Monday, 27 February 2012

The Big Reveal of *my room of my own*: Part 1

Hello Lovelies. After teasing you endlessly for months about how *my room of my own* has been coming together, ever so slowly, it's finally time I showed you around. Does that appeal? And are you up for it? Well I saw a few hands shoot up in the air (loving your manners) so here goes. 

I'll start with some photos of my desk. Remember how I bought it from gorgeous Emma before she moved interstate? Well, she left a decent dose of her calming zen vibes behind with it. Whenever I'm seated there, I feel serene and like anything is possible. And that, my friends, is a precious space to inhabit, particularly over the 6 months or so with all their trials. So here's the long shot as we enter the room.

The desk
I really should name this *the room Planetarians decorated and inspired*! Up the top is the divine blue scallop punched and butterfly stamped garland strung up with Divine Twine made by the lovely Sarah, a fellow blue lover like me. 

Then we have those 3 scrumptious moodboards I picked up at Typo for a song - remember we looked at them here? I will go through them in detail in another post as they contain so many treasures from you all. I just wanted you to see where they fit in for now.
Starting on the left, you might recognise the French vase I was given for my 40th birthday.  Looking at it always makes me happy, whether it's filled with flowers or not. Hanging off it is an intricate origami crane I bought yesterday from Hideyo.

There's one of Felicity's handmade flutterers on the wall and a little white butterfly bowl with lid. There's Charlotte in all her blue beauty - remember meeting her here? There's that photo of my darling Dad on Australia Day 2011. Next to it is one of Tasmanian Sally Cassandra's divine southern porcelain tea-lights. The blue floral ceramic box is also made by a local whose name I can't recall - please let me know if you do! And there's my favourite blue dragonfly glass paperweight.
Moving to the left, there's my trusty 'box in a box'. Remember when I bought it here? I highly recommend it - it's cheap, so easy to assemble and fabulously useful. Not to mention pretty on the eye.

You can spot some of your lovely contributions - Ness's clay tags, Melissa's 'Someday' clip, Felicity's bluebird book and Iris's washi tape garland.
This is one of my favourite sayings. It's so pertinent for me right now. I'll fill you in soon as to why.
Here are my airmail stickers in my O-Check bottle - I adore the fine, scrawled French writing on it. Tell me, you overseas Planetarians, does the sticker stand out to you? I always feel so proud to lick the Southern Cross and affix it to my missives sent abroad.
In the middle is my treasured Liberty-covered 'inspire' I posted about here. It means so much to me, even more so than when I made it.
Here's the divine little Sharon Muir birdy Felicity gave me for my birthday. This is what I've filled it with. To all of you who wrote me condolence cards when my Dad died, I punched hearts out of all your envelopes and keep them safely inside. 
Here they are. Just looking at those confetti hearts buoys me on a tough day so thankyou!
To the right is dear Anna's gorgeous painting in the background which makes me heart sing. My lacy pen-holder is full of my favourite things - my large floral scissors and the smaller blue ones which I use for my ribbon work and papercraft, silver Lamy fountain pen, bone folder and my treasured Kusadama flower. I want to make some using this tutorial.
And on the edge is a spot I've posted about before. On the wall is my calendar of all the letters and cards I've sent in the Month of Letters - I'm about a week behind! No worries - tomorrow I'll catch up when the pixies are all at school and daycare ☺.

The moodboards

I had so much pleasure creating these moodboards. It gave me quite a rush to see so many of my treasured and meaningful pretties all in the one place.

I finally felt like I was seeing Jane-the-person revealed in my truest light.

And I was *delighted* with what I saw.

Following kind Kerry's thoughtful suggestions during her recent trip here, I chose the themes of creativity, colour/inspiration and travel. 
Here's creativity. See anything you like from afar?
Next is colour and inspiration. * Sigh*.
And travel to finish with. What do you think?

Next time, I'll show them in detail - I promise! I'd love to hear if anything here has caught your eye or inspired you. Oh, and ask away if you have any questions! And before Bron asks, no, at the moment I don't have a pretty laptop to sit there ☺. Until our budget allows, I'm blogging from our old PC in the next door playroom!
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