Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Big Reveal of *my room of my own*: Part 2

Well hello, Lovelies! Thanks ever so much for your delightful comments about *my room of my own*. I must admit to worrying just the *teeniest, tiniest bit* that some of you might perceive my post as bragging when nothing could be further from the truth. I hope you understand that! I guess I just wanted to show you where some of your treasured gifts now reside and give you more of a feel for what makes me tick. Okay?

Now I know I promised I'd post about the details of my moodboards next but I'm running short on time. I'll do it next time, Brownies' Honour - all right?!

Instead, let's have a gander at my bookcase which we quickly looked at over here. I've added some details since then. You can click on any of the photos to enlarge them if you'd like to see more details!
Some loved treasures
Here are some pretties on its end featuring handmade goodness from my precious friends, Jennie (the handmade button heart to which I've added some divine velvet aqua ribbon sent to me by darling Iris) and Tina (the handmade, doily-pressed clay butterfly which I've since painted and changed the ribbon on). The others are some Christmas decorations I just couldn't pack away!
I love Jeanette's style!
And underneath is the sweet calendar I received with a recent Mollie Makes magazine. It's styled by Jeanette Fryd. She has such a delightfully whimsically eye for design and styling. *Sigh*. Here's a close-up of February's pretty photos. Don't you love her composition?
Using every available space!
Up the top you can see my blogging symbol which reminds me of you all, the @ I posted about the other day. I'm now smitten with it and happy to leave the centre white.
Here's my logophile area!
For the book-lovers among you, here are some of my favourite reads. You can see my treasured dictionaries, books on fonts and grammar, Australian words and words which can't be found in English. I posted about the latter here and here. It's high time I rolled out some more - what do you think?
Yet more butterflies!
Here's my dainty little gilded butterfly dish, just to break it up a little. Anything to have some more flutterers in my room, of course!
Can you spy any of your favourites here?
And here are my craft books. I adore them. I long to be able to make every single project in them all! How to prioritise? That's my dilemma. Maybe I should finish my UFOs first - do any of you relate to that?! But seriously, I want to really sink my teeth into Julia Cameron's 'The Artist's Way'. So far, it's living up to all the hype I've read about it. Have any of you read it? Next on my list is 'The Divided Heart', especially since Emma's comment here that the first chapter made her cry as it resonated so much with her. See how powerful the comments you Planetarians leave can be?
Have you read any of these?
Here are a few more eclectic titles. I love my reading! I've been meaning to read that Tim Winton book for a few years now. 'The Corrections' is meant to be fantastic, too. And I really am intrigued by 'The Memory Room'. I've always been intrigued about the working of ASIS, Australia's overseas secret intelligence service - it should be an illuminating read!

But enough of my books. Let's move up to the top of the bookcase to find the birdcages I teased you about here. This is what I did with that fabric and those pinking shears! The idea just came to me, oddly. And that delighted me.

I snipped strips of pretty fabric, some old (leftover scraps from my bridesmaids' dresses and a torn but much-loved Indian silk cushion) and some new. I cut it into different lengths so they could trail and drape. Sometimes I cut them too short and stuck strips together with my glue stick! Then I tied them up the top. There's a golden birdy nesting in the front one.

Then I threaded longer strips around inside the tops. I enjoyed the process.
Let's have a closer look. Here's the small one. What a surprise - blue and green fabric!
And the large one. Now this houses some special flutterers, handmade by the clever Hideyo folk. 
I want to make some of these pretties!
See this one? Not to mention some of my treasured Liberty stash.

So there you have it, Lovelies! Your thoughts? I promise to post on my moodboards next!
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