Sunday, 7 November 2010

Mr PB's guest post: in defence of my blogoholic

Hello, Lovelies (I'm sure that's how each post begins). It’s Mr PB here. I think Mrs PB’s been a bit hard on herself here. It's late Sunday night, the pixies are asleep, Mrs PB is detoxing from blogaholism watching last night’s recorded episode of ‘Spooks’ and for me, it’s time to relax before I head into my weekly “I don’t like Mondays moment”. All I really want to do is add my two bits on her worry about being a blogoholic. Just quickly, I am so amazed at how fantastic, creative, resourceful, entrepreneurial and supportive you bloggers are. All I can see is good coming out of blogging. What you are creating on a regular basis with your posts and then reaching out to each other – it is such a friendly and supportive environment for a full time mum with 3 under 5 to be part of.

Generally speaking, men (me included) can get all the credit (ie monthly pay and smiles at the supermarket when shopping with the kids) but hey, this is no unique insight – we are on Easy Street. I plan for tomorrow, escape from the four walls of a shrinking house, p#&s off to do something completely different for 10 hours and then come home and whinge about what a crap day at work I’ve had.
Stir the pot tonight and ask your husbands or partners if they truthfully would consider ‘trading places’ with you stay-at-home mums. Watch them wriggle and squirm as it dawns on them – the prospect of a tour of duty, alone, to look after the kids, day in and day out. Could they do it? I am sure they could but would they?

Here I am, in charge of the pixies (after one hour)
If they are anything like me, their likely answer would be (thinking “Deep breath – not this again”) “You are doing a great job – you’re a natural at this. Oh, and can we talk about this and your worldly concerns during the next ad break of ‘Top Gear’?”

Then if we did trade places, and after a few hours on the job, faced the opportunity to escape the reality and duck out into the world of the internet in between nappy changing, washing and whingeing, what websites would we visit in order to find like-minded men? My guess is something to do with travel (à la the Paris Hilton videotapes), day trader share sites or spending the month’s money (which has been set aside by Mrs PB for the end of month hot water bill) on a 'boat for sale' website and of course, an internet dating site as a means of trying to track down another stay-at-home-local-dad-with-three-kids-to-share-a- beer-with-at-the-pub.

There is no way I would have the insight, intuition and ability to use the internet as well as Mrs PB does to escape the drudgery. And so, as a complete outsider to the blogging world, I think it is brilliant. Mrs PB gets to record the thoughts and days of our lives, as well as her creative thoughts. It’s totally free and no limited money earned on a single income is lost on retail therapy trips, pokies, day spas, cigarettes or gossip magazines. I come home and the answer to my query “How was your day?” is already uploaded and edited with photos, recorded for all time, thus freeing up her time to think about something new and creative such as her ideal dinner party for 8 and things she enjoys other than just Planet Baby.

So, if Mrs PB is a self-confessed blogoholic, then hooray for her! It means she is having a mental break from the pixies and not just spending her days at the park, pushing swings back and forth (two on the go at once while trying to look after Quicksilver Sam as well) for the 1000th time. It means she is putting her thoughts, humour and personality out there for you all to enjoy. And what’s more, I find her blog (and your supportive comments) far more entertaining, creative and satisfying to read or watch than anything else on the TV or internet. Thanks everyone – I know she has good company when I vanish off to work each day! (I will leave the rest for Mrs PB to tidy up).

PS After she's had to account for every 6 minute block in her hour as a lawyer for 15 years, it's no wonder she checks her stats to judge how her day has gone!


  1. Great guest post Jane! I had a giggle about Mr PB asking about your day only to have it uploaded with pics :) Blogging is your hobby. It is ok to have something just for you. You will find a way to integrate it with everyday life and get a balance. Enjoy the excitement while it's newish xx

  2. Absolutely Mr PB! I know I (as a fellow stay home Mum trying to juggle life, family and a PhD), love logging on to Jane's posts. They are such a good read...especially in the late night hours when feeding our new baby. Emma.

  3. Aww looks like you have a great insight into the life of your wife... want to share some of this with my hubby? He often talks about giving up the day job and trading places! Your wife writes a fantastic blog, which is always a pleasure to read... I'm sure she'll get the balance sorted. Lx

  4. Judge and jury agree -- you are not guilty of being a blogoholic!

  5. What a lovely post. Its lovely to have such a supportive husband (a precious family) and supportive friends :-)
    I love the does remind me of me getting home after a day with our kidlets too. (Then I get back up of the floor and start dinner ;-) hahaha
    And I agree, her blog is my tv ;-)

  6. I might just have to leave this post up on the screen for my lovely partner to read over Monday morning coffee!!!
    Well said Mr PB :)

  7. Hi Jane and Mr. PB,

    My mouth was open while reading the last 3 posts just now, I was a bit behind in reading blogs.
    I laughed at the Halloween party skills of mr PB, he is always welcome to hop over to Switzerland and organize a party for me, it looked wonderful!
    And Jane, you are too funny, Blogaholic, I was again smiling at this one. The way you write, love it so keep them coming.
    Relax a bit from blogland, I too find it hard not to walk around too much, and I believe mr PB is an great guestposter!
    Have a good evening together,
    Maureen xx

  8. Kudo's Mr PB for even wanting to know what the hell Jane is up too, behind the computer that is. My other half is super supportive in my indeavors, but not that interested in the whole blogging thing. Looking forward to another guest post.

  9. Well said Mr PB. Jane just take control of the blogging and manage it but don't go away. Hope to hear see you posting again soon. Charmaine

  10. It was so lovely to read this post, thanks for sharing Mr PB, I think my hubby & yours share the same views on our bloggy world..have a wonderful weel x

  11. Ah, Simone, Mr PB is prone to exaggeration. As if I would have the time to post before witching hour! That happens very rarely.

    Oh, Emma, so fabulous to see you out in Blogland in the middle of those newborn hazy days.

    Hey, Laura, why don't you show him Mr PB's post?!

    Louie, he has been badgering me for ages to use Gulliver, so he's pleased as well!

    Ah, Maureen, Mr PB loves you ☺. And he was so chuffed to do his post, I suspect he may make a repeat appearance at some may get your wish, Kylie!

    Thanks, Dee, Charmaine and Mel, for your comments, too.

    Right, now onto Google Reader! J x

  12. Hooray for Mr PB - great to see a bloke visiting - love his perspective.
    Hmmm the Top Gear thing sounds a little too does the finding another HomeDaddy would be high on my OH's list too.

    Mr PB, Jane - he says so well what we are doing as SAHM's - unpaid workers, we do it for love. Shame the superannuation can't be supplimented while we are spreading the love though - maybe Auntie Julia can look at that next ;)

  13. Good on you Mr PB! All very well said. Am sure the Baby Space man would agree with you on many of your points here :)

  14. That is such a gorgeous post Mr PB!
    I love hearing the perspective from a blogger's man. I offered mine a guest spot last year and he wrote on my farm blog a post all about carrots...hmm..

  15. Ah Mr PB your definately a good catch, Im a SAHM & I like your take on our lovely addiction. The friends we make thru blogging are definately a highlight to ground hog day!!!

  16. What a lovely post! Hear hear Mr PB!

  17. What a sweet post, Jane. Your husband seems really great, honest, and appreciative of ALL that you do. You say you don't know how I do it all with 1 yr. old twins but by golly, with 3 under 5, how do YOU do it! ;)


  18. This made me smile, hope you enjoyed the sunny weather today xox

  19. I am a bit behind with reading and have stumbled upon your intervention. Glad you are getting support at home from Mr PB (I cannot imagine my husband writing a blog post on my blog. Too funny!) I hope you are feeling better after the 'detox' stage of your drug withdrawal. I look forward to hearing more about how you are faring. xx

  20. Oh, ladies, thanks so much for your funny comments. You should have seen Mr PB beaming away as he read them!

    Yes, MM, after a little 'bloggy rehab', now I want to start my next post. I'm giving myself an hour to publish. Let's see how I go! J x

  21. Dear Mr PB. you seem like a lovely supportive man. I love what you wrote about Jane, and her excellent blog and blogging skills. I smiled and nodded my head the whole way through. I do have one question. You both are very articulate and verbose (in a good way) is it hard to get a word in edgeways sometimes? :)
    Ps when my hubby came home from work tonight I very proudly told him I had been blog free for nearly all of the day. He just smiled and asked me how A-M was. I think he takes in a lot more of the blog world than I give him credit for.

  22. How lovely is Mr PB ... very sweet indeed!
    can't wait for your next post x

  23. yehar for mr.pb!!!

    could you share your virtual flowers with him honey...all the way from ol'blighty to you two?!

    melissa xxx

  24. Every Mum needs an outlet - preferably a creative one. Seems like blogging is working for you! I'm afraid I long since gave up being a full-time stay at home Mum in favour of part-time creative work - It's certainly easier to be out of the house some of the time and it warms my heart to know my other half is at home taking care of the kids when I'm away! Enjoyed Mr PB's post. Tell him I said Hi,

  25. There's a big, wide world out there, Jane! I'm so glad you had such a packed and fab weekend. x

  26. Oh, Deb. Very good observation. If we ever have a 'discussion', Mr PB is normally gracious enough to let me have the last word. Wise man. I picked up on the verboseness point. Note to self: concision is key ☺. Oh, and Mr PB also asked after A-M.

    Will do, Miss Melissa.

    Hi Rebecca. You're on!

    Yes, Bron, I had forgotten that...J x

  27. Missed this Jane, as we were away last week.

    What terrific qualities Mr PB has - insightful, humorous and supportive. I wonder what Stephen would write if I offered him a guest post!

  28. Yes, Sarah, he's a keeper. Shall I stay tuned for Stephen's version?! J x


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