Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Announcing the winners of my 2nd blogoversary giveaway!

Hello everyone. The pixies have been at me for the past fortnight to draw my giveaway. As entries closed last night, their wish was granted this morning. So, dressed for school and spruced up, this morning I presented them with the Ceremonial Planet Baby Gumbootfilled with triple-checked crumpled entries. I'll let the photos tell the story. Joshie was first up. After some thorough rummaging, he produced the winning entry. 
Look at his delight at being able to read it!
Ta da! It's the lovely Bron from Baby space. 

Bron is a long-time Planetarian and is the mum of 3 gorgeous children, including sweet 7 month old baby Rose. Her blog is delightful. This is how she describes it - 'Dedicated to whimsical, quirky and beautiful interior spaces for wee ones, Baby space is updated regularly and predominantly features real children's bedrooms and play areas as well as products and crafts for babies and children'. It's well worth a read.
I'm thrilled to be sending this collection of goodies to you, Bron!

And then, in true Planet Baby stylewe drew second and third places. Next up was Miss India. 
More concentration and rummaging...
Abracadabra! It's Rebecca from Reading wishes, one of our newest Planetarians. Still at high school, Rebecca has already built up an impressive following on her blog which shares her delight of reading. Why don't you avid readers scoot over there and say hello? 
Congratulations, Rebecca - this is what you have scored for second place. It's a modified version of first place.
Then it was Sammy's turn. He'd been so patient. He relished his big moment.
Then sim sala bim (that's the cheesiest smile I have ever seen!) - he pulled out gorgeous Fiona from Cattle Kids & Chaos. A long-time Planetarian, Fiona writes so engagingly about her life as the mum of four youngsters on their cattle property in outback Queensland. I adore her evocative writing and wry sense of humour. Do pop over to her blog and say hello from me - I promise you'll love it.
Congratulations, Fiona - here are your goodies. Almost the same as Rebecca's but you have an ampersand stamp instead.

Please send me your addresses, ladies - I'll pop them in the post tomorrow. Thanks so much to everyone for entering - I loved seeing your enthusiasm. I'll have another giveaway when we hit 600 Planetarians - we're almost halfway there already!
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