Monday, 27 August 2012

Sunday splendour: 26 August 2012

Well hello there. Yep, it's another Sunday-splendour-on-a-Monday edition! Time got away with me. So, now I present to you some of the splendid moments on Planet Baby over the past week.
I *feasted upon* a scrumptious chocolate mint tart and hot chocolate with gorgeous Mel at my local cafe, Jackman & McRoss. No camera to take a photo of the lusciousness I enjoyed but here's a shot of where we went, anyway! It was such a treasured treat to be without the responsibility of our combined 7 children and natter to our hearts' content!
I *discovered* the thrill of cutting armfuls of these glorious daffodils from our garden and prettying up the house with them. Here they are, beaming away in the afternoon sun as I sat at my desk. Simple pleasures are often the best, don't you think?
I *enjoyed* gazing at these divine wooden blocks made by my fabulous friend Fee from Chipper Nelly. I won them in her recent giveaway and she customised them, just for me.
They're so thoughtfully made with a knowledge of my favourite things - maps (including one of Tasmania), old handwriting, green and blue, buttons, hearts, dictionary definitions, butterflies and old Australian stamps. And of course, she nailed it by naming them 'A room of my own'! Fee, you have such a huge heart - thankyou!
I *created* this nifty little origami paper heart bookmark following this tutorial here. I adored making it. Miss India scored this one. I have my designs on plenty more from my scrapbooking paper. Maybe they'll appear in my Etsy shop ☺.
I *read* this fabulous reminder from the incomparable 'The Brave Girls Club'. It was the whisper in my ear I need to hear right now. I know some of you also found it most comforting.
I *watched* the pixies delight in a trip up 'The Snowy Mountain' as they call it - Hobart's Mt Wellington which forms the dramatic backdrop for our harbourside city. Here they are in the plentiful snow, all rugged up. 
Here's Joshie about to launch another sortie in The Great Snowball Fight of 2012. 
And here's Miss India making her first snow angel, bless her. A Certain Mother had a lot of washing to do upon their return!

So tell me, does any of this take your fancy? Are your daffies also a-bloom, you Southern Hemispherers? And do you think you might be tempted to get Fee to make your own customised blocks? You won't be disappointed if you do, I promise! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
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