Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Down the rabbithole: meet Shar from Mum on the Run

Hello you gorgeous souls. I'm just thrilled at your wonderful responses to my new 'Down the rabbithole' post series. It gives me no end of pleasure to see so many of my favourite Planetarians meeting each other and striking up new friendships. It's also such fun as I surprise the bloggers by keeping it a secret! That's Strike One for 'Operation blog love', don't you think?! Anyway, this week's featured Planetarian is kind-hearted Shar from Mum on the Run who lives in Perth, Australia.

And I tell you, today is the perfect day to let her shine here as she just gave birth yesterday to her second child, a precious daughter and little sister to big brother, Magoo! I know many of you will rejoice in that news as we've waited so patiently for it ☺.

How I found Shar

I first discovered Shar back in about May 2011 when this very generous person started leaving the most thoughtful and kind comments on my posts. I was quite taken aback. They were always so perceptive and empathetic. And it was right when I needed some comfort as my Dad's last days drew near.

My interest piqued, I clicked over to her blog and started following, pronto. I loved what I saw there.
Here's her fabulous profile photo, capturing her trademark huge grin, vivacity and humour.
And here she is with her husband and gorgeous little Magoo who's now nearly 4.

Shar is one of the most genuine and compassionate bloggers you are ever likely to have the pleasure of finding. 

She has that valuable knack of leaving comments all over Blogland which can lift one's spirits, comfort, amuse and always make you think. Sometimes her comments stay with me for days and have affected how I approach something. Really. She's that good. I swear.
                                                 Source: via Jane on Pinterest

For instance, when I posted back here about how "Life has seemed like a runaway train lately with me just clinging on to a back window for dear life as it thunders ahead at full steam", Shar's comment was:
Hey beautiful Jane - let that train go. 
There'll be another one along in no time.
And she was so right! In a flash, my view of the world changed to something more positive. I exhaled. And thanked Shar for her extraordinary insight and way with words.

A friend in need is a friend indeed
This saying was written with Shar in mind, I'm convinced. All over Blogland, you'll find her encouraging others and supporting them in their down times. She'll also email you to check in on how you're going, as in the what-life's-really-like-off-the-blog version. 

She cares.

That's why I'm one of her hugest fans.

What Shar's about
So what does Shar like? She's a 'running junkie' and has run the Perth marathon, no less. Mighty impressive, don't you think?

She's a teacher - and a fabulous one at that.

She's very witty - you can read her self-deprecating humour here. And you'll giggle at her report on her first semester as a blogger here!
Here she is with Magoo just 3 weeks ago, making muffins
But best of all, she's a fabulous mother to young Magoo and now his little sister!
Here are the captivating family photos she posted only on Monday, two days ago - the day before her daughter's arrival. Doesn't she look radiant and excited?
I love the profile shot and this precious last moment as a family-of-three captured.
And I bet this little man is beaming today, being a Big Brother!

So, as Shar enjoys being cocooned in her beautiful baby bubble, why don't you pop over to her blog, say hello from me and have a peek around. I know she'd love to hear from you, even though it might take her some time to catch up on her blogging!
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