Monday, 25 October 2010

Celebrating Mr PB's 40th birthday

Well hello, lovely PB friends! We’ve had a jam-packed past few days on Planet Baby – I’m just buzzing with things to share with you! After those last three very detailed posts on using photos, I’m going to take a bit of a breather and let the photos tell most of the story. After all the drama of the cake preparation (oh, and Mr PB read that post before seeing the cake so was most impressed with my efforts!), Mr PB’s 40th birthday finally arrived. The excitable pixies decided that cutting the cake for morning tea was desirable. Here it is.
And here’s the birthday boy with his trusty helpers, blowing out the cake (Sammy was asleep).
We were fortunate that Mr PB’s birthday fell on Royal Hobart Show Day, a public holiday, so we had our Daddy all to ourselves for the whole day. We spent a delightful afternoon wandering through Hobart’s charming Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, the second oldest in Australia, dating back to 1818 (Hobart was settled in 1803). Here is the intricate and spectacular set of wrought iron gates which were installed in 1878 after their manufacture in northern England.    
Aren't the gates just stunning?
I find it fascinating to think back to its colonial era origins, when it grew the plants needed for the young colony’s food and its economic benefit. The early settlers imported many thousands of fruit trees and vines in an attempt to recreate the bounty of ‘home’ on these distant and inhospitable shores. A number of the sandstone colonial cottages dating back to at least 1845 are still in use. I was intrigued by the boundary ‘Arthur Wall’ which was completed in 1829. Named after the then Governor, the convict-built brick wall was hollow and internally heated to encourage the growth of fruit trees planted beside it, following an English practice. However, it was soon discovered that fruit trees did very well without such help. Here’s a little more on the Gardens’ history.

The spring flowers are absolutely glorious at the moment, just a riot of colour. Here are some rhododendrons and camellias with the River Derwent in the background.
 Here's our darling India in serious mode.
 And smiling!

Ah! The best of friends!

Here are the pixies and Mr PB on the bridge over the pond where they’re feeding the ducks.
The wisteria, jasmine, camellias, poppies, tulips and zinnias were all bursting with colour. It really gladdened my heart.
Here’s the birthday boy with his brood. Oh, and wearing his new birthday clothes from the pixies.
And again, showing our scooter boy.

Oh, and remember how I told you about Mr PB’s marriage proposal to me? Well, we showed the pixies the little rotunda where it occurred. They were riveted! It was such a charming afternoon – we’ve decided to make it a regular affair as it was so enjoyable. Good night!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day... I never knew there was a River Derwent in Tasmania... I grew up, a stones throw away from the River Derwent in the UK. I love seeing the sister names of places and landmarks around the world... Here in New Jersey there are a lot of names that hail back to the UK... Lx

  2. Hi Jane,
    It's so nice to read about something all the way on the other side of the world, looks like the B-day boy had a good day! Have a good evening,

  3. Happy birthday Mr PB. Those gardens look so lovely. One day I'll make it to Tassie!

  4. Oh Happy Birthday Mr PB... what a delightful way to spend your birthday.. with those you cherish. A-M xx

  5. Happy B'day to Mr PB! The gardens are a perfect place to go - I agree, those gates are amazing. Such a lovely spot. I'm hoping to get back this week :)
    ps I find being born on the 22nd Oct is great because every few years you get a public holiday for your birthday. Mine was last year :)

  6. Oh, yes, Laura. This was a British colonial settlement so you would feel quite at home with all the names here. I'll do some posts on Hobart's history.

    Thanks, ladies - I'll pass on your good wishes.

    Sarah, I took these photos on my phone. Next time, I'll take my camera and capture the wisteria and the magnolias. Thanks so much for reminding me what is on our back door step. We spent such happy times there as children and it's lovely to see the pixies doing the same. J x

  7. Happy Birthday to you hubby what a great way to celebrate at the botanical gardens. We stopped by to visit them earlier this year when were down in Tassie, they are beautiful. I liked the front gate so much too that I had to take a photo as well with whole famiy. Thanks for sharing. Have a good week.:)

  8. Beautiful gardens...the little bridge over the pond looks like something you would find in Europe. We are so keen to get to Tasmania for a holiday - it looks gorgeous!

  9. Love the photo of Mr PB and the two biggest pixies blowing out the candles on the cake! Seeing all the other photos makes me long to return to Hobart, it was my favourite layover!

  10. What a happy day and what gorgeous photos of your family!

  11. Oh, Sarah, do let me know if you make it down. We'd love to show you around. Same for you, Emma!

    Thanks, Ash. Our challenge is to have one of all five of us with everyone smiling at the same time - I'm not sure how many more years it will take to get there! J x

  12. Happy birthday Mr PB! Looks like a great day was had by all. The Botanic gardens look incredible, they'll have to go on the to-do list for our next trip.

  13. Ah ha! As Reading I was wondering if this is the home of the now famous marriage proposal! And it is! Glad you confirmed that. Aren't these type of days just the best! I know my comment is a bit late but I am slowly catching up on all that I have missed lately!
    X Briohny.

  14. Oh, Briohny, you sweetheart! I am amazed that you have found the time to go back through these old posts with everything else you have going on at the moment. I am impressed. I am really looking forward to following the 'build'. J x

  15. Sounds like a lovely way to have spent Mr PB's birthday. We didn't stop at the gardens when we visited Hobart but now I wish we had - they look so lovely!!

  16. Yes, you must - next time we could have a picnic there together! J x


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