’.

Maybe I should have seen it coming. But I didn’t. And then the PND diagnosis slapped me in the face. Those three months Sam and I spent in the Mother Baby Unit (here and here) were desperate and difficult days but for the first time in years, I had time to reflect on my old friend, ‘Jane-the-person’. Since then, blogging has become such an important tool which has fostered my creativity, reminded me of long-forgotten pleasures and transported me to delightful places I never knew existed. With a click, I can leave our little home and arrive at yours to share in your lives and loves. It’s just magic.

I blog to achieve clarity of thought and make sense of my life

As I mentioned here, I’m currently muddle-headed. When I’m well, my lawyerly, Virgoan brain functions in an orderly, systematic fashion. I write and follow to-do lists. I’m (relatively) calm and organised. I follow logic. Now I’m the complete opposite. By writing my blog, I am slowly starting to focus a little better, order my thoughts and gain a more overall perspective of where I’m at in life. I have so much I want to say – I have about 200 draft post titles waiting to be brought to life! Hmm, maybe there’s a frustrated writer in there…
Oh, how I relate to you, Mr Muddle!

I blog to record moments with the pixies

My very first post mentioned my worry about forgetting to do this. It’s all a matter of degree, of course. I have always pushed myself to do more, record more and make an extra effort as a mother. The reasons why are manifold and complex. Then there’s the decreasing time I’ve spent on recording such things with the more pixies we’ve had, due to spending my time actually looking after them! This blog is helping me record moments on PB for perpetuity. Like this one - a rare photo of Ian with all the pixies, celebrating his 40th birthday.

I blog to connect with like-minded souls

I am staggered by the number of bloggers I’ve found who share my interests. Here are just a handful. Jeanne the London-lover and photographer. Janette the graphic designer. Tina the crafter extraordinaire and fellow cross-stitcher. Kerry the reader and painter. Vicki the Francophile. A-M the interior design lover. Felicity the word lover. Melissa the expat mum sharing her life in the UK. Emma the mum of two little pirates and fellow jacaranda lover. I could go on. And on. You are all treasures. Reading your blogs and interacting with you all fills my soul in ways you can’t imagine. How dull my life would be without you all. Here's a montage of these lovely bloggers' profile photos, in order.

I blog to satisfy my love of words and use my brain

As a lawyer, words are my tools of trade. I’m a wordsmith, crafting them to fully harness their power. I adore the discipline of writing. As you know, I’m a word lover. I get very little opportunity to indulge this passion on PB. Through blogging, I effectively get to publish my own magazine. Every day, if I choose. Just brilliant. I haven’t been in paid work for three years. Now I have hundreds of souls all over the world who are willing to chat to me every day, from all walks of life. I get to use my brain in an adult way. Yep, I’m one happy camper!

I blog to find inspiration and escape from PB

Through you gorgeous people, I have discovered so many delightful and inspirational blogs, companies, websites, locations and people. With a click, I can be transported from PB on my magic carpet to faraway lands, or even a suburb away, to see stunning sights and meet marvellous people. Gee, I love this bloggy caper!

Has this post started you thinking? Nodding, maybe? Or scratching your head? Come on – do share your reasons for blogging with us. There must be so many more, given the vastness of Blogland. I’m all ears!


  1. I'm a SAHM trying to become a WAHM in 2011. After being at home for 4.5 yrs full time, I'm only to aware how much I miss adult conversation, and a sense of acknowledment. Being in paid employment gave me both those things, and I find blogging a happy medium to satisfy both of those criteria, albeit it writing rather than verbal. Also, I love learning about other interesting people and being constantly inspired. Not to mention often amused! So I relate Jane. I relate! :) xx

  2. That's quite a culling of blogs Jane, very impressive. I started blogging to document my house reno but found as it's taking s so long I enjoy commentsing on other pretty things around me. I'm definitely more about the image than the words, maybe that's why I'm an artist! I can't believe you have 200 draft posts - that's incredible!! I'm impressed with myself when I have 2 waiting to be finished!!!
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  3. Snap!
    My blogging journey has been almost exactly the same and it really has been a 'giving tree of abundance'.

    For me your honest writing and enthusiasm are wonderful gifts and I thank you for sharing them so honestly....oh and of course I love, love, love finding someone else who enjoys playing with words as much as I do!

    Hugs to you dear one!

    Felicity x

  4. I love the inspiration I get from other (far more clever/artistic/inspightful) bloggers than me. I also love the adult conversation - I do work 2 mornings a week...but teaching pre-schoolers how to swim (so not a lot there either). And I most of all love how easy and accepting blogland is - if I want to join in a conversation I just can...and that's nice :-)


    Copy and paste this link to find out why I blog. And the rest of my reasons line up well with yours. Cannot get enough of this discussion. Love Mrs Woog xox

  6. Jane, firstly I just wanted to say I think you are a pretty incredible writer. The other night I finally made the time to follow your blog threads to learn more about your 3 lovely children. I was blown away by how you introduced and talked about each of them in such loving detail. I was going to comment then but called to sick baby girl in the lead up to a really important family event I so wanted to attend. That's parenthood right. New to blogging, I've noticed a couple of things. Firstly, the blogging community is actually nothing like I thought it would be. Facebook let me down i.e. left work and friday night drinks - the only connection between me and half of my FB 'friends' and so the newsfeed becomes irrelevant to both parties. The blogging community already feels so much richer. It's so incredibly diverse and there is so much talent, so much personality to unearth (and what a great gal network too). I'm also seeing what an empowering tool it can be which makes me question how I want to use it. I can't believe the way some people nurture their blog. Quite beautiful.Anyway, I admire how you 'put yourself out there' from the start re: your personal life. Keep going, your writing is emotive and so very interesting x

  7. Hi Jane, Yes, lots of the reasons that you give for blogging sound familiar. My other main reason is to keep in touch with family and friends back in the UK and to give them a sense of life in Australia. I get lots of messages and comments via my Facebook page about their interest in the day to day things so a blog is a much better forum to share. I think I move between writing for them and writing for me. It's been a wonderful and unexpected bonus to find such generous and interesting fellow bloggers. X

  8. ~*~*Lovely post Jane~*~* Love your honesty and openess!! Hugs my friend, Rachel~~*~* ;)

  9. Many of my friends don't knit. I do. Many of my friends would never ever go in an op shop. I do. Many of my friends work. I don't. I think it is nice to share a bit of my world with the rest of the world, but I understand the blog addiction thing too. It is like having every issue of House & Garden or Notebook in your computer to devour all at once! I enjoy reading your blog, and you are right, once you are home with children you do need to take your brain out for a jog everyday ...

  10. Well Miss Jane, you did it again!
    You made me nod, smile and almost feeling emotional in a matter of seconds. This post is so true for many of us.
    People who don't blog, don't get it. They don't understand the part of being active with your brain, being creative, juggling to think how to make a picture and use picknik and make a post out of it, that all this will transport us to each other. Friendships are made in blog land and I am happy that I started this journey, so I could meet people like you, all the way on the other side of the world! Blogging is a part of daily life now.
    I'm glad you have made a better routine for yourself. And also, our children will be so happy (i hope) that when they are older we recorded moments for them we would otherwise have forgotten. So it's not only for us, but also for them and our future grandchildren (oh, look how cute grandma used to look.... ahum...).
    Oh, and that composition of bloggers, love it!
    Have a good weekend, sweet Jane!
    Maureen x

  11. Jane thank you for sharing. I am feeling the same at the moment but I don't want to give up. I really enjoy the sharing of ideas, developing my creativity, finding me again and meeting so many wonderful caring and honest people. Charmaine

  12. You're doing so well on your new mission, Jane, and if the reasons why you blog stack up like this then I am not surprised you are a blogaholic!!

    Ah fark, I'm so boring. This is why I blog: because I like it. Shrug. I know that's wrong. I know I should be more reflective and delve into my inner core more to find the "real" reasons, but... you know. I'm okay. x

  13. I had a think about just this quite a few months ago and quite a few times since...! Simple reason - I like it. I am lazier than you though so not as good at the blogging community thing, but I guess you give what you can (or want to give) in terms of time and effort.... I find it a great way to keep in touch with friends and family too. Here were my ramblings a while ago...

  14. It's really interesting that you started a blog to find your identity outside of motherhood but called it Planet Baby?? I really enjoy your blog, we're at different ages & stages of our lives but you remind me of my days when i had all my 4 babies at home & my world revolved around them. They were happy days.
    If anything, i hope you still follow my blog & i show you - before you know it, they're all in school & that is when you really get to find your own identity, as a housewife & get 6 hours a day off from parenting.
    I blog for business, motherhood & craft. It would have been interesting to blog way back when i became a mother, but hey, never too late, reignited my blog this year & pow, found a bunch of first time high school mummies to compare notes with. Also was a lovely adult outlet during my husband's 9 months away this year. Ditto for next year, actually he'll be away even longer.
    So long as my husband comes first, i'm allowed to blog as much as i like!! Love Posie

  15. I blog to escape the day Job, to meet interesting like minded creative talented soles that inspire me.

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend xox

  16. I'm quite fascinated by this's very thoughtful. My initial reason for blogging was to share my renovating experiences and inspirations and to find inspiration through others' blogs. That is still part of it, but it's also my way of being social while spending the maximum amount of time with my daughters. I find Blogland a very happy, encouraging, sharing place to be.. Rachaelxx

  17. wow you were following alot of blogs! how do you keep up ;) ive just found your blog and im following, look forward to reading more posts.
    Ali @ mummahh

  18. well my gorgeous like minded soul....
    you are no doubt the reason i will eventually visit Tasmania when we ever return to Australia...
    but you know that...x

    & blogging is about connections with like-minded souls...

    i never got *internet dating*...but i imagine that *blogging* is a little like that.... don't really get* either* unless you actually sign up & take it on...
    2.*both* dismiss small talk, for the conversations & sharing you really want to immediately get down to...
    3.the people you connect to become part of your *instant day* no matter how far apart you it's about the *kind* of people not geography, not the school gate...not work...

    so i guess sweet that we blog because we are creative interested souls with *closet desires* to always be writers ...& then we make real friends...people we respect, admire and want in our lives...i guess thats why we continue....

    hugs to you from across the big ol'globe...
    melissa xxx

    p.s your pixies {as they say in old blighty} are "well cute" xx

  19. Wow! What brilliant and insightful comments. It seems we have so much in common.

    Sonia, good luck with the WAHM plans - what are you hoping to do?

    Thanks again, Felicity. Oh and I've found a fellow logophile in Val at 'The Victorians didn't even like pink'!

    I agree, Cate - and you can pop in and out of the conversation whenever you want and actually have continuity of thought, unlike in real life when it's hard to finish a sentence without a child requiring your attention.

    Why, thanks, Paula. Blush. I find your point about Friday night drinks and FB really interesting. I used to be a huge FB fan but now find blogging far more satisfying.

    Gosh, the power of words to move is fascinating, isn't it, Maureen? I really must investigate the whole 'Blog to book' issue - printing my posts to make a book so there's something tangible to hold instead of just staring at a screen.

    Posie, I didn't start blogging with the conscious intention to rediscover my identity. It's just evolved that way. I'm happy with my blog title - it's where I'm at in life. Some people just do 'mummy' blogs - good for them. They're important. But whilst being a mum informs everything I do, there's also so much else of me which is independent of that. I'm so pleased blogging has reminded me of that.

    Hi Rachael and Ali - thanks for hopping aboard this planet!

    And lucky last, Miss Melissa. Yep, I'm looking forward to your visit ☺. I like the analogy - most thoughtful. Hugs back from wet Hobart ♥♥♥ J x

  20. I have been thinking about this post all weekend, Jane. Both for tiny & little and my personal blog where I try to remember that I'm not just a mama. Of late, I haven't been giving it any attention and after your post spent the weekend thinking about why I started it in the first place - very similar reasons to you (snap again!). Thanks for sharing such a terrific post and giving me something to think about. Nxx

  21. You have put into words beautifully exactly why I blog. I relate to ever single point that you made. I find this whole blog thing fascinating. Never would have thought I'd be so into it!

  22. Hey Jane. Sorry it's taken me to Sunday night to get to read this. I've been trying to take it easy this weekend and must go to bed soon :) Two things: I'm really glad you wrote this post. I think it captures you, your life and where you're going beautifully. And the other...thank you so much for including me. Having grown up kids I sometimes forget about losing yourself when they're little. And I did. I'm proof positive that you can find yourself again...just don't take as long as it took me ok? You're doing a great job and it's a pleasure to be part of it with you:)

  23. My pleasure, Natalie! Getting back to basics can be so helpful, calming even, sometimes. It's so easy to get sucked into the bloggy vortex and forget why you started in the first place.

    It's just fascinating, isn't it, Emma? I had no idea this parallel universe existed until a few months ago.

    Oh, Kerry. You sweetheart and it's my pleasure! Thanks - people like you who have made it through to the other side of life on PB are my inspiration! J x

  24. Great post!! And thanks very much for stopping over at my blog too, happy writing, I'll be reading along! Nat :) x (Diary of a Girl Abroad)

  25. Thanks, Sweetie! I'm really looking forward to learning more about HK. J x

  26. Thanks for directing me back to this blog post. I started blogging in Dec 2010 but now that I read this post, I can totally relate. Thanks for your lovely comments, your generous blog posts and your offers of help. I have really felt embraced by the blogging community because of people exactly like you- friendly and generous. I'm at the point where, like you, I'm needing to strike that balance. Take care bloggy buddy xxxx Fi

  27. My pleasure, Fi. Yes, I think I will always be on 'bloggy rehab'. I just checked - I'm back to following 445 blogs. Eek! Time to delete the odd hundred or so, I think ☺. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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