Thursday, 25 November 2010

Sublime stationery: no 1

Well, PB Lovelies (all 174 of you – hello to the newbies!), it seems that many of you share my unbridled passion for stationery. To my utmost surprise and delight, my stationery post here is now my most popular. By miles. Since then, I’ve discovered innumerable new stationery websites and blogs. So, how about I start an occasional series on stationery to satisfy our mutual delights? Sounds good? Okay, let’s go! Here are some delightful websites for you to ogle at with me.

Kikki K

Australian stationery lovers are probably aware of this fabulous brand, established by the talented Kristina Karlsson in Melbourne, Australia in 2001. Her simple Swedish designs are classic, clever and reasonably priced. The whole gamut of stationery is effortlessly covered. The website is a dream to use. You can shop by collection, colour (my favourite way – I pick the blue every time) and interest. You can join up and collate a perpetual wishlist (hmm, that could come in handy with Christmas approaching!). And today I discovered her blog where I found this divine package. Isn’t that the most gorgeous wrapping idea?
And here are some close-ups. Ooh, the jaunty baker’s twine! The novel use of old atlas pages. Sigh.
Loving these cute little stickers. I ordered some today – how could I resist?

This newish Sydney company stocks a delightful and eclectic mix of vintage and new products including  ‘paper, pens, pencils, notebooks, pin bottles, document/laptop bags, manila tags, Kraft gift tags and canvas bags’, according to its blog. How about this sweet little set? I fancy those scissors, don’t you? Not bad value for $A30.
Lovely Design

The extraordinarily talented Sharilyn is a clever crafter in Vancouver, Canada. She hand makes these delightful retro-styled, wooden address files in maple and black walnut. Sigh. One of these would make me feel so much more, well, ordered.

What a shame these ‘far away mail boxes’ made from vintage maps and recycled paper are out of stock. Imagine receiving mail in a such glorious envelope!
Lovely Tape

This heavenly French business has me absolutely entranced. How about this pretty Japanese washi tape?
Oh, and this. Sigh. Just beautiful, isn’t it?
This tape could almost convince me to start scrapbooking. Almost…
You can create the prettiest things with such tape.

Hmm, I think some of these Japanese stickers might soon be winging their way to Planet Baby. Don’t you?

Oh, and I could do a lot with 220 metres of this cheery twine!
Treat yourself by subscribing to their pretty blog. Oh, my! It’s very late (Mr PB is still at work so there’s no one to remind me to go to bed). Do you want to see some more? Go on, make my day!
This post was rewound at Weekend Rewind at Life in a Pink Fibro on 1 April 2011.


  1. Yes...would love to see more! I do love Kiki K - my husband's family are from sweden so I am a bit of a lover of swedish style. And red is by far my fav colour at the moment (am organising everything around the house into red and white boxes - love it!). Yes it is late isn't it...must go to bed soon too (just have tomorrow's lunches to make!) xxx

  2. Oh yes, I love stationary! Just got 5 rolls of cute take and now I am using it for everything :)
    And that wrapping paper is just amazing!

  3. The atlas wrapping is so cute! love it!
    I just picked up some design tape and am having a blast using it for postal wrappings :)

  4. Love love love all these beautiful things Jane! And of course, the way you write about them. That Kikki K blog is just like yours - a visual feast! More more more! x

  5. Gorgeousness!!! Love the tape, especially in the garland - that's a fab idea. Am a fan of the bakers twine too. Will check out the other sites :)

  6. There are so many lovely things out there, it makes your head swoon : ) have you visited upon a fold, they have some lovely bits and pieces too. Karen Wagner in Hobart has some lovely twine right now too...that shop is soooo good!

  7. That divine twine is simply... divine! Love the idea of using old maps or pages for wrapping paper.

  8. Love Kikki K too. I recently posted about the cute little Conversation Starter boxes that they sell.
    Our house is so full of stationery that husband deems 'unecessary' - how wonderful to meet like minded souls that believe that you just HAVE to have pretty stationery things...x

  9. Yep - I could use that Divine Twine for so, so, many things! xo Cathy

  10. Oh Jane, you are a wicked and my husband will not thank you for any of it!!!! I, however, adore everything.... and would love to see more!

  11. Ooooh so pretty! :)
    Meg x

  12. i love all this!! i'm currently making some gift tags with japanese washi tape. i could go broke on this kind of thing!

  13. Well, ladies, it looks like I have the hard and onerous task of writing a continuous series of stationery posts. Sigh. Gee, you make my life difficult ☺.

    Oh, Cate - it looks like we both need to concentrate on our bloggy rehab ☺. And Kikki K is hoping to open a store in Tasmania according to their FB page. Fingers crossed!

    Yes, Catherine, I am saving up Upon a Fold for another post ☺. Just gorgeous. And funny you should mention Karen Wagner - I plan to head there this weekend (never been before) as I hear she has gorgeous peonies. Now I'm looking forward to my visit even more.

    Bethan, that box is fabulous. I think I'll have to wait a little longer for the pixies to be able to use it but I just may have to snaffle one in advance ☺.

    And Emma, just tell him you're only looking!

    Er, Aimee, I hear you ☺. J x

  14. oh my gosh.....i have just read this and the last stationary post....& honey put me in the basket of *hooked* readers!!!

    love it all....have just spent the morning making teacher gift tags....colour photocopied an old english school atlas from the 50's....cut out the maps to size with australia featuring for the kids of course....and stuck them to luggage labels...
    did you see my post on it?
    they would look lovelywith your wrapping above!!

    love it all ....melissa xx

  15. Oh my goodness, Jane! Such gorgeousness!! Hmmm, do you think the girls need to be collected from school? I just want to sit here and follow all these fabulous links:) Thanks for sharing, may I blame you for leading me astray;)~ Txx

  16. Ooo, this is pure heaven. I'm off to search through your recommended blogs now... Have a good weekend beautiful.

    Emma. xx

  17. PS - Kylie over at the groovy blog Flying Ducks has a lovely stationery giveaway you might like.

    Hope you're having a great weekend. Sonia :)

  18. Ah, Miss Melissa, so pleased to find a fellow stationery fiend ☺. No, I must hunt down that post, you clever cookie. I really revel in your creativity.

    Tina, blame away! Don't worry, there are plenty more posts like this to follow...

    Pleased to make a tired new mum happy, Emma - my mission for the day! Did you get out before the rain set in?

    And thanks for the tip, Sonia - I'm now following Kylie. And what a fab giveaway. Fingers crossed for both of us! J x

  19. Very pretty, I am also a big fan of stationery!

  20. Keep watching this space, Kelly - plenty more to come. J x

  21. still haven't bought any washi tape!! What have I been doing with my time???

  22. I'm chewing away here I want to eat this stuff so badly. I know you understand. x

  23. Wowsers, this is all so gorgeous. I have to restrain myself when it comes to stationary as I already have a tonne. What is it about parcels and packaging that makes us girls so deliriously happy?

  24. Ah, what is it about stationery? It's all lovely. But I like those scissors too.

  25. And now I am drooling. The perfect post for a stationery junkie like me!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

  26. Love the post but love your planet baby pairs of gumboots more - they tell such a story! Hi from an ex-Tassie dweller missing her Island home! Jo

  27. Ha! You all make me laugh, Bron in particular. Cate, I really can't answer your question ☺. I am now an addict of it.

    And hello, Jo! Thanks for stopping by.

    J x


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