Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Market love: Salamanca shops

Okay, my friends, time to wrap up my weekend! I’m so pleased you enjoyed our wander around the Mothers Market (I do wish they’d add an apostrophe!). Now, let’s saunter along the quiet streets of historic Battery Point with its rows of character-filled colonial cottages and English cottage gardens. Click here to see some of them and here for the gorgeous Arthur’s Circus. After a leisurely 10 minute stroll, we’ve arrived at Salamanca Place which I’ve posted about here and here. Our first stop is the tiny-but-fabulous shop, Cube (Art + Design). Now look at these brilliantly hued blank notebooks. Aren’t they covetable? And I adore the styling. Sigh.

In front of them, you can see some of Rebecca Roth's fabulous handcrafted resin rings. Don’t you think the second from the left looks like it contains some dreaded 100s and 1000s?! Now, do Rebecca’s felt brooches here take your fancy?

On the right, you can see some of her resin cross brooches. Oh, and up the top, you can see some of her fabulous floral resin rings. I have a couple which I’ll post about some day. They are just heaven to wear, so smooth and tactile. Not to mention colourful and pretty. Here’s a selection of her popular resin bangles – I have about 6 at last count, I think!

Okay, now just over to the right, let’s wander into this little shop where we meet the delightful Edwina, the talent behind Little Snoring. A busy mum, somehow Edwina also manages to produce a vast array of pretty and desirable wares at reasonable prices. Now just look up the back of the shop at these gorgeous pops of colour. Which colour do you prefer? Why not take a few – they’re such a great price.

Here’s the beauty I’m taking home to Planet Baby. Now I just have to work out how to keep Sam’s chubby little mitts off it!

Or maybe you fancy one of these divine creations using Venetian glass. I prefer the top one.

Now look up at that shelf – how about these bursts of colour for your living room? Isn’t Edwina talented? She also makes le tricolore for my fellow Francophiles.

Oh, and some more soft pretties for you. Sigh.

She makes a fabulous range of sturdy plastic covered pencil cases like these.

Now, Edwina, if you wouldn’t mind, do you have those notebooks you put aside for me? You know the A4 French-themed one for my magazine cuttings and the two little historical Hobart ones? Fabulous. I’ll take them, thanks. You really are so clever at sourcing such interesting old images from Hobart’s colonial days.

You can find her shop here if you’d like to take some Little Snoring loveliness home with you. Oh, and pop by her blog or Facebook page and say hello from me.

And just over here, let’s stop by The Maker (unfortunately they don’t have a website) and have a chat with the engaging Denise who’s sitting behind the counter, cross-stitching a Christmas card (we’ll just have a look, Denise – do you mind if I take some photos?). This shop is also owned by the talented Leonie Struthers (I posted about her other shop, Love & Clutter, here). How about these sweet grey felt birdies in the window?

These fancy candles are such an innovative use of the classic old Fowler’s Vacola bottling jars.

Hmm, I love the styling here, don’t you? So simple, yet effective.

So, in a word, I think we can sum up our little wander just like this.

Thanks for your company. It’s so much more fun to share experiences with friends. Let me know which part you liked best! Maybe my fellow Hobartians can give me some more tips - I'll all ears.


  1. You certainly get around to some of the loveliest spots! I love the bangles...so chunky and bright xxxCate

  2. How clever you are Jane, if Mr PB is ever stuck for a gift for you, he just has to log in to your blog then follow the trail back to any one of the lovely items you've shared with us.

    F x

  3. ooh, i love those bright notebooks! and I agree that Edwina's Little snoring necklaces are just gorgeous!
    mothers market looked great, wish I could have come down for a little visit.. maybe next time

  4. I particularly liked the elephant pencil case. All a feast for the eyes though. Great colours and talented people you have there. :)

  5. Hi Jane, some lovely items, I love the notebook and the cushions, and the beads. Thanks for the tour.

  6. I love all of your pics ... hardest part for me would be deciding which wonderful things to buy!!

  7. I think I really must take a shopping trip on my own sometime, so I can explore places like these!
    Love the chunky bangles. Do they come in red?
    Also love the red and white spotted ribbon on your necklace, to tie it up with. Cute!

  8. So much loveliness!! I love the 'French' notebook and your beautiful necklace:) Thanks for sharing Jane! I feel like I have been shopping, but alas I can't find my shopping bags anywhere:( Hugs, lovely ~ Txx

  9. I love liittle quaint indie stores like those. Thank you for the tour ;)

  10. I am in love with those pencil cases! Truly divine!!! xx

  11. So lovely.....those candles just look fab....who thought those old FV jars would have such a revival....xv

  12. So glad you've enjoyed these pretties, ladies.

    Kat, I'm sure she does make red bangles. I've just never looked as I'm not a red person ☺.

    You're right, Vicki - I'm off to find my mum's old ones! J x

  13. Thanks Jane, it was a delight to catch up with you again. Thank you so much for you lovely words and photos! What a gorgeous tour!


  14. Oh, my pleasure, Edwina! I just hope you feel it did your wares justice.

    Thanks for stopping by, Fifi. Isn't it a riot? The artist in you is no doubt drawn to the profusion of colours. I adore your work - you are extremely talented. Take a bow! Oh, and I'm your newest follower ☺. J x

  15. wow what lovely lovies you found :) best le

  16. Note the online shops, Le...J x

  17. How did I miss this post - brought back memories of our trip to Tasmania. I loved wandering around Salamanca and Battery Point (in fact a pic of Salamanca Place is staring at me here on my desk). I remember those gorgeous shops too and can see so many things above I love, especially the map notebook.

  18. Oh, Sweetie, I'm so pleased you have an idea of what I'm describing then. I'm sure Edwina would make you a notebook if you'd like one. It was $10 and quite thick so lots of pages. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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