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Meet my new moodboard: Ms Creativity

Meet Ms Creativity!
Good evening, you gorgeous Planetarians. Once again, thankyou for all your encouraging words about *my room of my own*. I'm so pleased that peeking at it it has brought you some enjoyment - anything that makes you smile has to be a good thing, right? As promised, here are some close-ups of my new moodboards. 

What's a moodboard?

I'd love to know if any of you create such little mood or inspiration boards as well. Hmm, I can see a few hands waving. Lots of hands are down, though. You're not sure what they are? Well, I didn't either until I started blogging. And then once I did the fabulous Blogging Your Way e-course with gorgeous Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring a year ago, I made my first. And it was life-altering. Seriously. You can read my posts here and here about it.

Creating my new moodboards

For years I had been ferreting away ephemera, quite unconsciously. They were things I knew I cherished, reminded me of people or times past and made my heart swell. But I never organised them or filed them away together. They were strewn randomly amongst my possessions as Mr PB and I moved states and houses. Only recently as we all but completed The Great Unpack following our move last June, I collected them all together. Then once I found my little Typo beauties for boards, I was set! 

I had so much pleasure in collating them. That took me completely by surprise. Intermittently, in between managing the normal Affairs of State on Planet Baby, I'd dart back into my room and add a postcard here and a snippet of ribbon there. Ideas would strike me at the unlikeliest moments. After a couple of days, they were finished. For now. That's the brilliant thing about mood boards - you can alter them at your whim. Nothing's set in stone. The recovering perfectionist in me relishes that! They are moveable feasts which reflect my essence. Finally, I can visualise who Jane-the-person is right now. And I love the view!

This board reflects my creative side, gifts from crafty blogging friends and captivating images I've found as I've fallen down Blogland's multitude of Alice-in-Wonderland rabbit holes. 

My creative side
This was a labour of love!
Starting at the top left is one of my treasured Liberty 'love' creations. I think this is the one I gave my Mum last Mothers' Day. I can't wait to make some more -  I have a stash of Liberty loveliness waiting for me. I just need the time! There's a little star magnet I made, some of my beloved washi tape and some handmade wrapping from sweet Sarah with some treasured flutterers stamped on it.
Don't you just love the sentiment?
Here's one of my favourite images from the brilliant Etsy shop, The Wheatfield. Isn't it joyous? The riot of colour makes my heart skip a beat.
Ooh, those cotton reels are glorious!
Then in the top right-hand corner is some pretty blue cardboard from an old notebook by the brilliant folk at Australian company, Studio Antic. There's a heart shaped snippet from an old greeting card, a paper doily and a divine card with cotton spools given to me by my dear friend, Sarah.
Such penmanship!
Back to the left and there's a photo I found of some sumptuous white calligraphy on a navy background. It stops my heart. Imagine being able to write like that! Recognise that sweet little French bee magnet from Chez Moi? There's another doily which is so deliciously intricate in pattern. Underneath is a circle I punched out of a painting of mine. And there's some adorable crochet from clever Tammi.
Loving this pattern
Moving along and here's a heavenly wallpaper sample I obtained from the fabulous NZ shop, Paper Room. I *adore* the pattern, not to mention the colours. They have such divine goodies on offer - I've bought a handful of their wallpaper samples which are only $5 a pop.
Melissa has the best ideas!
On the right there's some of that marbled paper I made years ago. I can't wait to try my hand at it again - that Florentine style stops my heart. The divine butterfly card was created by brilliant Melissa from a French dictionary - that girl knows what makes my world turn!
Do any of you relate to this?
Back to the left again and there's one of my favourite mantras at the moment in an exquisite shade of duck egg blue. *Sigh*.
Such a powerful reminder to me of my Dad 
Then there's the word which started it all for me - my Liberty fabric covered 'inspire', made whilst my darling Dad was dying. It's so precious to me. 
Scrabble lovers of the world unite!
There's a soothing watercolour circle I painted and a chirpy little bluebird. Melissa gave me those fabulous Scrabble tiles.
Leslie has such a gorgeous eye for composition and colour
There's a photo from one of Leslie's gorgeous moodboards, another snippet of some favourite ribbon and a butterfly 'Jane' magnet I created using Zazzle.
Kellie is so clever!
And this divine photo of that blue ribbon spool just gets me. Every time. I bought it from the super-talented Kellie from 74 Lime Lane.
Sarah has such beautiful ideas
Back to the bottom left corner and here's a pretty doily-stamped, tissue paper and washi tape card by talented Sarah. There are some more magnets, another paper doily and an O-Check French gift tag (not that I need any further encouragement to 'rĂªver' or to dream!).
I adore this sentiment
Here's another treasured beauty from The Wheatfield. It has particular resonance for me now as I make some major life decisions.
Irises make me sigh!
This is a ribbon holder I made and painted with watercolours. I've stuck a snippet of an iris onto it - our wedding flower. Underneath is a four-leaf clover given to me by darling Iris.
What you all bring to my life!
And to finish, here's another of my creations - this green and white ribbon wrapped 'joy'. I hope you've found some here - do share if anything tickles your fancy! 

Oh, and whilst I'm still fine-tuning my CommentLuv commenting system, I've discovered that if you click on the post title, the comment box pops up at the bottom of the post - I hope that helps!
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