Monday, 8 November 2010

Market love: Salamanca Market

Oh my sainted aunt! I never expected to get such a strong response from you all to my past few posts on my blogoholic tendencies. I am both relieved to discover that I’m not alone (oh, and that some of you have been down that sorry road and found the way back, relatively unscathed) and read your thoughtful tips on how to find the right balance between living a life and blogging about it. Having had a little rest over the weekend, I am feeling a lot more in control of this little bloggy caper. I’m still tired but apart from coming with the territory of having 3 under 5, I guess, it’s not something I can change overnight. Oh, and a little side note – the word ‘Frankenstein’ has been flitting around my head all day. Now Mr PB has debuted with his guest post, I’m wondering exactly what I may have created! Hmm, let’s just see where that all goes…

So, what did I do on the weekend with all that extra time I freed up by not blogging? Well, I actually did so much that this will have to be written as two posts! On Saturday, Mr PB took all three pixies (and I really question why I feel guilty when he does that. I know he doesn’t feel the same when he goes to work – I’ve asked him.) out to the playground. He often does that, to give me some time out. So, as part of my bloggy rehab, instead of reading blogs, doing housework or feeling guilty about not all being together as a family (why do I beat myself up like that?), I headed off to Salamanca Market which I’ve posted about here before.

Only this time, I went solo. Oh, the heady, sweet smell of freedom! It was a glorious spring day with the brightest blue sky, the place was abuzz and the sun was out. And I had a little spring in my step. I even meandered. I was surprised I still knew how to do it. I’m normally a bit (no, very) harried when I’m at the market with the pixies in tow, always checking that everyone is holding hands, that they have their sunscreen on and they haven’t lost their sunhats. Oh, and always making sure I know where the nearest toilets are in order to avoid ‘a little accident’. But this time, I could do as I pleased. Mr PB held all the responsibility. Sweet release.

I admired these pretty woollen scarves in all their glorious shades of blue and different textures.
I was entranced by these pretty butterflies on the cover of a wooden box, painted to resemble a book.

These colourful, whimsical lanterns caught my eye.

I stopped by one of my favourite stalls, Ingres’ Violin, run by the talented and charming couple, Sarah and Hamish Elliott. They create delightful, whimsical brooches, rosettes, necklaces, silk flowers and hairslides from vintage and Japanese fabrics and buttons. They are such an engaging duo, cheerfully making items to order or even mending your necklace if you tear its ribbon accidentally (hmm, I found that out myself). I have a number of their divine necklaces. Look at these beauties.

And I crave one of these rosettes, in navy, please (the one on the left will do just fine, Mr PB).

Here’s another style.

I fell in love with these buckets of jaunty tulips.

Yet again, I admired the old sandstone warehouses which have witnessed so much over the years as Hobart Town has developed.

I bumped into an old friend who was cradling her precious newborn son. I stopped to chat to the gorgeous Courtney of Silver Nutmeg & a Golden Pear Designs and spotted a sweet little skirt to buy for Miss India.

I gasped when I saw this fabulously maintained phrenology bust, something I have been hunting out for years. The vendor is happy for me to lay by it. Hmmm.

And then, relaxed from my wanderings, I headed to Salamanca Quarry and scaled the steps to take this shot.

I love the juxtaposition of the colonial-era sandstone Georgian warehouses, the utilitarian buildings with their old chimneys, the rock face of the old quarry and the new piazza, lined by caf├ęs with the bronze Stephen Walker sculpture depicting local shipwrecks as its centrepiece.

I returned home, ready for Planet Baby to hit me in the face once I walked in the front door. But they were still out! I had a peaceful hour or so to read my treasured Sydney Morning Herald in peace. Yes, that was a good way to spend my time! Tomorrow, I’ll fill you in on the rest of my weekend of bloggy rehab. Hmm, it’s rather late…


  1. Yeah, Yeah and more Yeah!!!

    What a glittering example you are to the rest of us 'rehabbers'.
    A big shout out for Mr PB for his loving support too.
    I particularly liked the last part of your post where you expected to be hit in the face by PB but instead gentle reading space reigned.

    Hugs to you clever girl,


  2. PS Also loving the phrenology bust!

    x F

  3. I love this post. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and I bet you were smiling as you meandered!

  4. Yay for bloggy rehab! Sounds like you had a really well deserved mini-break. And yes, I agree with the feeling guilty when you hand over responsibility to them...I feel it even when hubby does the dishes (how wierd is that!!) xxx

  5. Bloggy rehab plus mom rehab! New to blogging, but when my twin sons were two, my third son was born. Can relate to your adventures of momhood! If wandering the market with you, I would have needed to take an armful of those tulips home! Cathy

  6. Bloggy it!
    Perhaps I should have been with you on the detox....except I might not have made it. I love blogging and all the people I have met through it...I believe you should do it when you want and how you want. Take a break when needed and everybody understands that too....Sometimes we are on fire with ideas and other times there are big voids of nothing to say....C'est la vie I say....xv

  7. Your posts about Hobart so make me long to return! I have Battery Point/Salamanca withdrawals! As for the mother guilt.... my mother warned me that she still suffers bouts of it! Aaaaaaahhhhhh! x

  8. That sounds absolutely fabulous. Good on you for taking some real time for you. And of course every time I read something about Tassie I say to myself 'must visit, must visit...' I will one day! Look forward to hearing about the rest of your weekend Jane :)

  9. a relaxing and well deserved time out for you jane...your photos of the markets so make me want to visit!
    Enjoy your day x

  10. Ah, ladies! It's only early days, Felicity - hopefully I can keep it up ☺. Oh, and Mr PB didn't dismiss my suggestion of the bust out of hand...

    Interesting, Vicki. Maybe when I've been blogging as long as you and have as many followers, I'll struggle for ideas. I have the opposite problem now - too many of them!

    Emma, Kerry and Sarah Just let me know when you're heading down here and we'll make it a date ☺. J x

  11. Hi Jane, Wonderful to hear you had a much needed break from the family and the blog:)Much as we love them both it is good to get away! I think feeling guilty about it is a normal part of motherhood.

    I'd love to visit Tasmania some day and even more now I see the pics. The tulips and phrenology bust are my faves.

    Great to see what you're up to here. Keep up the great blogging! But not tooooo much:)

  12. I really enjoy Salamanca it's great. Good on you for enjoying some Jane time. Thanks for taking your camera so we can share too.

  13. Hi Annabel Thanks for hopping aboard PB.

    Er, Deb, I was amazed at how well my phone takes photos (I forgot my camera)! J x

  14. What a lovely sunshiny day!

    Thank you for introducing me to the gorgeous work of Sarah and Hamish. . Will have to check out the beautiful items xox

  15. What a wonderful morning. I feel so guilty when I go to the beach by myself - and it is REALLY strange not keeping track of a million things and three other people.

  16. Oh yes, do treat yourself, LLCAOBT. They are well priced and beautifully made. I bought another necklace to add to my collection.

    Mother guilt is so tiresome, Julia. The worst invention ever! J x


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