Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday splendour: 6 May 2012

Good evening, you precious Planetarians! I'm sending you my fondest greetings from chilly Hobart tonight after a typically glorious autumnal day with warming sunshine and no hint of a breeze. The pixies are snug in their beds (the boys wearing beanies!) and the dishwasher is humming away after we had an absolutely delightful afternoon hosting the gorgeous Emma Burgess and her wonderful family. 

Some of you will recall following her divine blog, replete with precious family moments and shots from her trip to Paris last year with her husband and infant daughter to celebrate her 40th birthday. Her family has spent some time over on 'the Mainland' but is now back in Hobart, to my utter delight. I think it will be the first of many such occasions. I'm a happy camper tonight. So, here's a snapshot of some of this week's splendid moments on Planet Baby.
*I feasted upon* this scrummy Black Forest cheesecake Mr PB and the pixies whipped up for our delectation this afternoon. We used the Philadelphia cream cheese I won in a giveaway on sweet Julie's blog a while ago - thanks, Jules! It hadn't quite set in time but was still eagerly devoured by all.
* I discovered* this fabulous world map mural that I'm sorely tempted to buy for the playroom. I love what the Censational Girl team did with it, framing it so simply to set it off so beautifully. Now I'm trying to convert 49.5 inches x 41 inches to metric! Just quietly, I'm eagerly awaiting the day when the US adopts the metric system...
* I enjoyed* finding this exquisite Greengate little latte cup at the online shop of fellow Planetarian, the lovely Rachael. Hmm, Mothers' Day is next week, ladies - are you enticed by it?!
* I created* this little Liberty beauty as a 'just because' present for my favourite hairdressers in the entire world. The magic they wield on my hair and the genuine care they lavish on me are second to none. I only wish you could all experience their service, not to mention their luscious Aveda products and complimentary hand and foot massages!
* I read this* comforting and encouraging email from my friends, The Brave Girls' Club. I *get* its message on so many levels. I have often held onto bad feelings longer than I should have and painfully mourned the end of friendships for the longest time. Learning when to *let go* of things, emotions and relationships is something I'm constantly working at. But most importantly, I am now trying really hard to *listen to my heart* so much more. That is proving quite challenging, given my endless search for some headspace. I am getting there. But slowly.
* I watched* with eagerness as Mr PB and I banded together to work on our front garden. It was so pleasurable to work together on a project which was for us alone! It took a while for us to work out our *shared vision* for it but I know it will be worth all the effort. 

Here he is moving some plants from one spot to another, as requested by me. It may be a cottage garden but I still want it to follow some pattern! All those bricks at the front were lugged by me, with trusty Sabrina the splint guarding my poor right hand, from the back garden to the front. They're just waiting for Mr PB to dig them in to finish off the garden border which frames the other sides. I am finding this gardening caper more and more addictive...  

So there you have it, Lovelies. Did anything take your fancy? Do you covet that map like I do? It is on special, I notice ☺. Or maybe the latte cup caught your eye. Let us know if anything has made you smile. I look forward to finding out!
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