Monday, 15 November 2010

My French discovery (what I did on bloggy rehab weekend 2)

Hello, sweet PB friends, all 162 of you (welcome newbies!). My bloggy rehab is still (more or less) on track. I’m following 236 blogs (I added some interesting German ones yesterday but it’s still better than 532!). I hardly check my stats anymore. The computer was turned off for most of the weekend. This is my first post since Friday. On Saturday, Mr PB and the pixies attended a 5th birthday party all afternoon. That left me four whole hours to spend as I pleased. And, consistent with last weekend’s little success, I spent some more time alone to wander around this fair city.

So I went shopping (like any sane girl would). As soon as I walked in the door of Chez moi, I was transported. To Francophile heaven. So, how about we walk in together. Here’s the shopfront. Let’s open the front door.

Hmm, what can we see? Something whimsical for the wall, maybe?

Some tin boxes, silver dragonflies or a domed cake stand, maybe? Some dainty macarons would look a treat under that glass.

Maybe something for the wall?

Too touristy for you? Well, how about these fine-feathered friends, then, complete with wheels. Now they are seriously chic pull-along toys for littlies. I wonder if Sammy fancies one.

And then, over in the corner, you’ll find these beauties. Hmm, what’s not to like? The monogrammed cushion had me entranced. They’re made by the delightful proprietor, Karen. And to order, if I’d like. Squeal! I love the old pitchers (oh, and the ribbons!) and the wooden fleur-de-lis ornaments. Those jaunty cockerels are quite fetching too, don’t you think?
Here’s a close-up. I’m such a sucker for monogrammes. Hmm, I can see this working in navy…

Now just step to the left and feast your eyes on these pretties. I think a few of those tin hearts might wend their way to Planet Baby’s Christmas tree this year. Do you like the string balls, Deb?

I like this rustic looking notebook, tied with string. Maybe I could use that for my bloggy jottings. Do you want one?
What about these beauties, just around the corner? Couldn’t you just see them reclining lazily in a dish? You could stuff them with tissue paper like here or tie some ribbons around their stems. Easy peasy French style. A certain je ne sais pas. 

I’m quite taken by this elegant tin. What would you store in it? 

And how about these tin magnets. They’re quite fetching, don’t you think? I love their aged look.

And look over there – how about a vintage luggage tag for your next travels? Handmade by clever Karen.

So, PB friends, do you like what you see? It’s only a fraction of what’s on offer. There's also stationery, stickers, jewellery, riboons, scarves, linen - you name it, she has it. I could have bought every single thing in there. I spent at least an hour in there, taking photos – Karen graciously let me snap away for this post. She’s planning on getting a website up and running soon, maybe even with an online shop.

I had an interesting chat about how she started the business just over a year ago. She saw a (huge) gap in the Hobart market and went for it. She’s never travelled to France but hopes to visit next year. She sources most of her goodies online, through trade shows in Sydney and Melbourne and then makes the rest, consistent with the French ethos of running a ‘chez moi’ business. She monogrammes handtowels and face washers, hand stamps greeting cards, makes earrings, sews heart garlands and cushions – the list is endless. She is one seriously crafty lady. Oh, and a busy mum as well. I am seriously impressed. And the prices were extremely reasonable, to boot. Hmm, I think most of my Christmas shopping might just well take place here…

And well, a girl can’t go shopping without, well, buying something, can she? Here are the goodies which made their way home with me to Planet Baby. Starting with these two pretties. Aren’t they just darling?

I was most impressed at her gift wrapping, complete with hand stamped ribbon.

Inside was this gorgeous tin. It’s meant to house teabags but given I’m not a tea (or coffee) drinker, I’ll use it for something else. And, yes, for the eagle-eyed, it matched the letter holder I mentioned here.

And I couldn’t resist this little Cavallini & Co cardboard folder. I’m sure it will be just perfect for storing, well, something.

This sweet little postcard is frame-worthy, wouldn’t you say?

Now, I’m not a scrapbooker, but I think I’ll be able to put these Gallic papers to good use. Hmm.

So, was that fun? What takes your fancy? Would you like to visit there? Do tell. I’ve found another French shop which I’ll share with you soon. Yes, I’m a happy Francophile in this little place!


  1. I'm going to ask in all seriousness, where was your mother on the morning of 16.03.69....I really do think we may have been separated at birth!!!

    Thank you for the feast of lovelies that you have shared here,
    In addition to loving all things French I have a 'thing' for hot air balloons and bees, so you gave me great delight in the treasures that you snapped.

    Here's hoping that Karen opens her online store sooner rather than later!

    Big hug,

    Felicity x

    PS I'm thinking you will enjoy the upcoming 'Word of the Week' it has a definite French-twist!

  2. Love ALL of it. I have a little shop just like this one I like to escape into. Does your soul good!

  3. Beautiful things...I love the jugs (I was going to say your jugs but thought better of it!!). It's the tin magnets I'm really loving the most :)

  4. love this shop! I really love what made it home with you - great choices :)

  5. What a fantastic shop! Love the hot air balloon! So nice to rake your time to browse without little ones trying to pull you away! Xx

  6. Me too! Me too! I adore French style. It's just so 'meeeee' (even though I have nothing really in common with those chic, thin, elegant French women!). x

  7. Just beautiful. I am partial to a little milk jug or jug of any sorts. Thanks for sharing. Charmaine

  8. Gorgeous! The hot air balloon caught my eye straight off. Have a wall that could use it. I've been contemplating a pull along toy for Lily, like the lovely chickens for a while. Glad you had a bit of a break from the computer over the weekend x

  9. Love love love French style!! Have been drooling over your photos, just beautiful. So glad you had a wonderful time on the weekend! Thanks for sharing and let us know if Karen opens her online store.

    Hugs, Christine xx

  10. Thanks for sharing Jane. While I may not have had a nice escape without the vicariously through your account of your outing was splendid! Do let us know when the webpage is up and running!
    Have a great week.
    X Briohny.

  11. I love the white jugs that now reside happily in PB. All nice and lovely items though right down to the wrapping paper. x

  12. I would have hoped there were two of those white jugs with a bee or I would have raced you to it! And I would have nabbed one of those little pillow(s) with the number 5 on them!

  13. Great jugs Jane (sorry couldn't resist!)
    Wonderful shop and won't Karen love France when she gets there one day!
    I think you (or google) summed up those crazy Mitfords perfectly - I wonder when we'll ever be grown up enough for a library - or even some shelves!? A x

  14. Oh what a great shop and yes I do like the string balls. And the wire pears, they look very interesting. I really just enjoyed the whole lot. Thanks for taking us with you. Where are we going next weekend?

  15. It's a lovely shop isn't it? The owner is very nice - I chatted to her whilst I purchased a few very cute things. She was sitting there reading the French Lonely Planet guide and we chatted about her upcoming holiday for her 50th. I think that's fantastic.
    Hmm, I must pop back and check out the Chrissy decorations :)

  16. What a beautiful store to stop by and take in all the pretty wears. I didn't see this shop when I was in Hobart:( I love the little white jugs you bought:)xo

  17. Love, love, love all those French things especially the jugs and tea tin. I think I could easily spend some time (and money) in that shop. X

  18. Where oh where in Hobart is this divine looking shop and why haven't I discovered it yet?!!
    Please tell!!

  19. So it seems there are a few fellow Francophiles among you! I'm so happy to share the prettiness.

    I will let you know if and when she opens an online store. I've forwarded her the link to this post so she can read all your excited comments ☺.

    Ah, Deb, patience is a virtue!

    Yes, Cathy, she had quite a few of the bee jugs there. And the best thing? They only cost $4.95!

    Yes, Ann, Kerry refrained but you indulged. Karen is heading over there next year to celebrate her 50th. She is so excited already.

    Do, Sarah B. I might just bump into you there!

    Kat, it's been there for just over a year. It's at 55 Liverpool St, just over the road from Habitat and along a bit. Next to Jefferson's Teas. Enjoy! J x

  20. What a lovely shop! Where you just itching to use your French? :)
    XO L

  21. I LOVE that shop!! SO hard to resist some (many!) of the gorgeous little treasures in there! What to put in the tin you ask? It made me think of the time my man said how he loved the letter writing of long ago, you know Shakespearian like? Maybe I could convince him to write me some love letters on pages ripped from that journal wrapped in some of that string and then stored in that tin ;)

  22. It's funny, Laura - once I left the shop, French words kept popping into my head!

    I like your thinking, Bec ☺. So glad to find a fellow fan. J x


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