Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sam turns 3

Hello, you gorgeous souls. I'm so pleased to see so many of you have already entered my giveaway. Don't worry if you haven't yet - there's still plenty of time! This is a quick post to show you our recent celebrations for Sam's 3rd birthday. 
My baby is growing up!
The presents

He had a wonderful time on his actual birthday, revelling in the excitement and present unwrapping. For the first time, all the pixies were really tuned into the birthday concept. Just precious. 

We gave him mainly wooden toys, all of which can be used by all 3 pixies as they have multiple skill levels. It's been heartwarming to see them playing with them together. Here are some of them. 
I love the concentration and studied placement of the blocks!
Here he is working on his geography. Teach 'em young, I say!
He loved his new centipede.
Watching Joshie read his new Miffy book aloud was such a thrill. I blinked back tears.
The teepee Auntie Beck made was a winner! That's his little hand waving in a blur.
And here he is, saying "Cheesy!". Because that's what 3 year olds can do now.

The cake

I thought you might like to see how his birthday cake evolved, all with the help of my wonderful girlfriend who was visiting us. Sammy requested a Spiderman cake as he's such a huge fan. Most days are spent decked out in his Spidey outfit, complete with 4 capes. All on at the same time ☺. 
I grabbed his mask and drew an outline on baking paper.
I set to with my red food colouring and the icing. Another look at the mask was required.
And here's the final result. 
The score? One very happy 3 year old!

The celebrations

We had a little party for the grandparents and my sister and her family.
And here's Spidey himself. 
There were balloons blown up by big brother Josh - he was very proud of himself! There was yummy food. 
And fun times with little cousins, especially when they involved poor Mr PB and his delighted Dad! Not to mention Joshie watching Daddy getting soaked (he was such a good sport to put down the Miffy umbrella at *just* the wrong moment ☺).

All up, it was a delightful celebration for my rambunctious, huggable, kissable and irrepresible little fellow. Happy birthday, Sweetheart!
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