Sunday, 28 November 2010

My bloggy rehab weekend no 4 (more stationery): Part 1

Hello, sweet PB friends. It’s been another full weekend on Planet Baby. Nothing as mad as last weekend, thank goodness! As I’m trying to get an early night, I’ll just give you a quick peek at some little beauties I discovered at a little Hobart treasure trove, Enwrapt. It’s a tiny slice of stationery nirvana for me. Sigh. I was on a mission as part of my bloggy rehab – to buy my seven year old goddaughter her birthday present (some three months late. Hmm.). I found a lovely selection of treats for her. Oh, and a few for me also winged their way home to PB!

So, here are some of the things heading over to country South Australia tomorrow. This pretty paperweight was a snap at just under $A10.

I thought this little blank notebook would prove handy for her jottings and doodles.

I bought my first Japanese washi tape after writing this post got me enthused.
It fits into this nifty plastic dispenser. Perfectly. Sigh.
They really nailed its design. It’s magnetised for extra handiness. It also has a fabulous texture and folds openly easily so you can insert the tape. Just like this.
I bought one for me as I have a feeling in my bones that some washi tape might just be flying over from France too me as we speak! And this little baby also wended its way to Planet Baby. Mr PB and the pixies were impressed.
Tomorrow I’ll show you the fun time I had at the Mothers’ Market and some shops at Salamanca. Now to get that ‘early’ night – it’s all relative for me in Blogland ☺.


  1. My little sis would so love that butterfly paperweight. And what the heck is washi tape anyway?? EVERYONE seems to have it. I think I'll have to get some anyway just to feel cool (I'll figure out what the heck to do with it later!!) xxxCate

  2. Lovey buys, don't you just love things that are beautiful AND cleverly designed. The Japanese and Swiss are masters supremo at this.

    Enjoy the week!

    F x

  3. Sigh - I love that tape dispenser!! I am actually embarrassed at how much I love stationery... I mean, really, I'm practically licking the screen. x

  4. Enwrapt is one of my absolute fave Hobart shops. They do great Chrissy decorations along with everything else. Fabulous!

  5. I love washi's just so adorable and hey, it's practical too! Thanks for sharing these great finds with us.

  6. Jane, the washi tape, the paperweight art glass, stunning!

    Come and Enter my giveaway from Fifi Flowers!

    Art by Karena

  7. Well, ladies, so pleased to oblige with these pretties ☺.

    Cate, let me know if you want me to get you one. I think it cost about $9.60. It wouldn't cost much to post as it's light. Yes, I'm only just getting on board the washi tape train. It's like pretty, thin masking tape so it's easier to handle than sticky tape. You can use it for making cards, wrapping presents, mixed medium artwork, decorations, scrapbooking - all sorts of applications.

    Hmm, yes, licking the screen is taking stationery love to a whole new level, Bron!

    Yes, Sarah, it's such an Aladdin's cave of delights. Now, how to choose?

    Oh, Kristi, thanks for stopping by. Your blog is divine. Yes, I'm just discovering it - I think I may just develop a little addiction. Just quietly...

    And Karena, thanks! Ooh, and what a fab giveaway - thanks for the heads-up. Fifi is so talented. J x

  8. The paperweights are beautiful, with dragonflies and butterfly you can't go wrong!
    Kat x

  9. I can't believe I missed this Mothers Market when I visited the Salamanca Markets in Hobart! Unless it wasn't there at that time? I'll definitely be checking that out next time I visit. Looks lovely - and FUN!
    Megs x

  10. Yes, Kat - and at under $10, so affordable too.

    Megs, it used to be on every two months, I think, but folded recently, only to emerge for this 'one-off' Christmas market. I do hope they return, though. J x


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