Monday, 7 May 2012

Could you fill in a little survey for me, pretty please?

                                   Source: via Jane on Pinterest

Bonjour mes amies! My thoughts are in faraway Paris tonight as my Mum and her best friend arrive there today on the next leg of their European sojourn. How I wish I were there with them ☺. One day Planet Baby's finances will permit such a trip. The last time I was there was in 1989, eons ago! Mr PB has never been there, alas - wouldn't it be the perfect spot to have our second honeymoon?!

So while I'm distracted, my mind skipped to wondering about how you find my little blog. 

In July, I'll have been blogging for 2 years.

And in all that time, I've often wondered what you Planetarians (and non-GFC followers, Facebook friends and lurkers!) think about what you read and see here.

Whilst finding out may or may not alter what I post here, I'd still love to know.

I adore the community we have here, my regular commenters (bless you) and the brilliant support you give me, day in and day out.

You've helped me blog through it.

You've been there when I needed you.

And I'd love to think that you enjoy feeling part of *the team* here. That's one of my greatest wishes - I want you all to feel involved and appreciated.

If that means steering this ship in another direction to enhance your experience here, then I might have to plot another course. My Dad was a sailor for 60 years, you see - I know how to do it ☺.

Of course, I have my own plans and hopes for this space, some of which keep getting shunted down the list of priorities as *life* interferes with blogging, as is its wont.

But I'm still a-dreaming and a-planning. I'd be honoured if you'd like to get involved and share your thoughts.

I've created a short survey using SurveyMonkey which I'd be so delighted for you to complete. It should only take about 5 minutes - nothing too deep but enough to allow me to alter my focus if needed. I'd be so grateful if you did.

So, please click here to take the survey! I can't wait to read your thoughts, good, bad or anything in between (she types a little nervously before clicking 'Publish' on this post).

Have any of you used a survey on your blog? Did you find it useful? Did I leave anything out? Let me know if there's anything you wish I had asked. Do share - we can all learn from each other!
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