Friday, 31 August 2012

Post of the Month Club: August 2012 edition

Agh, the horrors! I just remembered it's the last day of August so it must be Post of the Month Club time! Sorry - I was a little distracted by having my birthday yesterday ☺. Last month's edition had 42 fabulous entries covering a plethora of topics. Some of the goodies were Pen's reminisces of her road trip around Australia with a friend in an old HR station wagon, Laura's interesting observations on why many Americans don't hold a passport, Fee's treasures exchanged with blogging friends (towards the end, you can see the fabulous blocks she made for me!) and Deepa's fascinating Icelandic roadtrip.

Right, so the regulars know the drill but for any newbies, here's how we play it:
  • Become a Planetarian (a follower of this blog) by becoming a Google Friend Connect follower (see my sidebar), by RSS or by email subscription (click on the icons under 'Want to find me?');
  • Look through your posts for August 2012;
  • Find the one you're most proud of; 
  • Edit it to add the POTMC button at the post's end (you can copy the HTML from my sidebar) to let everyone know that you write for the Club;
  • Add your post to the linky at the bottom of this post; and
  • Visit a few other (or as many as take your fancy!) Club members' posts to share the bloggy love with comments. Don't forget Operation blog love!
Let's see if we can top 42 entries this month.  

Okay, time to crank up the presses - let's go!
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