Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Receiving blog love: the Liebster Award

Hello everyone! The sun was shining in old Hobart Town today which lifted my mood. The daffodils, erlicheer and jonquils are also helping - Spring can't be far away! Today I'd like to thank sweet Claire at Scissors Paper Rock who kindly tagged me a few weeks ago for the 'Liebster award'. I really appreciate Claire's take on life as the busy mum of gorgeous Ella and Ryder and the brains behind the art print company Scissors Paper Rock. She is a very generous person and blogger who loves sharing life's ups and downs  honestly. Please pop over to her blog here and say hello from me.

Oh, and I can vouch for the quality of her fabulous prints, having purchased this delightful Mary Oliver quotation in a number of colours. And if you hop to it, Claire has a sale on for 50% off everything until 23 August 2012!
Why don't you treat yourselves?! Oh, and Claire doesn't know I've done this - let's see if you Planetarians can surprise her ☺*.

Anyway, back to the Liebster award (it means 'dearest' in my beloved German!). For those new to blogging, occasionally bloggers pass on awards to fellow bloggers to encourage communication and allow us to get to know each other better. Some have rules on how to handle them and others don't.

This one has these rules:
  • Each person must post 11 facts about themselves.
  • Answer 11 questions the tagger has given you and provide 11 questions for the people you tag.
  • Choose 11 people and link them to your post (they must have 200 followers or less). Claire has kindly overlooked this point for me!
  • Tell the people you have tagged.
So here are 11 facts about me:
1.   I am *such* a Virgo. 

It amuses me, actually - my personality was preordained by the stars! I have to keep an eye on myself, though - that 'wonderful eye for detail' when tied to my (recovering) perfectionist nature can end in 'analysis paralysis' and procrastination.
I recently won this divine print from Emily at The Startup Wife. I am in love.
2.   Peonies are one of my favourite flowers. 

They are perfection. I can't wait for the ones we've planted to show their first blooms - don't worry, you'll see it all here!

3.   My favourite number is 9. 

No idea why. It has been for as long as I can remember.
A close-up of part of a Beatrix Potter alphabet sampler I made for the pixies
4.   I have an instantaneous recall of alphabetical order.

This is thanks to my school days as a library monitor!

5.   I chose Miss India's name when I was 10. 

I then kept it secret for the next 27 years and hoped like crazy no one else I knew would nab it. No one did. *Relief*.
6.   I adore butterflies for their beauty, delicacy and ethereal qualities.

I am fascinated by the metamorphosis they undergo to become something so beautiful. That transformative ability really captures my imagination.

7.   I wear contact lenses. 

They are so important to me. Life is very blurry without them! I have also managed to lose them around the backs of my eyes more times than I care to remember. It's not fun!
What do you think of these little numbers I made?
8.   I have recently become addicted to making paper rosettes.

I have been amazed at the pleasure I can derive from folding pieces of paper and gluing them together. Seriously. I'm pondering whether to add them to my  it's-still-in-the-planning-stages Etsy store. What do you think? 

9.   Onomatopoeia always tickles my fancy. 

Don't forget how much I love words. I love how Rice Bubbles make a "snap, crackle and pop". Mind you, the effect is lost in German where it becomes "Knisper, Knasper, Knusper"!

 You can read more about it here if it amuses you as well.

10.  The smell of freshly picked basil really speaks summer to me. 

I can't wait to plant it and some tomatoes in the PB garden. Or am I too late? Maybe you green-thumbs can fill me in!
11.  Grosgrain ribbon is one of the prettiest things invented.

I adore it in all its forms.

Here are Claire's questions and my answers:

1.   One word that best describes you.


2.   Sweet or savoury?

Sweet. Hands down!

3.   Why do you blog?

This post here sums it up.

4.   What are you reading at the moment?

'Five Bells' by Gail Jones

5.   Favourite film of all time?

'Three colours: blue' by Krzysztof Kieslowski. Juliette Binoche's performance is hauntingly beautiful.

6.   If you were a colour - which one would you be? And why?

Duck egg blue. It's so calming, serene and pretty.

7.   Reality TV - love or loathe?

Loathe. Avoid it like the Plague.

8.   Describe a perfect day

A lazy, hazy summer day in Paris, alone with Mr PB. There'd be strolling around the verdant Jardin du Luxembourg, a visit to LadurĂ©e for some luscious macarons, lunch in a bistro only the in-the-know locals frequent accompanied by a delicious red wine...Oh stop me now!

9.   Somewhere in the world you're dying to go to?

Paris with Mr PB. See 8 above!

10. Biggest fear?

Hmm, that's not something I dwell on. I guess any of our immediate family dying.

11. Your middle name?

Elizabeth. When I lived in Germany, they spelt it 'Elisabeth' and I was sorely tempted to change my spelling. I never got around to it. I think the 's' softens it from the hard 'z'.

Here are my 11 questions:

1.   What 3 things would you save if your house were burning down?

2.   What is your favourite song?

3.   Do you speak any foreign languages and if so, which ones?

4.   Have you ever met any royalty and if so, whom, when and where?

5.   What is your favourite flower?

6.   Are you a beach person or not?

7.   What 3 adjectives would you like listed on your gravestone?

8.   What magical power do you wish you had?

9.   Which bloggy skill would you like to master?

10. To Facebook or not to Facebook?

11. What is your favourite dessert?

And here are the 11 (all Planetarian) bloggers I'm tagging:

I can't wait to see what you ladies all come up with! However, don't feel obligated if it feels too onerous. It's just an invitation to have some fun. I won't be offended if you don't take it up ☺.

Please support your fellow Planetarians by popping over to their blogs and saying hello, reading their responses (if they join in) and even following them. Let's keep sharing that fabulous bloggy love around, okay?! 
* I have not received any compensation for this. My views are my own.
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