Friday, 5 November 2010

Day 1 of bloggy rehab: how I fared

Golly gosh! I really appreciate all your thoughtful comments on yesterday's post. I am so pleased I've paused to think about why I blog and how I can balance it with the rest of my life on PB. What did take me even more by surprise, though, were Mr PB's comments when I woke up this morning. He had read yesterday's post on our trusty T-Hub and said such comforting and reassuring things to me - I was really touched. So much so that I have acceded to his request to write a guest post in reply on the weekend! Anyway, encouraged by your suggestions, this is how I fared on Day 1 of bloggy rehab.


Obsessive monitoring of my statistics. The only statistics I checked today were my number of followers (I have to work really hard on letting that go) and the number of comments that post received. That, for me, is a significant achievement. Small steps, people! I also deleted my e-mail folder containing all my blog stats. Exhale.

Leaving the computer on all day. I turned it on at 7.30 am and checked my blog for 5 minutes. I then turned it off. Hmm, big step. Between 9.15 and 10.15, I scanned Google Reader for my favourite blogs’ most recent posts. Then I turned off the computer. I think I’ve now been sitting here for a couple of hours. I am going to bed in 15 minutes’ time.

With all the extra hours, I busied myself with this instead.

I whiled away some pleasant hours cutting and pasting articles I’d torn out of magazines and the Herald into my inspiration journal and my recipe book. Tomorrow morning, I’ll have it finished. And a feeling of achievement will envelop me. No more piles of articles cluttered everywhere!

Physical symptoms

I am exhausted. I’m still tired. I can’t fix things overnight. But getting to bed early is a start.

I sit at the computer for most of the day. Nup. I didn’t today.

I have hardly had any proper contact with my family and friends lately. I attempted to have a long overdue phone catch-up with a dear friend in Sydney but was unfortunately thwarted by the arrival of witching hour(s). I’ll ring her tomorrow.

I haven’t read my magazine subscriptions for months. I’m going to read one of my mags tomorrow.

I hardly read my Sydney Morning Herald anymore. I read all the front half but skipped the sport. I still don’t have the energy to concentrate on reading that yet. Still, it was much better than the desultory 5 minute scan I’ve been giving it lately.

I haven’t done any cross-stitch for months. None today. Hopefully sometime next week, I’ll do some.


Reduce the number of blogs to which I subscribe. I’m now down to 219, much better than yesterday’s 532.

 Unsubscribe from the dozens of search engines, blog networks, shops and other companies who send me their e-mails and newsletters. I did this for heaps of companies and websites. My inbox is thanking me for it. So is my poor overloaded brain. Exhale.

Instead of posting most days, I think I’ll change to every 1-2 days. I’m on the case (tonight’s an exception).

Stop purchasing e-books and downloading PDFs about blogging. None purchased. Or read, either!

Respond to comments on my posts once a day, probably at night. Achieved. Short comment tonight.

So, now to bed, my friends!


  1. Hey Jane. You should be very proud of've made great decisions today and I can 'hear' it in your writing. That and the exhaustion! So, like you, I'm off to bed and will catch you much later :)

  2. Good girl Jane! I had a blog day off today too.

    I just read all the comments from your yesterday post - nobody mentioned Blogtober, and I know you didn't participate (officially) but it seemed to me that October was like blogland on speed. So much frenetic posting and perhaps it had a knock on effect. I know I feel a bit fatigued by it all, and I didn't participate...

    Oh, I meant to mention re your halloween post - you mentioned that Mr PB did all the planning and work - may I point out that you captured the moments and recorded them for posterity. Your role was just as important!

    Have a lovely weekend with Mr PB and the pixies.

  3. ok miss.jane...

    you are doing brilliantly day 1....
    coming off your drug of choice cold turkey is not an option here so just a little time out a day etc is perfect....

    i was thinking about you- the nature of the person side of things.
    you're a lawyer by profession, and are therefore also probably very organised and thorough as a person....?!
    am i on the right track in thinking that it's not just your blog you *over-excel* at...but you pretty much approach all of life like this...head on with such enthusiasm and love....?
    therefore...i've also been thinking that these traits make you happy...they make you the wonderful person you are....your family loves you for them....
    & just maybe thats the way life is for you...full to the brim...
    is there really anything so wrong with that...?
    maybe you should slow down a little with the stats *bits* & just enjoy the qualities of your blog that we all love....
    i've not once read my stats...i have no interest in the numbers...but if you that really so wrong?
    why don't you continue to think about why you blog...& perhaps the answers will come as you post....think aloud with us...thats what blog friends are for....

    melissa xx

  4. You're very smart. I sometimes find myself obsessing over posting every day, and trying to read everyone's blog, and so on and so on. The truth, though, is that my life should not be centered around my blog....instead, my blog should be a small, enjoyable part of my life. I've also taken to unplugging on Sundays - sort of a computer Sabbath, if you will. Those days have been quite enjoyable.

  5. Well done you! I promise once you find the balance that works for you, blogging will take on a more permanent joy as it will fit in with your life rather than take it over. Hope I'm not overstepping the mark by saying that, it's just I was EXACTLY the same earlier this year as you, so I think I get where you are at.

    Learning to read and not always comment was the big thing for me. From that I have to accept that I will not expand my readership as quickly. I love the idea of 1,000s of readers but in truth, not sure I could handle the responsibility & commitment maintaining that type of blog requires.

    MD xx

  6. Good girl. Now I don't want to hear from you until Monday! A x

  7. WOw, I can't believe you followed so many blogs! I have to resist getting addicted. I find I just don't have the time to get around everyone's blogs and often miss a lot of posts. I don't know how many I follow but I don't think it's too many.
    I think I'm happy having a small but very sweet group of followers, people I feel I know, so it doesn't really matter to me to get big with my blogging, if you know what I mean. It would be too much pressure for me!
    Have a good weekend and try to keep away from the computer for a while :)

  8. Jane I thought about your post all day as I was trying to put off doing an incredible amount of housework. I too limited my checking of comments etc and found I had much more time in my day. Then this morning I woke up to find our main computer just won't turn on. buggar! Instead all I have are the kids netbooks which are no fun to blog on. So I am just doing a quick round of my favourites and then going outside to enjoy the sun and avoid the housework! Take care.

  9. Yay Jane! Remember, it's a 12 step programme. Can't wait to hear Mr PB's response post. x

  10. Jane! Just been catching up! You poor darling. I can completely understand. I tend to get a bit obsessive about things at times too. Like anything in life moderation is best. If only it were as easy to achieve as it is to say?! Finding that balance in our lives can be difficult. Sounds like you are making some positive steps in that direction. Just remember this is to be a pleasure for you not a responsibility. Don't feel any pressure to do anything for anyone else do it r you. Hope you gave a lovely weekend on this sunshiney day xox

  11. Totally understand. I have only been blogging for nearly 3 months and it is amazing how it can take over your life. But it also has helped me with my creative projects, photography and writing. I will be making some changes as well. I have to be careful how much time I spend on the computer because my son is only allowed a certain amount of time and he is now watching how often I am on the computer. Which has been great. I remember what life was like before blogging! Charmaine

  12. Hey sweetie! I hope my blog faired well during 'the cut' :) You should check out - a huge time saver on checking on your fav blogs

    Have a great weekend
    XO L

  13. well done!
    this is great therapy - i'm joining in.

    i actually spoke to my husband tonite before weakening and heading up to the PC (only for a little while as i have a new PAPER book to fondle and fold).

  14. Pat on the pack to you Jane, well done! Just remember to take deep breaths every now and again :))

    Jeanne xx

  15. First time visitor and fairly new blogger who found myself nodding all the way through your post saying -- yes, I need some of your treatment program! But you had me smiling and knowing I will be back to read more!

  16. Cripies! Thanks so much for all your heartfelt comments - I really value them.

    Oh, Sarah, I stopped myself from participating in Blogtober for that reason. I tired myself out enough as it was! One person who managed to pull off Blogtober in spectacular fashion was dear Felicity at Gifts of Serendipity, one of my new favourite finds. Oh, and I really appreciated your comment about my photo taking - thanks!

    Melissa, you absolute sweetheart. I really appreciate the thought and effort you put into your comment - you are most intuitive. Yes, you've got me sussed. I think I will post about that - this little series of posts has really started me thinking about why I blog.

    Okay, Ann, instructions followed!

    Hey, Deb, did you get any housework done ☺?

    Oh, Laura, of course yours did! I cut the 'friends-of-friends-of-friends' ones out - you know how it goes.

    Thanks, Lee and Jeanne. Thanks for stopping by, Cathy - I'm now following you as well! J x

  17. So great to see that you're on track with your addiction to blogging! And not wanting to be an enabler but I often knit and read blogs and I have tried stitching and blogging too! I often do a row (of knitting or cross stitching) whilst I'm waiting for a blog to load - but we do have a pretty slow computer.

  18. Good practice, Ange. Hmm, now that's a fabulous effort at multi-tasking ☺. J x

  19. Hi again Jane! I've been thinking heaps about your Mister's post and wanted to come back and read the posts before.
    I look forward to following your progress with this and see if it really does make a difference to your state of mind.
    I have to confess that I adore blogging but I'm not such a good blog reader/commenter/replier. I know, its probably rude but I can't help it. My blog is my out time and I love recording stuff in it but then I find it hard to make time for the rest of the stuff. And I don't have a stat counter because I am afraid of getting addicted to it.
    When I first started I remember hearing my blog words speaking to me while I was doing things, as if I was writing the post as it was happening. I also remember hanging out with a friend/fellow blogger and saying how blog worthy something our kids said was. But now a bit further down the track I don't really think about it until I have a chance to sit down and write it.
    I guess the longer I have had a blog, the more in control of it I am.
    Today anyway.
    I hope you have a great week Ms Jane. X

  20. Why, thanks, Lovely. I don't know how you've found the time to read my post, think about it, return for more and then provide a thoughtful comment! Just outstanding. You have so many more followers than me - I just can't imagine what that would be like. I really freaked out when I saw your post about your overflowing inbox ☺. It really does sound like you've found the balance which works for you - bravo! J x

  21. I've just spent the last few minutes reading through your Blogaholic posts - I can totally relate. I spend an insane amount of time on the internet, although I've tried to cut it down step-wise recently. I reply to all comments in the morning - once a day that's it. This, as much as anything, has made me feel much more in control. I switched to google reader (I'm really slow on the uptake sometimes). I comment on 10 blogs a day - more sometimes, but I don't feel the need to comment on everything I read. I switch off on the weekends (love this!) And... up-coming holidays are going to be extremely light on the blog.

    Good luck with the rest of the de-tox

  22. Hi Clare Yes, Google Reader is my choice as well and it's so much less stressful to open up now I've cut down on the blogs I follow. I look forward to hearing your tales of NYC! J x

  23. Jane,
    So cute! I leave my computer on all day. I did it before blogging because I love that Facebook/e-mail interaction during the day. I log off and on, but I hate for the computer to reboot.

    I'm not a phone person so my friend and I check in and e-mail a couple of times a day.



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