Saturday, 20 November 2010

Joshua turns 5

Oh my! Five years ago, Mr PB and I welcomed this precious little soul into our lives. Never did we expect that 3 ½ short years later, he’d have a sister and a brother as well. What an exhilarating lifelong journey we began that day.

So, how did Joshie’s 5th birthday begin? Here are a few snaps we took during the great unwrapping yesterday morning on Planet Baby. There were three interested parties.

There was a flurry of excited unwrapping by the birthday boy, supervised by Miss India.

Oh, and some novel use of discarded wrapping paper by Master Sam, to our great amusement.

And now here’s some of his loot. A lot of it is quite retro, the things Mr PB and I played with when we were growing up in Hobart in the 1970s. Some bean bags, Tiddlywinks and a lacing game. Time to practise some hand-eye coordination, perhaps?

And how about these beauties? Marbles (complete with tombolas), a maze book and knuckles. The gorgeous Courtney at A Silver Nutmeg & A Golden Pear made the fabulous drawstring bags with reversible linings.

Hmm, how about a dot-to-dot book, a gorgeous hardback book on Australian animals and a classic German wooden puzzle? Don’t you want to be five again?

Of course, we had to have a dinosaur cake. With sparklers. Oh, and this is only the warm-up cake for his party tomorrow.

And we also had to invite the neighbourhood children around again, just like Halloween a while ago. We had afternoon tea outside and a treasure hunt for golden chocolate coins in the garden. The pièce de résistance was the arrival of Caramello Koala himself! The pixies were so delighted (India stopped crying when she realised it was Mr PB inside) and their friends thought they had a really cool dad. Hmm, the perks of Mr PB working at Cadbury!
After all that excitement, we then had family and friends around this afternoon for more celebrations. Now the pixies are slumbering and Mr PB is baking the cake as I type, ready for Joshie’s party with his whole class tomorrow. Hmm, we don’t seem to do things by halves on Planet Baby! Time for some beauty sleep. Good night!


  1. I am love, love, loving the 'retro' gifts!
    Josh looks so excited and I'm sure that there will be lots of fun had playing all of these games.....tiddlywinks, who knew you could still find it?!?

    Go you good thing Mr PB! You are a total champ in your Caramello suit with your cake-mixing skills.

    And to clever Mummy, congratulations on putting together a memorable birthday for your beautiful boy. It looks like a magical day was had by all and the Festival of Joshua will continue into the weekend with his party.

    I hope that there is a glass of 'something-something' to be enjoyed together Sunday night and some time to celebrate the distance you have all come over the past five years.

    Big hugs,

    Felicity x

  2. Oh Happy Birthday to your big boy. Mr PB makes a good Caremello Koala. Hilarious.x

  3. Happy bday Josh! Wow what wonderful pressies! That is a fantastic cake Jane , lots of beautiful memories being created xx

  4. Happy Birthday to Joshua! What great loot - love the marbles, boy that takes me back :)
    How brilliant is it that your husband works at Cadburys. Yum!!
    ps cake looks fab too!

  5. Great cake and pressies - Your Mr PB really does come up with the goods... I am trying to imagine my other half in a koala suit - Can you picture it?
    Happy Birthday to your big 5 year old - we've had a great year with our five year old - he's now a "senior Year One" he tells me and actually when I look at him he has matured a lot. So much fun to come. A x

  6. Happy Birthday to Joshie!!! What a great birthay that photo of the pixies on the bed is so sweet and the birthday presents are the best, I want to play with them too! The dinosaur cake is sooooo good and my goodness, the Caramello Koala at your birthday is fantastic!!!

  7. Hi Jane,
    First, Happy Birthday Joshua! Five is such a cool age!
    And mr PB did it again, he is some dad to put that costume on, I'm impressed!
    And you, sweet Jane, you are holding up good, (I don't know how the whole class party was, but so far you have it all under control). Enjoy these festive days together!

  8. Cute, cute, cute. I love tiddlywinks. We had hours of fun with it. What a terrific haul of gifts your big boy received. Hope you all had a great time.

  9. Fabbo, happy birthday buddie & again, happy parenting anniversary to you Mr & Mrs PB. Love Posie

  10. Happy Birthday Joshie!!! The presents you have chosen are fantastic and love the dinosaur cake!

  11. Happy birthday to your boy! I would have loved to be with Caramello! Have a good week!

  12. Why, thanks, ladies. After three parties in three days, I'm buggered (exhausted to the non-Aussies). Post tomorrow ☺.

    Yes, Felicity, I was astounded to find Tiddlywinks! Caramello Koala made another guest appearance this afternoon - we now need to get that suit drycleaned. I would share a glass of something with Mr PB but he is slumped on the couch in front of the cricket, asleep.

    Yes, Sarah B - I need to get out some cotton to make the magic circle so play can start!

    And, Ann, I think Mr Villa Life would look quite fetching in the suit! Photos of Mr PB to follow...

    Thanks, Janette - that cake was the dummy one. The real one will be revealed tomorrow...

    Maureen, yes, thanks for noticing. Pulling this weekend off has really tested me.

    Hey, Deb, I'm looking forward to playing it after a break of about 30 years ☺. J x

  13. Thanks, Joni! Hmm, the suit is a bit smelly now - I'll get it drycleaned before you try it out ☺. J x

  14. Naaaaaaw Happy Birthday Joshua!!! Jane your babies are beautiful..just the most gorgeous angelic faces..and the day looked like it turned out a real treat..well done mummy :) x

  15. Happy Birthday to your little man! How exciting having caramello koala visit on your birthday! ;)

  16. Thanks, Lovelies! Yes, Emma, CK made a repeat appearance this afternoon at the party - post tomorrow. Now to bed for this tired mummy ☺. J x

  17. Happy 5th birthday to your big boy! Looks like he had a great time celebrating. I hope the party went well today. xo

  18. happy birthday darling little man.....
    love the retro toys....looks like one of our birthday hauls!
    love the cake!!!

    goodluck with the next party!!

    melissa xox

  19. Waaaaait a minute... Mr PB works at Cadbury? How did this important fact escape me?!?

    Great job, mumma. He's a very happy little boy. I would be a very happy girl if someone gave me those amazingly cool gifts too! x

  20. Thanks, girls. Er, yes, Bron, I probably mentioned it in one of my very first posts before you'd hopped aboard PB. I think there may just be a post in being married to Willy Wonka...J x

  21. What an awesome assortment of gifts, great for the imagination & a lovely cake...I want a caramello koala to visit my next bday party!!!

  22. Thanks, Trish. I wish I could send CK over to you but he had to return to the factory yesterday ☺. J x


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