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Market love: the (February 2012) market

Bonjour, mes amies! I'm delighted so many of you are chuffed with the return of Some Saturday soul food and Sunday Splendour. Do share with us if any of you make those paper flowers, won't you? I *pinky promise* I will, too! And now for a change of pace, here's a post I've been meaning to write for months - time to get cracking as the next one is on this Sunday ☺. Woops...My Market love posts seem to be popular with you Planetarians - this one was a ripper. With gorgeous Sarah in cahoots with me, I whiled away a pleasant couple of hours there, chatting to the crafty minxes who created such fabulous wares. Okay, here goes!

Penny Black Project

This was the most fascinating of all finds for me. I'd never heard of this innovative creative project which is named after the world's first postage stamp.

The coordinator describes it as 'an art project for people who want to be more creative but find themselves short on time. Consisting of 6 projects spaced 6 weeks apart, participants are encouraged to follow the project brief as closely (or not) as they want. Illustration, collage, crochet, embroidery, sculpture, photography - there is no limit on what the participants can submit'.

For each project, you are sent a stamp, denomination and feature colour. Exhibits from Round 2 of The Project were displayed and it was fascinating to see how people had interpreted the idea, especially the media they used.

Here's the sweet coordinator, Joanna, posing demurely for me in front of the exhibits.
You can see them close up here.
They also had some fabulous stamp wares for sale which gladdened my philatelist heart. A version of this stunner came home with me.
As did this sweet little letter writing set.
You can find their blog here.
Next up were the divine duo behind Hideyo Designs, Maya McDonell and Sam Beckman. They are the sweetest souls with the cleverest fingers. Look at the artistry they create with paper - they are magicians!
Here's a divine origami ball, made from the pages of 'Treasure Island'. I want them to make one for me made either from a favourite map, old dictionary or book of mine - I can't decide! 
This swirly one had me transfixed.
Look at this brilliant one from their website made from an old Richard Scarry book!
Then Sam got me to try out a 'firecracker'.
Here are some photos I took with my left hand whilst turning it inside out with my right. First up was this.
Then this.
And then this.
It was astounding to see how it transformed into completely different states. I was mesmerised.
And here's one of the flutterers now residing in my birdcage.
Their website is here - treat yourself by having a peek!
Jemma Clements
Jemma is an extraordinarily talented glass-blower who creates all sorts of beauty.  Do you fancy this delicate perfume bottle? And how on earth does she create such patterns?
Or do you prefer this bold necklace?
Or how about this one (you know it has to be my pick with those luscious greens ☺)?
You can find Jemma's Facebook page here.
Hobart graphic designer and talented illustrator Cathy McAuliffe from PhatFlats is so bubbly and vivacious that it's a pleasure to chat to her. She creates fabulous greeting cards, gift wrap, art prints and gift tags, a number of which now grace Planet Baby's walls. 
Joshie adores this crazy dino print.
And Sam and Miss India are smitten with their blue and pink versions of this card.
Meanwhile, Mr PB and I often shoot admiring looks at this print in our living room!
I suspect some of you design mavens are hankering for this card of an Eames rocker chair!
Do pop over to Cathy's shop here for a look-see! You can also find her goodies over at the fab online shop, Hard to find.
Dick and Dora
This fabulous, design-savvy brand was established by an old Uni colleague of mine. It's now run by the delightful Mel French. Quirky and innovative are words I'd use to describe her goodies. Let your eyes wander.
Now here's a celadon birdy just for you, Bron! Isn't she a ripper?
These wooden bunnies were quite captivating. One may well hop home to Planet Baby some time soon. 
And what do you think of this "What's the time, Mr Wolf?" pocket-watch - cute, wouldn't you say?
Here's a heart with a bird with a heart. Littlies would love it.
And for those bold red-lovers (ie not me!), here's a necklace just for you.
Here's the website if anything takes your fancy.
Hiedi Limebeer and Rodney Alexander create stunning stationery, quality clothing, jewellery and original artworks which are both striking and eye-catching. 
Here's the cushion which had me smitten (and thinking of you, Felicity!).
Here's the card version.
A goodly number of these intricate wooden buttons wended their way home to Planet Baby.
I was so fascinated by these fabulous acrylic brooches - look at their fine details! This bee is stunning.
Here's a wise old owl.
And a hovering hummingbird.
You can find their stunning wares here.
Magoolie Designs  
I adore Julie Hoddy's delicate porcelain wares. She has the loveliest eye for design and colour. Her work makes my heart sing. See what you think!
Hmm, what a surprise that I loved this butterfly.
And this one.
I have a similar brooch at home. It is divine to touch, so delicate and smooth.
And this blue spoon now resides with me. Quelle surprise!
You can find Julie's blog here.
So, that's a wrap. A long post but brimful of brilliant Tasmanian talent. Dive in and share which are your favourites! Now to start thinking about Sunday's outing...
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