Monday, 22 November 2010

Joshua's first ever party (or his third party in three days)

Well, sweet PB friends, Mr PB and I need to have our heads read. Seriously. I have crawled to the finish line, on my knees and with broken fingernails. The Carnival of Joshie is over. Three parties in three days. What were we thinking? Not hard, enough, obviously! Organising such a caper when one is well is challenging enough, let alone when one has PND. Hmm. At least we have agreed never to allow such craziness to ever occur again. Anyway, the Birthday Boy told us it had been “fantastic” and that “You’re the best Mummy and Daddy in the world!” Aaah. Yes, we’re happy (but exhausted) campers on Planet Baby right now.

So, here are some snaps from Planet Baby’s inaugural ‘party with all the classmates’. Preparations were fevered, frantic and late (I was still making up the party bags 15 minutes after guests started arriving). Thank goodness for my Mum and Mr PB’s Dad – they stepped in at short notice to provide invaluable help. Here’s the birthday boy’s request for a stegosaurus birthday cake. Not my best effort (it reminded me, yet again, that I don’t like butter cream icing!) but at least I decorated this one (last year, I was in the Mother Baby Unit with Sam so Mr PB stepped into the breach). And yes, the eagle-eyed may notice some more 100s and 1000s which joined the others, hiding on the kitchen floor. Hmm. Here’s a closeup of the important detail.

And a long shot.
Here’s some of the loot to go in the party bags (thanks, Emma, for your inspiration for the bags).
And the finished result – blue and green were the party’s theme.
Here are some of the enthusiastic partygoers, eating.
And playing – anyone for an apple bob? Ah, and notice the victor!
Or a donut dangle? Hmm, no hands allowed! India requested (and received) permission to use her hands as she was “too short to reach it”.
And how about ‘Pass the parcel’ (the modified version with everyone getting a prize. We’re still debating whether we should play ‘old-style-with-only-one-winner’ next time. Thoughts, anyone?). Oh, and note the hopeful hands to the right.
Oh, and don’t forget the egg and spoon race! Hmm, Mr PB caused a stir when (contrary to a certain wife’s firm and insistent plea) he added real eggs to the mix instead of the safe plastic versions. Several highly-allergic-to-eggs guests were unable to play as a result. We’ll mark that one down to ‘experience’.

And then none other than Caramello Koala himself made a guest appearance, to the children’s great surprise and excitement!

However (perhaps owing to the fact that a certain father’s shirt was showing at the back as a certain mother hadn’t done up the zip), CK soon found himself in a vulnerable position. Fortunately, his padded belly protected him from the ensuing punches.
Then the adoring crowd gathered tight for the ritual birthday cake-candle-blowing-and-cutting.
And to end, the guests departed after two jam-packed hours of mayhem, here’s the ritual attempt-at-a family-photo-with-everyone-in-it. One day we’ll nail it!


  1. You did great!
    Looks like he had an amazing time and in a while the stress and headache will be forgotten but his memories will stay with him for his entire life :)

    And a happy Monday to you :)

  2. Well done! I think your dinosaur is cool! I only ever get to make fairy-pink cakes :-)
    I too like to host parties at home, but the last few years we haven't had enough space for the whole class so I have hired a room at the local rec centre - way better idea! You don't have to do all those damn dishes if you run out of time (cake tins, cup cake tins, slice tins, biscuit trays etc, etc!!). And all you have to do after the party is give the floor a quick sweep and go home and collapse on the couch! best of both worlds.

  3. I started wrapping a pass the parcel for my son's 5th birthday, and when I got to starting to stick 4 layers of my local newspaper together, yelled "enough" in my head. I decided that lucky dips were oh-so-much better. Some for boys, some for girls - all around $2 each from Go-Lo. All wrapped in newspaper and they all had to open them at the same time and if they didn't like them, they could negotiate with each other to swap.

  4. I think it just happens to be the perfect family photo. Excellent cake and the party looks like heaps of fun. Now relax, you certainly deserve to. What a good Mum (and Dad) Joshua has. :)

  5. PS - really like the party bags too.

  6. Sweet Jane! You must
    be exhausted! I remember
    those days soooo well.
    I even made all of the
    invites by hand....and
    my kids still enjoy
    looking back at them all.
    I have enjoyed reading
    all of the posts regarding
    the big birthday celebration.
    Days to savor ~ you did
    it up right!!! I especially
    loved the family pic at
    the end. Now, you need to
    play hooky for a day and
    catch your breath!
    xx Suzanne

  7. Fabulous party! I used to love apple bob as a little girl!!! The cake is amazing and the party bags are gorgeous! Now get some rest and bask in the post party glory!!! x

  8. oh what a gorgeous family photo! I'm really trying hard to get some of those these days!

    The party looks great and love the cake! I always put a prize in every layer because growing up my mum never did and I always wanted her too and loved the mums who did! I obviously didn't get over it

    now relax!


  9. Brilliant job Jane & Mr. PB! That cake was a triumph!
    Millie ^_^

  10. Looks like a tonne of fun was had by all. You did great with all the organising and running all of those games. I remember them rom my childhood - those parties were always bedlam!
    The cake looks brilliant too!

  11. Awww, too fun! There's nothing like seeing them have fun with their friends is there? And how lucky to have THE Caramello Koala in attendance :)
    You've done an awesome job with the party -- and with the kids. They are so lucky to have you as their super-caring mama.

  12. Hi, what a fabulous cake, you did a fantastic job with your party. Enjoy your week.

  13. Gorgeous job Jane! Everything looks perfect!!
    How fantastic that you do such special things for your kids.
    Just wondering when you were in the MBU last year?
    I was in Dec for 10 nights, but perhaps you had gone home by then.
    I "think' you may know a friend of mine who has been in Alaska for the past few years too.
    Gosh Tassie is a small world huh?

  14. Looks like such a great time!!!
    I can't believe you throw 3 parties, I couldn't even handle 1! haha. The cake looked so awesome too. Happy 5th Birthdy Josh!

  15. well done PB family - what an epic.

    I'm very much stealing your hard work for ideas as we are "in for it" next year for the party scene (managed to escape the last two years).

    Man-no-man with PND its a sure sign of your pure strength and diligence to have pulled this off with such zest and panache - huzzah to you Jane !

  16. Sounds like it might be time for you to get a manicure Sweet Pea!

    Sit back in the chair and let the lovely lass restore your shredded nails whilst you reflect on all the joy that your little boy has brought to you and that you have been able to celebrate over the last couple of days.

    Felicity x

  17. Oh, my! You are all so lovely to leave these comments - they have cheered me immensely.

    I think you're onto something there, Cate. Most sensible.

    Nessa, Mr PB nodded approvingly when he saw your comment. That's on our list for next time.

    Thanks, Sonia. I am trying to encourage Mr PB to take some time off so we can recover!

    I love the 'hooky' comment, Suzanne, as well as your post today. Yes, 'wagging' as we call it over here is an attractive proposition at the moment ☺.

    Thanks, Corrie - I know you appreciate how hard it is to get everyone to smile at the same time. Oh, well, at least the moment was captured.

    Thanks, Millie - although Mr PB said (after the event) that it looked more like a kangaroo! Well, blame the AWW birthday book if the stencil was oddly shaped ☺.

    Bron, yes, CK was a huge hit. Hmm, now we have to get the suit drycleaned - how much will that cost?!

    Thanks, Lee - go for it! All ideas are there for the taking.

    And Felicity, you have the best ideas. Hmm, a manicure would be heaven. I'll have to check whether the budget allows it...J x

  18. Liebe Jane,
    das ist das erste Mal (!), dass ich in Deutsch an jemanden schreiben kann, der in AUSTRALIEN wohnt...wie aufregend schön! :)
    Woher sprichst Du so gut Deutsch?
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blogsite!It`s so nice to hear from other people of the world. I love it. :)
    It seems like you had a very big party these days...and you got three little kids. Wow!Sounds like fun and a lot of work...
    Ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie eine tolle Novemberwoche and all the luck in the world!
    Beate :)

  19. Oh, Kat, I forgot. We left the MBU on 4.12.09 after 3 months so I must have just missed you. And yes, how do you know Anna?! Send me a private message if you want. It's great to find another Hobart mum!

    Und danke, Beate. Ich habe Dir eben geschrieben. Ich habe Deutsch fuers Abitur gelernt. Dann habe ich 1989 als Austauschschuelerin in Muenster in Westfalen verbracht. Danach habe ich Deutsch als Hauptfach an der Universitaet studiert. Ich freue mich total, Dich kennenzulernen! Wir muessen liebe Jeanne dafuer bedanken ☺. J x

  20. Jane, what a triumph! It all looks so lovely; the long table set up in the back garden, the dino-roo cake (!), the hilarious Mr Caramello, the games... Amazing job, no wonder Joshie thinks he has the best parents in the world. And I LOVE that family photo! Sam has grown so tall and you all look happy :)

  21. I love your old fashioned party games, they are the best. What a champion mama and papa you are, hope you had a nice bottle of white wine on ice for once the guests were gone.

  22. Oh, Sarah, thanks. We must catch up soon - you will be amazed at Sam's growth. He's into everything now!

    And Christie, thankyou. So lovely of you to stop by. Er, yes, the bubbles went down rather well ☺. J x

  23. Wow, what an amazing birthday party. My children would be jealous!

  24. Thanks, Kelly! Mr PB was the brains behind it - I was just the hired help ☺. Take any ideas you want...J x

  25. How on earth did I miss a party post?! Thank goodness for Emma's linky. I love the 'old fashioned' party games - perfect. And I absolutely DO NOT put a prize in every layer of the pass the parcel. I have little trinkets here and there but it's all about the big one! Which is why we don't watch when we stop the music either. x

  26. Thanks, Bron. I think we'll try the old-fashioned approach next time ☺. J x


  28. Hi Beccy We borrowed it for the day! J x

  29. Hi jane, i was just wondering where did you hire it from? do you have any contact details that would help me be able to hire one???

  30. Mr PB worked at the chocolate factory so was able to as an employee. However, they don't allow the general public to hire them, unfortunately. J x


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