Monday, 29 November 2010

Market love: The Mothers Market

Well, lovely PB friends, four weekends into bloggy rehab and my quality of life has improved immeasurably. Instead of staying home to do the housework or wander around Blogland while Mr PB takes out the pixies, I’m now strolling the quiet streets of old Hobart Town and making some delightful discoveries. The type that make me pleased that we moved back here from Sydney. And that has been a revelation to me. Having been born and raised here, I was used to the slow pace of progress. It was quite frustrating and as a youngster, I felt the isolation from the ‘Mainland’ (Tasmania is an island state of Australia, for those unfamiliar with it) quite keenly. Then Mr PB and I got married and a week later moved to the ‘big smoke’ of Sydney. After 11 years of its vibrant, dizzying activity, our return to Hobart with the pixies (then we had 3 under 4) meant a complete change of pace. Time to slow down and catch our breath. And now I have time to frequent some delightful Hobart craft markets.

Like the Mothers Market. This stunning market returned on the weekend, just in time for Christmas! Have a stroll with me into the little wooden hall in Battery Point, past this cute welcome sign. Now, inside to our right is the pretty stall of Cherish by Bek Burrows. Here’s one of her fine creations.

And another. Pretty, don’t you think? Hmm, the silk may not be practical for Planet Baby. Not yet.
Now, over to the left, we have the engaging Nell from Ruby Victoria Letterpress. Here are links to her blog, Etsy shop and madeit shop. Nell is supremely talented – she is one of the only people I know who uses an antique letterpress to hand make her wares. Here’s a photo of her display from her blog.

She makes cards, tags, recipe cards, Christmas decorations, note cards, bookplates, invitations and so much more. She also makes custom orders. She’d set aside this delicate little beauty for me. Isn’t it divine?
I bought some packs of these vibrant Christmas tags. Hmm, now I’m getting organised for Christmas!
Now moving along, we find the flat pack lighting maestros, Grandeliers. Here are a couple of their pretty creations.

The next stop is the talented Verna + Hilda with these sweet Christmas decorations.

A fresh take on the classic wreath, anyone?

Hmm, are you feeling a bit peckish?
Now how about tasting some delicious Miellerie Honey? It markets itself as ‘organically produced, cold extracted, unheated, unprocessed, pure raw honey’. Grab a stick (over there) and scoop up some golden loveliness. Mmm. I’m taking this leatherwood version home to Planet Baby. I bet the pixies like it.

Oh, and as we head outside into the sunshine, let’s stop by Little Artist. Penny is the brains behind this company. This is what she does.
A brilliant idea, don’t you think? Here’s the work of one little maestro, Ellie.
Oh, and some of Penny’s whimsical creations. Hmm, Miss India’s birthday is coming up…
So, did you enjoy that, Lovelies? I certainly did. And then I sauntered down the road to Salamanca Market and its pretty little shops in arcades. Ooh, it was a feast for the senses! More about that in my next post. I’d love to hear what you would have bought if we’d visited the Mothers Market together. Why don’t you visit the vendors’ online shops to have a peek? Enjoy!


  1. What a gorgeous market! Loved exploring all the goods on offer through your post and so looking forward to the next instalment. x

  2. Gorgeous Jane! I love how you take our hands and feast us on visual delights. Beautiful!

  3. That's it Jane! I'm moving to Tasmania :)

  4. I enjoyed this market on the weekend as well! Spent up big at Dick and Dora!

  5. Hello, sweet friend!
    The closest I've ever
    been to Australia is
    New Zealand, which I
    adored. I think that
    all Americans LOVE
    Aussies and Kiwis and
    I am betting that we
    would love those that
    hail from Taz, as well!
    Now, this kind of
    marketing I adore : )
    I would have snapped up
    that darling red and
    white blanket in the first
    pic for my newest little
    niece, who will enter
    this world in May. Then,
    off we'd go for tea!!
    Love to you,
    xx Suzanne

  6. love this!
    the pillow may not be practical but yes it is quite beautiful. gorgeous!

  7. wow, it's gorgeous!!!!!!!! let me tell you there are plenty of times I'm ready to leave the big smoke!!!! I could easily see myself with a stall there!


  8. It was a lovely market. I bought some Dick and Dora decorations and would have loved to acquire some of the clothing in the back corner. Did you see it? SO beautiful and reasonable priced if I wasn't on a mega budget. Very sad :(
    Nells work is lovely - I have a teacup print in my studio. Letterpress has made a huge comeback.

  9. I love shopping with you, you point out the most interesting products.
    How amazing are the grandaliers?
    I would love to be the ultimate indulgent aunt and buy one for my niece's new bedroom [the shadows cast would be amazing] but perhaps a little artist creation would be more appreciated!

    Felicity x

  10. Oh how I love these kinds of markets. Had I been there with you I think I would have spent too much at the Ruby Victoria Letterpress area - I just love the music score star.
    I'm looking forward to a twighlight Christmas market here in Brisbane that I plan to visit in a couple of weeks. x

  11. Lovely! I know a little girl who would LOVE that ballerina cushion. x

  12. Thanks, ladies. Virtual shopping can be such a lark, can't it?

    You would be a huge hit, Corrie - Hobart needs more people like you!

    Yes, Shammy and Sarah, I saw Dick & Dora from a distance but ran out of time. Harriet and Tim are so talented. I studied law with them - Hobart is a small place ☺.

    And Sarah, yes, that clothing looked fab but I kept away for the same reason.

    Yes, they were pretty, Felicity. I didn't see the prices, however.

    Bethan, you have exquisite taste ☺. Nell is utterly charming. She's a busy mum and creator of her goodies at the kitchen table. Brilliant!

    I'm sure Bek could mail you one, Corinne...J x

  13. I can't believe I live here in Hobart and here is yet another gem you have enlightened me about Jane!!
    It looks lovely. Such amazing talent here in our little, crafty state.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I discovered a great market while in the MBU last year.
    I guess living out of the city, I often miss such things.

  14. Ps I love the decorations from Ruby Victoria Letterpress.
    Just gorgeous and of course I have a Ruby myself, so I love the name ;)

  15. Oh lots of lovely pretty things. I am going to have a go at some of those doily tree decorations.
    PS Glad the rehab is going well.


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