Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Down the rabbithole: meet Iris from irideeen

Ah! The pixies are sleeping soundly, Mr PB is toiling away at his second job, bless him, and it's Wednesday. So it must be 'Down the rabbithole' time! From your comments, you seem to be enjoying meeting some of our fellow Planetarians which pleases me no end.
This is the photo Iris has on her blog's 'About me' page
Today I'd like to introduce you to one of my dearest friends, Iris from irideeën. I first met Iris in March 2011 when we were both doing Holly Becker's brilliant Blogging Your Way e-course. I discovered her wonderful eye for composition and colour when we posted our course moodboards on Flickr.
This is hers. *Sigh*.

I fell in love. Swooned, even. Older Planetarians will see why. Doesn't Iris share so many of my tastes?! Here are but some of my highlights of it:
  • The blue. And that shade in particular.
  • That divinely delicate iris in the top left corner. It was our wedding flower.
  • The typography.
  • The whimsy of the pretty lace in all its crispness.
  • The muted palette.
  • The buttons, thread and all that haberdashery goodness. *Double sigh*.
  • The stencils.
  • The intricate washi tape.
  • The sweet butterfly.
  • The soft flower.
Oh, I'd better stop now! 

But can you see why I adore moodboards so much? I truly find they can tell me infinitely more about the creator. And with Iris, I wasn't to be disappointed. 

So delighted at finding her, I sent her an email. She replied swiftly. And that, my friends, was the beginning of our beautiful friendship. We discovered we're both Virgoans, lawyers, iris lovers, stationery fiends, mums, admirers of all things pretty and share a love of interior design. 

What's more, she's an incredibly thoughtful, perceptive and intuitive soul. Just my kind of girl! 

Since then, we've kept in regular email contact, commented on each other's blogs prodigiously, exchanged gifts and letters and swapped magazines.
Here's the divine butterfly scarf she gave me for my birthday last year. I adore it - it's incredibly soft, pretty and has proven such a comfort to me whenever I've felt down over the past year. 

But enough about our friendship. Let's look at her blog, irideeën. It has to be one of the most delightfully serene, calming and thoughtfully curated blogs I've ever found when stumbling down Blogland's rabbitholes. 

Iris has an incredible talent for design, styling and discovering fabulous new finds. Each post is a gift, and a joy, to read. Mostly her posts consist of her captivating photographs, often of her home in The Netherlands.
Tea time!
Take this photo, for instance. It shows her dining table set for a family afternoon tea. Can't you just drink it all in?! The serenity, the calm palette, the chandelier, the garlands, the peonies (be still my heart!), the elegant cabinetry, the delicate porcelain tea setting...*Sigh*.
Both as pretty as their namesake!
I loved this post here when she photographed herself in the same spot over a few days, recording the unfurling of these magnificent irises. Just genius.
I want to snuggle up on that bed now!
Her decorating skills make my heart skip a beat. I mean seriously, doesn't this bed just look utterly sumptuous?
Which little girl wouldn't want this room?!
Her young daughter, B, is one lucky little lady to have Iris as her mama, don't you think?
Look at the little birthday hat!
Especially when you're turning 4 and that mama has risen early to set your birthday place!
I adore the whimsy
Her young son, O, also has a fabulous bedroom.
Forget the donkey!
And his frog party must have been a hoot!
The view. The light. The textures. The colours. And those lamps.
But my favourite is her master bedroom. It leaves me speechless. How about you?!
Look at her desk - *sigh*!
Iris is an incredibly gifted photographer. You should peek at her Flickr photos here - but I warn you, you could become lost there for ages!

I hope you've enjoyed gaining an insight into sweet Iris's life. Do pop over to her blog if you feel like a treat. Which photos are your favourites? Or are you like me and find it impossible to choose?! I can't wait to hear your thoughts, as always.
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