Wednesday, 10 November 2010

All matters hirsute on Planet Baby

Okay, an admission. This isn’t the post I planned to write today. But sweet Felicity at Gifts of Serendipity started her fabulous Wednesday ‘Word of the week’ series today and I couldn’t resist her invitation to play along. As I mentioned here, I’m a logophile, a word lover. And now I’ve found a soul mate in Felicity – squeal! She’s the only other person I know who shares my passion so intensely. It’s taken me 40 years to find her so I’m sticking with my girl from now on ☺. The idea is that she gives us the week’s word and we have to write a post mentioning the word. Simple. So here goes!

I love Felicity's idea!
Felicity has helpfully provided a definition for this week’s word:
Hirsute - hairy, shaggy, untrimmed 
All matters hirsute have preoccupied me since Mr PB and I arrived on Planet Baby. When the pixies were born, they all had thick, black hair. We were completely flummoxed. Where did it come from? Neither of us have black hair. Then we watched, amazed, as that gorgeous downy fluff was replaced by different, stronger and light brown hair.

Joshua’s hair

Joshie’s hair was dead straight. Right from the start. Here he is, aged 17 months.

His hair grows so quickly, he has to have it cut every three weeks.

India’s hair

India’s hair, to our amazement, soon turned curly. We had a ‘curly-whirly-girly’ (still a pet nickname). On both sides of our families, straight hair rules. So what to do with it? We just let it grow and watched. Here she is, aged 16 months, curls everywhere.

We’ve had a few trims since then but for the last year, she’s grown it long. That’s meant a lot more attention is now paid to getting ready every day. She has so many choices to make. Hairbands or ribbons? Which ribbons? Ponytail, pigtails, plaits (standard or French) or fringe back? We have a ‘ribbon tin’ containing her prized pretties. Here it is (I’m a sucker for tins).

Here are her ribbons.

Sam’s hair

And now Sammy has us flummoxed. He’s now our curly-whirly-boy! His hair is a thick profusion of curls. We’re not sure what to do. If we have them trimmed, will he lose them for good? Or will they just spring back into shape? I need to know! His hair’s getting quite long and fluffy now, almost mullet-like which I don’t enjoy. Here he is today, aged 15 months. See the little ringlets?

And here’s a back view, showing his locks off in all their glory.

Our weekend’s hirsute pursuits

Last week, we all desperately needed haircuts. Mr PB helped me last Saturday by taking himself and the two older pixies to our brilliant hairdressers, Jagama. Joshie and Mr PB returned home with smart, short hair and Miss India was chuffed to have had her first trim of her long locks in a year.

They also braided it into an ‘up do’. Not the kind of thing I would do as she’s only little but she said it made her feel like a ‘princess’ for a few hours so I didn’t object. Here she is.

Interestingly, the trim has caused her curls to bounce back so her hair is now quite wavy. She's delighted.

We’re still deciding what to do with Sammy’s hair. Mine’s well overdue for a cut and colour but I’m trying to stretch it out until Mr PB’s next monthly pay (the joys of living on a single income). I’ve also run out of my favourite Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo (mm, love that smell!) and Aveda Volumising Tonic (I swear by this product). I’ve settled for plain old Pantene at the moment which is doing the trick.

I’d love to hear your hirsute tales. What about styles (one day, I’ll show you a photo of my ‘fringe perm’ circa 1985)? Do you have any products you swear by? Maybe you’re an Aveda lover, too. And if you have a son with curly hair, what do you do with it? Do share!


  1. LOVING your enthusiasm Jane!

    You really have nailed this week's WoW, highlighting the hirsute persuits that many of us grapple with regularly.
    I resisted doing this on my own post but you could have titled yours "In Hirsute of Happiness'....sorry, couldn't resist.

    Big hugs,

    Felicity x

  2. Thank you for increasing my vocabulary by one! I didn't know this word before. I'm sure there is a word for my hair - straight, wavy, and curly. Just a mess! Now that we've moved countries, I can't find my good hair product. What's a girl without good hair?

    XO L

  3. I love your ribbon tin - with 3 girls, we have a ribbon box (which has it's own shelf under the laundry sink!)
    If you want to know about how to manage curls you should pop over to
    3 of her 5 kiddos have very curly hair (see Christmas card post from the other day) and she also wrote a post recently (sept) called 'how to manage curly hair'
    Oh and as for bloggy rehab...would you look at the time!! oops :-) xxx

  4. What cute 'do's' your childen have. I fancy that up-do but I'm too slack to do my own hair. I must say I love Aveda products as well but it's out of my budget at the moment so I use another organic Aussie band I cannot remember!

  5. Love the braid! I'd like that in my hair!!

    By the way - I think the giveaway I'm currently running will tickle your fancy!

  6. Hi there Jane, I have just discovered you blog 'somehow'? It looks great!
    My daughter has thick wavy hair and I swear by DuBoa hairbrushes, they are the best, (and we have certainly tried a few!!). Curly-whirly-girls are adorable, I wish I was one.

  7. My youngest, Ruby has very tight curls.
    It is a nightmare to comb each day (at just two she shouts "no Mamma, don't, go away.")
    I use this no tangles spray that smells like strawberries and seems to work.
    The two boys are easy with their hair, unless of course they go crazy with Daddy's hair wax. (something about Mary anyone?!)
    Eldest is 8 and she does her own hair. Many fancy styles with clips, ribbons and even plaits!!
    I tell you I am clueless when it comes to doing hairstyles, so I am thankful each school morning that she can do her own.
    Our saving grace is a hairdresser who comes to our house and charges a very reasonable price.
    It is a sanity saver with four children!
    Love the ribbon box with the pretty colours.
    Hope you get that trip to the salon soon. Such a little treat isn't it for us Mamma's. Enjoy!

  8. Hirsute. This is bound to come up in a cross word one day, and I'll be eternally grateful for this post. I just hope my memory doesn't fail me! :)

  9. I would LOVE to be able to do my girls' hair like that... I seem to have missed the class on up-dos, even though I've had loooong hair my whole life. I can do plaits and that's it.

    I should look up some tutorials on youtube and get with the programme! x

  10. Princess hair, very precious. We are going through wax and paste by the bucket load here. The big problem for cool dudes is that the helmets they have to wear when riding their scooters really flattens the do!
    Miss B now prefers the side ponytail or the medium level messy bun. The boys spend more time in the bathroom than the girls in our house.
    I am in desperate need of a colour - must put it on the list.

  11. Lovely shots of your little pixies. I remember my little one's first trip to the hairdresser at 3 years old resulted in a similar braid up do to Miss India. Very pretty, but unfortunately never been replicated by her mum! x

  12. Ah, Felicity. I popped the 'hirsuit pursuits' in just for you ☺.

    Thanks for the tip, Cate - I'll have a peek. And my, what were you doing commenting at that ungodly hour?!

    And I'll look those brushes up, Jo - thanks for stopping by.

    My goodness, Kat, I do like that idea of the hairdresser coming to you. Most civilised!

    Gosh, Deb, I'm not looking forward to the boys fussing around with their hair as well ☺. One fusser on PB is enough.

    And Bethan, I haven't tried it yet either - I took the photo to remind me what it should look like ☺. J x

  13. Well done with the Word of the week. I can so relate, my two little ones have curls and boof. My 4 year old girl has great curls and we have to keep it in a short bob or it just matts. My 2 year old boy has more wavy then curly hair these days but it needs regular cutting as otherwise it just is really boofy. Cute pictures by the way. Thanks also for visiting my blog. G

  14. Hi Jane!
    First, I will do a post about the diner-tag, but with a little twist I think...
    Second, I love this idea of Word week! Love it! So, to come back to your curly little ones, my two daughters have lots of curls, plenty! So, I believe that the shorter the hair, the better the curl is, if the hair is longer and heavier, the curl will be bigger. Also, they can have curls and then outgrow it I hear, but if it's a strong curl I think it will stay like that. (pff, I sound like a curl expert but I only say what I know from my girls, and I have tiny tinie curls but I straighten my hair).
    Anyhoo, long story short, love this post!
    Oh, and when that day comes that we do go to Oz, I hope we can make a jump to Tasmania!
    Bye now! Maureen x

  15. when I read the title I thought you must be telling us about body hair! must be because I've had to attend to my eyebrows yesterday after an eternity!

    love that up do,

  16. I love the ribbon tin! I am dying for my little girls hair to get a little longer so I can do something with it!! At the moment it is "curly-wurly" and in her eyes ALL the time!! Pretty head bands will have to give me my fix for now! :) Great post.

  17. Thanks for the curl tips, ladies. I'm still mystified as to what to do with Sammy's hair!

    Why don't you join in next week, Maureen? I'm delighted to find another logophile ☺. And yes, you definitely must visit us down here, I insist! Oh, and I'm still wondering why the fascination with Australia. Maybe you should do a post on that.

    Er, Corrie, I baulked at that ☺. You lucky duck - I long for an eyebrow shape as well.

    Thanks, Holli. Great to see you here. You can buy the tins at Spotlight - I saw them there yesterday. Three pretty tins in the set and they're inexpensive - enjoy! J x


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