Monday, 7 March 2011

Creating my first mood board: a sneak peek

Well, you Planetarians are such a kind-hearted lot, judging from your response to my last post. Your empathy, suggestions and reassurance were a wonderful salve – thankyou. The sun has returned to Hobart so my washing is all dry, I bought Joshua’s school trousers today and we have nearly made it through to payday! I’ll start a new ‘to-do’ list tomorrow. And given today was ‘Magic Monday’ without the pixies, I’ve caught up on some of my BYW lessons. Now while I’m limited in what I can reveal about the course, I just wanted to quickly share with you one of its tasks which I worked on today. Here’s a sneak peek.
This is my first ever mood board. I found the whole process of collating it absolutely enthralling. It’s meant to capture the things I cover, or would like to cover, on my blog.

Now, let’s see how eagle-eyed you are!

You might find:

* A selection of my favourite ribbon, mainly blue and green, and often grosgrain;

* My Lamy fountain pen;

* Swatches of my treasured Liberty fabric gifted to me by a generous fellow blogger;

* Blue;

* Green;

* Baker’s twine;

* My grandmother's buttons I played with as a child;

* My paintbrushes and Cotman watercolour paints;

* Some blue water-washed paper I painted with watercolours;

* Stationery;

* Maps;

* Garlands;

* Butterflies;

* Some of my French and German treasures;

* Travel (unfortunately my passport has expired!);

* Tissue paper rosette made by a dear bloggy friend;

* Letraset alphabet stencil used by my late uncle for his stamp-collecting;

* Washi tape;

* Dictionaries;

* Notebooks; and

* Cards, especially one made by a sweet friend.

Here are a few close-ups.
I treasure this tiny box.
Liberty fabric, blue, butterflies, French, my Nanny’s old buttons – swoon!
What both surprised and struck me was that hardly any of these of my favourite things have been represented on my blog so far. I hope by the end of the course, I'll have worked out how to incorporate all these items I love into my little space in Blogland somehow. I want all you Planetarians to have a much clearer idea of what makes me tick and brings me pleasure. How does that sound?

So, tell me – do any of these things surprise you? Or maybe intrigue you? Maybe you want to know where I bought things! I can see plenty more post topics arising from these photos. I’d love to hear what you think about it. And do any of you create mood boards at home? Do share – let’s allow our creative juices to flow!
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  1. Ooh, I love your I Spy game. Good for you for doing a mood board - I was too intimidated to do it for my homework. Bravo! and beautiful.

  2. what a fun, lovely look into your life! p.s. you won the "love is a mix tape" giveaway! i'll be e-mailing you for your contact information:) congratulations and have a beautiful monday!

  3. You have a great eye for design Jane, that is an absolutely beautiful mood board. I love it ALL! My favourite would be the map garland, or the little box, I love maps! I wouldn't have a clue how to do one of my own, in fact, I would have to turn my whole house (and storage shed) upside down to find all my treasures ;)

  4. Seriously - we were separated at birth!
    I'm so pleased that you did a close up so that we could marvel at your treasures a more intently. The map box is truly special.
    How ironic about the 'texted' butterflies - I'm making something for my 'Pay It Forward' recipients that draws from this theme.

    As for creating my own mood board, I've done this many times.
    The best ever was a biggie that sat on a table facing my bed so that it was the last thing I saw each night and the first I saw each morning. And do you know what? Many of the things represented on it came to be.

    At the moment I have a general one on a huge pinboard facing my desk and a set of images that I truly love under a clear desk mat. Guess what the predominant colour might be?

    Loving that you were able to create something truly beautiful and inspirational today Sweet Pea,

    Felicity xx

  5. I am so glad Jane you're doing BYW. I can see already you're taking it all in and enjoying the ride. Congrats on your 1st mood board, it's looking fab!

  6. It's a beautiful image and collection of goodies Jane. It doesn't surprise me, but I'd say we have similar tastes as I adore these things too, so that's nice :)

  7. I love it Jane...just are so talented!! No surprises here, just as wonderful as I would have imagined :)

    Jeanne xx

  8. Jane I could stare at your mood board all day! And as an "I love red better than blue and green girl" I could almost change sides (although I did notice your little touch of red in the top right hand corner!)

    I've been thinking about you all weekend since reading your last post. I was literally too busy to comment at the time and I haven't been in blogland much lately. But anytime you need a tumble dryer and a chat, just come on over. Seriously, I would love to have a natter and a cuppa with you while your washing dries in my trusty dryer!

  9. It's beautiful Jane and such a lovely idea. My mood board is everything at St John's Wood... the land, the house, our possessions, our children, Mr SJW, the light, the view... I could go on! I look forward to seeing each piece in detail and I'm pleased to see your to-do list is doing its thing... always a good feeling. gxo

  10. Gorgeous... particularly love the close-ups x

  11. Your mood board is divine!!! I could stare at the images all day! The Liberty fabric has me swooning! I had a few handmade Liberty dresses as a little girl and just loved them. In fact if we are ever lucky enough to have a daughter I have bookmarked India Liberty or Liberty India as her name!

  12. Hi Jane, your mood board is so lovely!

  13. It's terrific, Jane. So many things you feature are things I love as well.

    My Badoo loves 'Spot What?' so I just might print this one out for a game tonight!! x

  14. Oh, I like the close up. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with. You obviously have a talent for design! :)

  15. i did the BYW e-course last year. It was a lot of fund. Leslie is a great photographer. I have recently discovered Art Journaling which is great for releasing / discoverng your creativity, Looking forward to seeing how your blog evolves after you finish the course. The company that pblishes Artful Blogging also publish Art Journaling magazines, so much inspiration. Charmaine

  16. Lovely mood board. I love your choice of colours and interesting bits and pieces. I need some of the cardboard things to wind the bias binding on. where did you find them? I would love to do that course. I am glad you are keeping us posted on it. Maybe I might do the next one.

  17. My first observation is the colour of mood board is so calming and then my eye was drawn to the beautiful individual items.

    I'm so inspired by that little box covered in a world map wrapping paper. I love the little note and really want to copy this to give to a friend. She would treasure it.

  18. Just looks amazingly gorgeous spread out like that already!! Happy creating, love Posie

  19. Absolutely gorgeous mood board Jane, all the colours blend so well and appear very calming. I use collage a bit at work and like you have found with your mood board, it can give quite surprising messages at times. Now that you have found these 'themes', I can't wait too see how they will appear in your blog.

  20. It's so beautiful Jane, what a lovely stash of treasures you have there.

  21. This is wonderful Jane, you did a great job!!! It makes me happy to see this as your BYW teacher -- it's inspiring to me too... :)

  22. That's beautiful. I have to be honest, and tell you that I'm not very crafty so I've never even heard of a mood board, but it is lovely.

  23. Hi Jane! Lots of wonderful supplies and interesting pieces in you mood board! And a great photo too! I am thrilled you enjoyed the process, it is fun isn't it? xoleslie

  24. I love everything about your mood board - everything. It is just beautiful!

  25. Such a stunning mood board, so many beautiful bits and pieces. Especially love the butterflies and your grandmother's buttons. :)

  26. Your mood board is great - so much detail and the colours are wonderful, wouldn't mind a board like that myself :)

  27. So glad that Holly tweeted about your mood board for BYW students - seeing it really inspired me to start mine! Spent 20 mins collecting 'things' from around the house (while simultaneously jiggling baby to try to get him to sleep), it's been eye-opening for me.

  28. Great moodboard Jane! It's nice to see your creative side here (not only the mama side) so yes from me to see more of it! Thanks for the link, have to look into that course.
    Big hugs! maureen x

  29. As a mother, scrapbooking lover, kid-blogger and Blogging your way classmate, I just have to say that I love you mood board! I'm working on mine, so hopefuly it will be posted soon.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Bea from Spain

    PD. You know what? My blog it calls " Con botas de agua" that means " With rubber boots"... I love rubber boots so I love your header...

  30. Oh my! You can't imagine just how much you have all lifted my spirits by your generous comments. I couldn't believe how much I adored the process. And the thrill of being creative! Now as regular Planetarians know, this could be a big break-through for me, PND-wise. For me to get interested and excited like this hasn't happened for the longest time. I feel like there's a latent, creative side to me which I hardly know but would love to tap into.

    Being told I have a 'great eye for design' is one of the loveliest and most out-of-the-blue-and-never-expected compliments I've ever received, Rhi - thank-you, Sweetie.

    I'm just delighted to find so many of you share my interests and passions. After a lifetime of being considered a little 'unique' and 'old-fashioned', it's heart-warming to receive such affirmation from you all. And I'm thrilled to have triggered childhood memories for some of you.

    Thanks, Charmaine, for that info - I'll look into it.

    Deb, Plushka sells those cardboard thingies.

    Kate, I bought that map box from D Sharp online.

    Beth, I am intrigued, too!

    Holly, thanks ever so much for stopping by and commenting - it's such a thrill to tap into my creative side instead of 'just' being a mum.

    And Leslie, thanks as well for commenting - I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. I have taken so many close-ups to use later ☺. Yes, it gave me a buzz to create it. I'm going to get it blown up into a photo and frame it.

    Alexis, thanks so much for that tip - I don't tweet so was dumbfounded to read that!

    Thanks, Maureen - you darling. And yes, do the next course. It's awe-inspiring.

    Lovely to meet you, Bea, my gumboot friend!

  31. hello darling one - I do love it - it is so very Jane :) As one would hope I can see you clearly in it - biggest hug le xox

  32. Thanks, Le - I'm so intrigued that you *got* me although I've hardly covered any of these items on my blog! J x

  33. Your mood board it amazing! You should do a monthly series of mood would be fabulous at it! Stopping in from BYW.


  34. I know I'm a little late to the party but I wanted to say....this is such a great visual treat! I love the whole 'feel' of it. Individually I love your use of Liberty fabric, maps and typography (I think I counted 5 different typefaces!). I think your talent is in having created smething that is visutally far greater than the sum of it's parts. Can't wait for more!

  35. I love this!! There are so many fun elements to be inspired by and play with! Thanks so much for the link!

  36. Why thanks, ladies. I can't wait to whip up my next little beauty!


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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