Monday, 23 July 2012

Celebrating my 2nd blogoversary and a giveaway!

Hello you gorgeous Planetarians, all 527 of you! Today is my 2nd blogoversary - oh happy day. I've now written 342 posts which have 8142 comments. I am just incredulous at the amount of joy you all bring to my life. Thankyou, you fabulous heart-lifters!

To celebrate my blogoversary and reaching 500+ followers, I'm having a giveaway. Here's what the winner will receive:
It's a selection of things I've made and bought.
Here's one of my favourite globe photos to symbolise the delight you Planetarians bring me from all over the globe. I've popped it in an IKEA frame (it's plastic so won't break in transit - you can replace it with glass for a few dollars once you receive it).
Here's a gorgeous leather bound lined journal from Typo. It's in my favourite colour (no prizes for picking that!) and represents my adoration of stationery.
Here's a side-on view. I love the elastic closure.
On top of the notebook, you can see this wooden @ stamp from Typo - perfect for signifying the connection between us Planetarians!
This is a collage I made of my favourite fluttery friends using digital collage sheets from Piddix. I'm thinking of making some of these for my Etsy shop (my purchase included a license to use them in craft to sell). 
This is a salmon pink lined notebook with the requisite Planet Baby butterflies. You could use it to record blog ideas, for example.
Here's a simple little canvas with a blue cross I painted for you. I think it's quite striking. I love the simplicity.
I bought this cute little French inspired zippered bag from talented Hobartian crafter, Marita from Loopee Designs. You might notice that the Francophile in me corrected the spelling of 'bell' to 'belle'!
Here's a side-on view of its cheerful, spotty inside.
And to finish, here's a whimsical greeting card print of a painting by the divinely gifted Hobartian, Sarah Elliott. You can buy her goodies here - they're well worth a look and very reasonably priced. I thought you could frame it.

In true Planet Baby style (after my first giveaway), there will also be prizes for the second and third names drawn. I’ll keep them as surprises.

Terms and conditions

So, here’s my lawyer’s fine print:

1. If you're a Planetarian, leave a comment and you're entered.

2. If you're not already, become a Planetarian by either:
  • clicking on the little Google Friend Connect button in my sidebar and follow the prompts; or
  • clicking on the RSS icon in my sidebar to have my posts delivered to your reader.
3. You get an extra entry for:
  • blogging about it;
  • linking to it;
  • putting it in your sidebar;
  • tweeting about it;
  • sharing it on Facebook; and
  • sharing it on Google+.
To make it super easy for you to do so, you can just click on the little icons at the bottom of this post!

Make sure you leave a comment for an extra entry to be awarded in each case.

4. This offer is open worldwide to all my fellow Planetarians. Yes, the pixies will happily help me lick enough stamps to post it anywhere. *Real* stamps, too – not just those stickers-dressed-up-as-stamps!

5. The giveaway will close at on Monday 6 August 2012 at 6 pm AST (Australian Standard Time so overseas Planetarians please take that into account) and will be drawn by the pixies from the Ceremonial Planet Baby Gumboot.

So, over to you! Dive in and have a go. I can’t wait to send these little packages winging their way around the world. 

I'd also love to hear which of the prizes take your fancy as well. Do you think some digital collages would sell well in my Etsy shop? I welcome all feedback - you all have such fabulous taste!
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