Saturday, 5 November 2011

Some Saturday soul food: Mark Twain

Hello Lovelies. After a week of tending to sick pixies around the clock, it’s been a delight today to experience the first ‘nearly summer’ day we’ve had yet in Hobart. The weather can still be pretty fickle at this time of the year but today was a pearler. With all that glorious sunshine, I managed to dry 6 loads of washing (hooray!) and dabble in a little gardening (pruning back some rose ‘suckers’ on Sarah’s advice). I almost finished writing my condolence thankyous (I’ll knock them off tomorrow) – I will be so relieved to do that as then I’ll feel like I can really open this new chapter of our life. Properly.

So all up, I’m starting to feel a little more positive about life. Ever so slowly but it’s happening.

Given my feelings, today I thought I’d share an uplifting quotation from Mark Twain (or Samuel Clemens as his parents named him), the gifted American author most famous for writing ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ and ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’.

Twenty years from now, you will be disappointed by the things you didn’t do, rather than by the ones you did.

So throw off the bowlines.

Sail away from the safe harbour.

Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover.

Oh, that really captures my imagination!  It’s a call to arms, a cry to throw off the shackles we burden ourselves with in order to *have a go* and chase our precious dreams.

I really relate to the first line – I am always conscious of how terrible a feeling regret can be, through painful experience.

And the second line reminds me strongly of carpe diem. That resonates with me so much, given recent events.

I really hope we can instil the pixies with such courage.

So tell me – does this strike a chord in you as well? Is it the little nudge in the right direction you’ve been waiting for? Do share – I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
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  1. Yes.
    As I've, ahem, matured I've realised that doing nothing is often the greatest regret of all.
    Hubby has 'Carpe Diem' tattooed on his bicep.
    Evidently, I'm reminded to seize the day on a daily basis.
    I love your Saturday soul food.

  2. Here's to the remainder of the weekend being about renewing positive energy, exploring and expanding.

    Happy day Lovely, thank you for this fabulous post, uncannily it has amazing similarities with the one I've popped up this morning - we really are in sync!

    xx's to you my friend I hope it's another Pearler in Hobart today.

  3. Too true sweet Jane. I recently rang my sister asking her why we never travelled together overseas when we had the opportunity, not ties, no mortgage? I am just about the rouse the troops for a morning run to get the day started. Wish me luck. I feel the need to get this day started as the weather is glorious here too. Maybe 2 loads of washing is the best I can squeeze in. Have a terrific Sunday dear Jane

  4. of course it does - I like that one with our kids about giving them strong roots to grow and flourish and wings to soar and fly towards their dreams:) many hugs le xox

  5. My husband will always say "Seize the day" It is so true. It is lovely to hear you are feeling a little happier, grief is such a horrible thing to go through. Have a wonderful Sunday and I hope the weather stays warm for you. Mimi xx

  6. So happy to hear that life is looking rosy at the moment Jane. I just adored your quote... very apt for me at the moment! Watched Invictus last night and was once again moved by the poem "... I am the master of my universe, I am the captain of my soul". May we all be strong and courageous captains my lovely Jane.

    Much love
    Ang x

  7. I am moved by 'what would you do if you had no fear?' and wanting to live without regrets. I love all of your inspiration by American authors featured lately :) Glad to hear you are in a better headspace right now, and that you got so much laundry done :) If only I can be so accomplished today! XOL

  8. Six loads! Impressive :)

    That is one of my favourite all time quotes. I love it because it sums up so many things so beautifully--courage, adventure, life.

    Regret is something we can't avoid. I find it hard to believe a person who claims to have no regrets, but if they really do how liberating! I want as few as possible so yes, I want to live my life like that quote. But once we become wives and mothers there are so may more compromises we must make. Perhaps the answer is to redefine the meaning of 'throw off the bowlines' and not think about the missed opportunities during the child rearing years but instead focus on the opportunities. I don't know.


  9. Yes,it's a great quote. Missed opportunities are a sad thing.
    Thanks so much for your help yesterday. Confidence is not my strongest trait so it's nice to have your encouragement :)

  10. Oh as always, your Saturday Soul Food has resonated with me Jane. What a great quote! Throwing caution to the wind is so liberating and can also end up being quite fruitful. Something I'm not all that good at, mostly... but certainly trying to change that gradually.
    And YAY for starting to feel a little more positive again Jane, you've done a marvellous job getting to here :o) xo

  11. You are a wonderful WOman, thats for sure and this journey you are on now will benefit the Pixies and teach them to become wonderful people, like you.
    So nice to see you today.
    Ness xx

  12. Good on you Jane. Love, love, love this quote. Glad to hear that you feel up to some carpe diem-ing. Hope the pixies are feeling a bit better. Have fun folding:) Meredy xo

  13. This resonates SO much with me right now Jane. And I am doing just that, an opportunity has arisen and we're throwing caution to the wind, packing the kids up, buying an old caravan and traveling around Australia for a few months before landing on your Island. Hope you are having a lovely day :-)
    Mel xx

  14. Oh Jane, my most fav quote of all time! This quote came to me during a particularly hard time in my life. What did I do? I packed up my car, with camping gear, two kids and went for a little 10,000km, 5 week drive to the top of Australia with my children! It was the finding of myself and the beginning of a new life....Samuel Clemens you are an inspiration, as are you Jane. Thankyou for the reminder!

  15. ohhh I am loving your Mark Twain you know he was born in Hannibal Missouri, and when I was in America, I stayed there..everything in the town was in reference to amazing x

    Michelle @ Farmers Wifey

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog Jane - just emailed you as well- I could not believe it when I saw you reference this quote as I just did in my post today as well. I love it and what it represents in how we hold ourselves back for fear of our mistakes, being embarrassed, lacking confidence or whatever.

    It truly is better to just have a go, follow your heart and see how it ends (even badly is better than not at all)

  17. Throw off the bowlines.... Explore, Dream, Discover...yes Jane, it all resonates with me... thank you! I hope your pixes are on the read to recovery. It is so worrying when they are unwell...takes it toll on Mum too.
    Keep well Jane xxx

  18. Just what I needed to read Jane. Thank you. I'm casting off the bowlines (and self doubt).

    I'm sorry to learn you Dad passed away. I need to catch up a bit. Take care x

  19. Love this quote Saturday was my sisters birthday I'm so happy I got to tell her all things I needed too and shared special moments with her. Thanks so much my friend for reminding us of these lovely lines. Hope your week is fill with happiness and laughter.

    Always Wendy

  20. I am just *thrilled* to read your varied responses to this quotation, Planetarians. It really seems to have resonated with so many of you.

    @Shar, your hubby has chosen a brilliant saying for his tattoo. Love it.

    @Le - ooh, I love that one. Who's that by?

    @Ang, I'm so delighted you reminded me of 'the Invictus quote' - I'm a huge fan, too.

    @Laura, you funny girl. You are so observant - I hadn't realised I was focussing on Americans! And I love that one you mention - I'm bookmarking it for the future ☺.

    @Michelloui, I really like your perspective on it. That's a really valid point - thanks for sharing.

    @Mel, I'm so excited to read this. Good for you! Have a fab time. Looking forward to meeting you down here eventually.

    @Jo, it's so lovely to see you here and realise how much this quote means to you and what a change it effected in your life. Brilliant, my friend.

    @Deb - so wonderful to see you here. And that synchronicity is astounding!

    @Jeanne - this must really resonate with you right now, given all the upheaval and adventures you have ahead of you. I'm so looking forward to following your new life up there.

    @Laney, go for it, my friend! Sometime we Virgos need a little push, don't we?! And thanks for the comment about Dad.

    @Wendy, thanks for your comment, positive as ever.

    J x

  21. One of my most loved authors! Yet another wonderful quote!

  22. You have immaculate taste, Emma! J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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