Monday, 6 August 2012

Meet my new moodboard: Ms Colour

Well hello, you gorgeous Planetarians. It was such a full and emotion-filled weekend on Planet Baby. So much to mentally digest. My little nephew's christening was delightful. Seeing all 7 cousins together in St David's Cathedral was heart-lifting. Anyway, back to normal programming! Today I'm doing something which has been on my to-do list since I posted here about one of my 3 moodboards, Ms Creativity. I'd like to introduce to you her neighbour, Ms Colour!

This board shows the things which make my heart sing, capture my imagination, inspire me and delight me with their whimsy and elegance. Want a peek? Let's go!
This exquisite butterfly bouquet is something I found here at Martha Stewart. I am definitely going to make one with blues and greens, naturellement! The other fluttery card underneath was given to me by sweet Rachael for my birthday last year. It sparkles in the sunlight. I also adore the old handwriting.
The exquisite watercolour iris painting is another old birthday card. Irises were our wedding flower so they hold great significance to me. Iris is also the name of my dear friend who gave me that delicate doily-stamped tag. I attached a favourite blue ribbon. The top print is another Katie Daisy special - remember I posted about her here? The bluebell photo was taken in England by talented Planetarian, Laura, and featured on her blog here. I adore the bright blue Ulysses butterfly - I bought it on a card from Zazzle here and cut it out to add a 3D effect to my moodboard.
This dress has me in raptures. Be still, my blue-and-green beating heart! And it's in silk, too. I will get one made one day. I can't find the photo source, sadly.
This whimsical Peter Pan card just delights me. It was given to me by my dear friend, Felicity. There's a star magnet I made.

Mr PB's parents sent us this captivating postcard of Senator John and Mrs Jackie Kennedy's wedding on 12 September 1953. They bought it at the Presidential Museum at the John F Kennedy Library. Apart from their beauty, the billowing lace makes my heart skip a beat.
Here's another postcard from the same set. I adore the elegance, joy and reminders of an older, gentler time it conveys. Underneath is a pretty tag made by gorgeous Lea. I bought the butterfly magnet in Hobart.
This is one of my all-time favourite photos. It enchants me. I love my little white ceramic bee magnet from Chez Moi.
This vivid kaleidoscope of butterflies is on a Christopher Vine Designs greeting card.
Here's a magnolia wreath I've been coveting for years now. But it costs a fortune. I think I'll make one instead!
I can just see something like this adorning the wall of the rustic potting shed I envisage us having on Planet Baby one day!
I found this divine photo on Pinterest of a model wearing a dress made from Heather Bailey fabric. I can't find the original source, unfortunately. It makes me smile whenever I look at it.
The aqua velvet ribbon was given to me by sweet Iris. That's the rainbow cake I made for Miss India's 4th birthday - remember that?! There's another Christopher Vine Designs greeting card with butterflies.
And to finish, here's another delightful butterfly creation of Lea's and an exquisite birthday card by sister gave me of a green and blue feathery fan. *Sigh*.

So, does anything here catch your fancy? Do share. Have any of you made moodboards? I'd love to see them if you have.

And tell me, would you be interested in seeing how I put together mine? I'm no guru but maybe some of you would like to create one and don't know how to start. If there's enough interest, I'll do a post on it!

Now, only 45 minutes left to enter my giveaway so hop to it if you haven't already ☺.
PS 'Sunday splendour' will return next week.
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