Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Market love: the Boutique Markets

Hello you wonderful lot. Isn’t that nearly-summer-weather a mood-lifter? I’m also feeling a little *lighter of heart* now that I’ve finished writing my condolence thankyous. That really felt like a task I wanted to do properly and in my own time. Having sent my 84(!) handwritten missives of love out into the world felt fantastic. It’s my first tentative step to reaching out to, and reconnecting with, dear friends whom I’ve rarely contacted this year due to Dad’s declining health.  I’m hopeful we can all pick up where we left off, as true friends do. Another foray out into the big wide world involved a spot of handmade market ogling on the weekend. I thought you might like to join me, since you enjoyed it so much here and here. So, are you ready? Okay, let’s go!

Marley & Lockyer
Now this is the friend I specifically came to visit – the gorgeous Ness from Marley & Lockyer. Ness is such a delightful, easy-going, vivacious and talented soul. That’s her goodness for sale in the background – no wonder that shopper looks so captivated! There was just so much adorable prettiness for sale. All of it was created lovingly and meticulously by my lovely friend from the other end of our little island. We had hoped to have dinner together but that didn’t work out – hopefully next time you’re down, Ness!

So, my Lovelies, let’s have a closer look at her creations, starting with her display skills.
She’s such a genius at her marketing. The typography lover in me is swooning, of course.
I fell in love with her pretty little hand-stamped Christmas bags. Is there nothing this artisan can’t do? Loving the blue, of course. Not to mention the Divine Twine. *Sigh*. Now onto her goodies.

Let’s start with a stunning white clay dove hanging from her little Christmas tree, replete with French script. You could just picture it on yours, couldn’t you?
That tree was loaded with goodies such as her wide range of tags and little stockings. Oh, and talented Tina’s divine little crocheted stars, of course.
Hands up if you spotted the nifty little eye chart! Now here’s a close-up of those clay treasures. Talk about a bounty, wouldn’t you say? Tell me which ones you’d have chosen.
Then look over here at this charming little Christmas stocking. *Sigh*.
And look at these pretty cushions in all styles and sizes. I’m getting Ness to make some custom ordered ones for Planet Baby!

I then chanced upon a relative newcomer to the market scene, Fiona Cramp of the O-ni label. Another Launcestonian, Fiona has been making her gorgeous jewellery for about a year. I was just *smitten* by it. Let’s have a look around her stall.

Her main sellers are her fabric knotted bead necklaces of varying lengths. Here’s a selection of them.
And some close-ups. I was really taken by this one (hmm, what do you think, Mr PB?).
Fiona had matching bracelets, too. Here’s another necklace which would look right at home on Planet Baby, don’t you think?
There were so many eager shoppers thronged in front of her stall, I couldn’t take any more photos, alas. Such a cornucopia of pretties! Fiona doesn’t have a website yet but if you’re interested in purchasing any of her gorgeous creations, I’ll happily pass on her email address to you.

Ingres’ Violin

I then whiled away a pleasurable half hour nattering with my friend Hamish Elliott of Ingres’ Violin fame with his wife, Sarah. Some of you might recall I showed you their work here. I love their necklaces so much, I think I have one for every day of the week! Can you see why I’m so enamoured of them?
Here are their delightful fabric rosettes. Shall we buy a couple?
Here’s a bookmark on one of Sarah’s whimsical painted cards.
This cheerful necklace could be a mood-lifter.
Or maybe you need some luck with this four leaf clover brooch.
And that, my friends, is a wrap! My one-hour-leave-pass-from-Planet-Baby having expired, I bid Hamish adieu and stumbled out into Hobart’s brilliant sunshine (please note, Mr PB, that I actually didn’t purchase a thing. Brownies’ honour!).

I hope I haven’t given you the jitters about Christmas preparations – whilst Ness was organised, we aren’t on Planet Baby yet. At all! We have two pixies’ birthday parties to get through before Christmas arises on the family agenda . So tell me, my trusty Planetarians, is there something which caught your eye? Anything you’d like me to buy for you next time? Fire away – I’m all ears!
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  1. My goodness, they are some talented friends Jane. Gorgeousness all over this post. Those Christmas delights by Marley & Lockyer are just divine. The stamped Christmas bags are simply lovely and for the record out of all those precious clay treasures, I'd be choosing 'Hope' and 'Wish' with the little owls on it... sweet :o)
    Thank you for taking us along to the boutique market, what a wonderful way to spend a day... or two!
    Also, had to mention the 84 condolence thank you's... Jane, you're an amazing person, you really are xo

  2. Just said to Ness last night- that when we are back in Sydney- I'm heading to one of these markets in Tassie- she is a doll!!

    I have her "&" brooch and constantly get wonderful comments about it here in England!!

    I NEED her JOY/LOVE/NOEL tags with the doilie embossed pictures on them- LOOOOOOVE!!!

    May just have to pop over to her website I think!!

    Hugs to you - loved the tour- how funny I did one of these too today!!

    Melissa xx

  3. Oh wow! I love the Christmas stocking ^_^ looks like a fab stall!

  4. That's a whole lot of goodness all in one stall! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Eye-poppingly fabulous and to have it all under one roof is something special indeed.

    Ness is a treasure and her little owl tags are amongst my favourites.

    As for all the beady fabulousness, I think you did VERY well to walk away empty-handed Jane, very well indeedy.

    Happiest of happy days!

  6. I love handmade markets, their goodies and their atmosphere:)You sound like you had a fab time Jane!xx

  7. Sigh, what a plethora of wonderful goodies. You must have been in heaven Jane. How lovely to meet Ness. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Oh sweet Jane! Thank you so much for the mention and your images turned out wonderful. I may have to invest in one of those neckalaces you wear. I loved the one you had on the last 2 markets...hopefully she will be at Niche.
    You are such a treasure, writing all of those condolences. It must have felt sooo good to have got them all done. Enjoy your week flower.
    Ness xx

  9. Ness had a wonderful stall and I enjoyed meeting her. I must say I really rushed around the rest of the market but you give a great "tour" here Jane. See you at the next market hopefully :)

  10. Love it all Jane and wish I could have been by your side popping a few of those items into my basket. Market Love... I think you have regular series in this one Jane.. ;)

    Best wishes and thank you for being my first follower on Expat Diaries..Vietnam xx

    Jeanne xxx

  11. So nice to see you smiling Jane.
    Lovely goodies at the market!
    We will all be thinking Christmas soon.

  12. Wow thanks for sharing some of your special friends here Jane. So many lovely things to view, so happy to see your sweet smiling face again my friend. Enjoy for day

    Always Wendy

  13. I'm impressed you wandered around amongst all that loveliness and didn't buy anything! I love the clay ornaments - just gorgeous. We don't have those same kind of markets here - I went with mum last time I was in Sydney to a similar looking market and there are so many unique, interesting things. I miss them so thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed our little tour, ladies. I wish I had been able to buy some of those goodies - why I didn't is far more prosaic. We are limping towards Mr PB's monthly pay so I could only look, regrettably.

    Melissa, you make me laugh. I was actually wearing Ness's ampersand brooch on my right side which is hidden under her arm in the photo! I love mine, too.

    J x

  15. Yes so lovely to see you smiling face with a very talented friend. I love the clay tags myself.

    WE have a few b'days here too. Not organised for xmas at all.


  16. Hi Jane, Ness is an extremely talented lady, I love all of her tags and her cushions are beautiful. I will pop over to her blog now. Thank You. Mimi xx

  17. It all looks gorgeous Jane.
    Where was this market on? I seem to miss them, but alas like you the budget is tight atm.
    I love all the red necklaces etc from O-ni and I would have gotten one of those clay tags that says "Joy" as that is my middle name and something I want to fill our home with.
    Actually all those clay tags are lovely and I agree the styling at M&L just looks perfect!
    That twine would be perfect for christmas.
    We had the last of our b'days yesterday - my baby is now three!! (sob) I am struggling with that, her being #4 and all.
    How do you grieve the last of everything?!
    So pleased I can post on your blog again.
    Thanks for sharing the market love and how strong of you to not buy anything.
    Mind you those cushions will be lovely in your new home.

  18. I have some of the lovely ness tags in my drawer as we speak - great day out for you sunshine Jane - just what a girl should have - best le xox

  19. So enjoyed your virtual tour Jane - thank you! Ness is very talented, so I'm sure there were lots of goodies to covet - I think I'd have to leave my wallet at home :) K xx

  20. Loved strolling
    the market with you!
    So much goodness : )
    Glad you are feeling
    lighter; you look fab!!

    xx Suzanne

  21. Hi Jane,
    So many lovely things to view. Thank you so much for sharing : I like to discover what is done in your country :)

  22. You are killing me here! Those necklaces are divine - blue even!!! She is so talented and what a super awesome feast for the eyes. Gorgeous. I feel blessed to be one of the people to receive a note from you. Thanks so much xx

  23. Ness's stall looks lovely and those blue and white bags of hers are beautiful!!

  24. Right, am going to have to come visit you! Can't get over the talent in Tasmania!!! x

  25. Oh ladies, I'm so thrilled you enjoyed this little peek. Don't worry, I have plenty more like this lined up ☺. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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