Thursday, 29 March 2012

An update on my carpal tunnel syndrome: an ode to patience

Hello Gorgeous Ones. Thanks so much for your interest in my life as a lawyer - I was amazed at how many of you found it intriguing! I have a few more posts to follow it which I'm *dying* to write (you've got me on a roll now!). I want to tell you more about what I love (and don't!) about the law, how I managed the working mum caper for a while and whether I now feel like I can return to practise straight law.

But today I am really struggling.

My carpal tunnel pain is quite intense at the moment. I saw the hand physio yesterday. After examining me, she worked out that my nerve damage spreads from my hand, up my arm and into my shoulder blade area. She showed me how the skin pad at the base of my right thumb has atrophied. The horror! I wanted to cry as I looked at my little hand and compared it to my left which obviously looked different. 

To think this has been happening under my nose and I haven't noticed it! 

This hand has borne such loads since we arrived on Planet Baby. 

It's carried the pixies (now weighing between 15 and 20 kg) thousands of times. 

It's wiped bottoms more times than I care to calculate. 

It's strapped resistant pixies into carseats in the middle of tantrums, enduring terrible pressure as they've made their bodies stiff as boards, just to prevent my putting on their seatbelts.

It's pegged a gazillion loads of washing on the line, unpegged them, folded them and then packed them away.

I could go on. You get the picture.

And now, just when I need to be able to use it to bring in income to keep Planet Baby's ship afloat, it's had enough. It wants some time out.
Then today I've had some *disagreeable* behaviour from certain pixies (such a euphemism). So I'm feeling less than chipper. 

Today's Brave Girls Club email resonates with me on so many levels.

I just need to be patient. See the surgeon. Have the operation. Recover.

And then, my timing will be right to grab my dreams and follow them.

Patience is indeed a virtue, don't you think? 
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