Monday, 25 October 2010

Wandering around Hobart: some time to myself

Hello, my friends, Mr PB thanks you all for your kind birthday wishes! So what else have we been up to, besides visiting the Gardens? Well, Saturday on Planet Baby was a warmish Spring day with a gentle breeze and an air of promise. We fossicked around the house to find the library books hiding under certain people’s beds. We found everyone’s cotton sun hats and applied sunscreen liberally over faces and limbs. Then we loaded the pixies into the chariot and headed off to ‘town’ (we do live in a city and ‘town’ is only 5 minutes’ drive away but when growing up, heading there was such an expedition and it feels the same with all the preparations required to take the pixies there).

Our first stop was the State Library of Tasmania, one of the pixies’ favourite haunts. We piled into the lift where there was a little squabble over who would press the buttons. A little chat on ‘taking turns’ followed and then we shot upwards. We pushed our books-to-return down the chute and watched them travel along the conveyor belt to be sorted – very exciting! Then the older pixies raced over to the shelves to make their choices. They adore visiting the library. Here they are.

Quicksilver Sammy crawled over to the CD collection and started pulling them down. Hmm. Here’s an action shot of him, pulling the books down from the shelves.

Here’s Mr PB, attempting to maintain some sort of order.

Books chosen, we then bought Mr PB some more clothes for his birthday. Joshie and India were very helpful assistants, proffering their Daddy all kinds of clothes to try on. All the while, I tried to stop Master Quicksilver from crawling out onto Liverpool St! He really was just like greased lightning, making a bolt for it whenever I was distracted for a few seconds helping Mr PB. Daddy’s clothes bought, we then bought India some summer sandals.

Sam was flagging by this time and lunchtime was approaching. Mr PB kindly volunteered to take the pixies home so I could have some time to myself. I then had a delightful meander for a few hours around the quiet streets of Hobart. It was the first time I’ve done it since we arrived over a year ago. To be responsibility-free and not having any time restriction was so liberating! Camera in hand, I wandered about and took my time to look around me. It was refreshing to view Hobart as an interested observer as opposed to a-mother-of-three-scurrying-along-in-a-hurry. I spotted things I’d ordinarily miss. It's amazing what a difference a change of outlook can make. Take this little whimsical little chap in his rowboat atop this sign, for instance.

Some more handsome chaps were to be found in the Mall. The Council’s done a fantastic job using local artists to create street furniture which littlies love clambering over like the dog (‘Thompson waited lazily outside the shop’ is the inscription) and the pig. The humorous ‘Fish out of water’ bubbler is well-used. And how about the seagull snaffling a hot chip atop a pole?

I then treated myself to a browse through the fabulous little shop Love & Clutter. It’s a treasure trove of locally designed and made clothing, accessories, bags, toys and so much more. Its beautiful styling and aesthetic is a treat for the eyes. Here are some of their goodies on offer. Just gorgeous, don't you think? I could buy everything there. Seriously.

I opened up my eyes. Properly. For the first time in a very long time. And looked above me as I wandered down Liverpool Street. Although I grew up here, I had never noticed the gorgeous pressed tin ceilings overhead. Here is some of the prettiness I saw.

And then I turned my gaze to some of Hobart’s finest buildings which are a mix of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian architecture. Here’s what met my gaze.

I was entranced by some of the details in the sandstone. I wonder if it was carved by convict hands or by free settlers’?

And this was my final view before I took the bus home.

It’s the iconic sandstone Hobart General Post office with classical clock-tower which was designed by architect Alan Walker and built through public funds in celebration of Australian Federation. It opened on 2 September 1905 and a telephone exchange was added in 1907. It is where Roald Amundsen, in front of a large gathering of locals, telegraphed the news on 7 March 1912, around the world that he had successfully reached the South Pole the previous December. So, there’s your historical fact of the day!

By the time I arrived home, I felt quite refreshed. Although it had only been a few hours, it felt much longer. As soon as I walked in the door and returned to PB, I had a nappy to change and someone’s nose to wipe. But I had a little extra spring in my step. I think I’ll have a daytrip off this planet a bit more often!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day Jane. We all need time to ourselves to just be us and not mummy xx

  2. You bragger having time to yourself Jane, I am turning GREEN with envy. Sounds like you had a lovely time. I agree it's amazing what you see when you open your eyes. Sometimes beauty is right under your nose, yet those sniffly noses seem to block your view.

  3. Oh time by yourself is so cleansing. I agree. I needed the time away from my babies to miss them! So glad you had a lovely afternoon. A-M xx

  4. How precious is just a few hours to re-charge & refresh!

  5. So familiar - thanks for the new view of Hobart - I like your pic montages - I must re-read your how to picture posts.... A x

  6. I feel like I have just been on a very pleasant outing. I enjoy Hobart, we have family in Launceston and pop down to Hobart every now and then when we are over. It has a lovely vibe.
    Thanks for thinking of us during your precious time to yourself.
    As for string, my kids use it to tie up bits of cardboard and bamboo skewers to egg cartons for constructions. They use it for cubbies, bows and arrows, all kinds of things. Better start stocking up for when the pixies get bigger. By the way, those pixies are very adorable.

  7. Oh, Love and Clutter looks gorgeous and how lovely to have an opportunity to actually look at everything properly! Well done Mr PB!

  8. What a great day ... I think everyone needs time to themselves... even if its just to regroup, be pampered or have your own thoughts.
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. You have a lovely blog!

  9. I adore the Patrick Hall sculpture in the city as well. He is such a talentd artist.
    I often notice the amazing pressed tin in the buildings, it's so pretty. Doen't Hobart have some amazing heritage architecture?

  10. Wow! Just wow!!! There are some awesome pics there Jane and I love the way you have grouped them. Did you really do that yourself? Wow!

  11. However much we love them, it's very liberating to have some quality 'me' time isn't it, and it sounds like you had a lovely afternoon.
    I must, must, must find the time to really read your photos posts. Your wonderful images have put my higgledy piggledy last post to shame! X

  12. Sounds like a lovely day, its nice to be yourself & not mum from time to time!

  13. My goodness! So many comments. Thanks, everyone. Yes, finding some time, no, making some time for Jane-the-person will now rank higher on my list. Mr PB often takes the pixies out on the weekend so I can have a break but then I get caught up in doing the housework and feel guilty taking time out.

    Actually getting out of the house and doing something for myself was so completely different an experience. It made me wonder if that's what Mr PB feels like when he heads off to work. I haven't been in paid work for nearly 3 years so I've forgotten what it feels like to have a reason to be out of the house. Without a purpose. My life with the pixies is so purpose-oriented by necessity. I have to make time for myself just to BE.

    Er, Kylie, did I mention that it was the first time in a year?!

    My pleasure, Ann. I'm starting to see the old girl in a completely different light.

    Thanks, Deb. And goodness, string does sound very handy! Hmm, bows and arrows. I hadn't thought that far ahead...

    Yes, Emma, it is such a gorgeous shop. I may just have to return and take some more photos for another post to truly do it justice.

    Thanks, Marina. I'm looking forward to reading more about your life as an expat mum in London.

    Yes, Sarah B, I was so impressed once I took my mum-of-three-littlies goggles off and really opened my eyes. Patrick Hall is so talented. The Council picked wisely when they chose him.

    Thanks, Phill. Yep, all mine, using BigHugeLabs - give it a whirl! Good to hear from you, old cousin.

    I've just become your latest follower, Bethan. Lucky you, having a holiday in Sydney. Gee, I miss it. You caught some lovely moments there. Don't be scared to give BigHugeLabs a try - it's simple. J x

  14. What a beautiful way to see your gorgeous city! It's nice to stop and really look at things - I know how hard it it to do with kids - especially when you're out and about.

    I love pressed tin - it's not something you see a lot of in NZ, but you do in Australia, and it's so beautiful.

    I like the info about Roald Amundsen too - I remember writing a school report on his journey when I was in primary school :)

  15. It is so nice to have a visual tour of your stomping grounds. It looks wonderful :)

  16. YAY! Another Tassie blogger. We're a bit short on the ground here. Hehe.

  17. I love the look of that shop Love and nice to have the afternoon! x

  18. Hi Abby Yes, I'm going to keep my eyes open and hunt it out now. Yes, it's not often little old Hobart plays centre stage in an event in world history!

    There'll be plenty more to come, Laura. It's so different viewing your birthplace through your children's eyes.

    Hi Veronica So good to connect - you're right about our 'uniqueness'! However, I am collecting a few Tasmanian travellers in this bloggy caper.

    Yes, Sarah - you must visit us! J x

  19. Sounds like a lovely day was had be ALL!! Such beautiful photos Jane! So glad you got to enjoy a couple of hours by yourself. Looks like you certainly made the most of them:) ~ Txx

  20. Sounds like a heavenly day Miss Jane. Oh how I love a wander, and with camera in hand? Even better! I used to do a lot of walking and photographing and even sketching back in my pre-baby days. Back when I could have me-time on tap! I think Mr PB did a great job and I also think you should schedule it in - every week. It's lovely for him to have time with the kids too...

  21. Thanks, Tina. How crazy that it took me a year to think to do it!

    Oh, Sarah, we should go wandering together and let the boys take care of our offspring. Maybe lunch at Kafe Kara? Oh, and have you visited the French shop Chez Moi? They're opening on Saturdays for November and December. J x

  22. Sounds like a lovely spot of 'me' time. Hobart is such a lovely little city - it reminds me a lot of Perth and Fremantle over here. It has lots of character and beautiful old buildings to admire.

  23. That's for sure, Amanda. I look forward to showing you around here one day. J x


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