Thursday, 19 April 2012

I'm all in a dither: the postscript

Thanks so much everyone for all your supportive comments about my dithery state last week. As for this week, I still don't have any of that craved-for headspace but there have been some developments which have made my load a little lighter. Here's the lowdown.

Looking after the pixies

The pixies are back at school and daycare. That means Joshie at school 5 days a week, India there for 3 and Sammy in daycare for 2 of her 3 days. 

So I have one day alone with my baby boy. He's such a little chatterbox, bantering away all day, hardly drawing breath. He's also an active chappie with energy to burn. Thankfully, he still has his daytime nap so I get a short reprieve, bless him. 
I suspect those days are numbered, though - he'll be 3 soon and Miss India stopped hers at 2½. I can't imagine a day without some pixie having their nap - it's been like this for the past 6½ years. Rinse. Repeat.

As for the missing Tiddlywinks, a number remain unaccounted for. They may even be muddled up in the Ludo box. Once the raspberry canes have died back, I'll hunt a bit more. But the world will keep turning if I can't find them, right?

Crafting up a storm

I am revelling in creating new products for my Etsy shop. 
Whilst I enjoy wrapping ribbon and gluing Liberty fabric to the words and letters I have, I've found something with limitless potential which is exciting me no end. It involves wire, pliers, craft glue, Liberty fabric, scissors and my handwriting! 
My brain is teeming with ideas for words and names I could make - it's seen me whipping out my French, German and Spanish dictionaries to check on some spelling. I'm avoiding words with accents ☺. I'll show you more once I've rustled up some more samples to show you.

I've also been enjoying delving into my Dad's stash of used stamps he'd torn from envelopes for the past 40 years or so for soaking off and adding to our childhood stamp collections. Joshie and India have started their own collections - it's gorgeous to witness the enthusiasm of my budding philatelists!

But there are so many thousands of them that I've started using them for craft. Give me Mod Podge, a brush, some papier mâché and stamps and I'll whip you up something unique! I love seeing all the different denominations, remembering stamps from the 1970s and 1980s and finding exotic stamps sent by friends from foreign shores.
Mr PB working in a second job

Mr PB is still managing to juggle both jobs. At a pinch. I don't know how much longer he can maintain the gruelling hours and function effectively in both jobs. We'll see. We're going to have a night in over the weekend and spend some proper time together. It's eons ago that we last did that.

My Mum going overseas 

Well Mum and her best friend are now happily exploring the fascinating sights of Istanbul. The pixies and I took her to the airport on Sunday. We waved her off with gusto onto the plane. It must have been so strange for her to be flying alone, after about 45 years of having Dad as her travelling companion. 

She's going to send the pixies postcards from everywhere so I now have to find a map of Europe to hang on the playroom wall to chart her journey, like we did with Grandma and Grandpa's trip last year. The pixies are besides themselves with excitement at the thought!

Seeing my surgeon 

Yesterday I saw my surgeon about my carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand. He was surprised to see I had it "at such a young age" - loving the flattery - and that it was only in one hand. He's going to perform 'mini-open surgery' on it in about a month. It'll be day surgery and I should notice almost instantaneous relief. 

Driving will be off-limits for a week and full recovery should take about 6 weeks. He was charming, listened attentively and answered all my questions clearly. So now all I have to do is place my faith in him to cure my pain.

I'm an auntie again

My gorgeous little nephew is now home and adjusting to life *outside* beautifully. I still haven't had a cuddle as whenever we visited him at the hospital, my Mum had him firmly ensconced in her arms, savouring every newborn moment with him before she left for her 7 week holiday! 

Hmm, my wire and pliers are calling me. I think my hand is up to it. I have prettiness to create! Will show you once it's done. 
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