Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I adore marvellous, smile-inducing mail!

Hello, you gorgeous souls, especially our newest Planetarians – welcome! I’ve had a *challenging* day today with two little pixies who had certain *differences of opinion* all day long, leaving A Certain Mother feeling *a tad over it* by day’s end. Yep, it was one of those days. Fortunately, yesterday was a sparkly day thanks to my trusty postman and his divine deliveries.  I was fortunate enough to receive 4 parcels of bloggy love. All on the same day. No, it never happens to me either. But it did yesterday. Somehow my stars were aligned *just so* and I’m so grateful as looking at those presents today made writing the last of my condolence thankyous a little easier. Not to mention dealing with the pixies. Let me show you the goodness I was lucky enough to receive.

From Jennie
This card accompanied a surprise package from generous Jennie who sent it ‘just because’. Talk about a huge heart. That card lifted my spirits immediately. Then Sammy set to, ripping open the paper to reveal some sensational stationery goodness – Jennie shares my weakness!
She decided I needed to customise *my room of my own*. So now I can! I’m a huge fan of typography and a Scrabblephile so these are just perfect for me. Although I told Jennie I plan to paint the black and the red some different colours (no prizes for guessing – blue and green!). She’s a blue girl, too, and told me to “Go for it!”.

Knowing I’m a Francophile, she chose this sweet stamp. And in cursive – swoon!
I was paid a compliment (I think!).
I plan to turn this prettiness into a brooch.
And then my love of washi tape was fuelled even further with some tape and a dispenser.
From Melissa

You regular Planetarians know how fond I am of my dear friend, Melissa of Miss Sew & So. She has such a huge heart and a gorgeously infectious and optimistic view on life. She’s just been gadding about Malta on a family holiday – do peek at her drool-worthy post here about it. Well, treasure that she is, she spotted something she knew I’d love. Here it is.
It’s the most intricate, delicate lace butterfly bookmark. I am *swooning* over it. Thankyou, Melissa – I’ll treasure this always.

From Jo

My old school friend Jo then surprised me with some goodies after she’d had ‘a little clean out’. Look what she sent me.
That’s a gorgeous handmade card, a thick blank notepad and oodles of scrapbook paper. If that was a ‘little’ clean out, Jo, I’d love to see a large one! Thankyou my friend – I foresee many happy hours spent playing with this papery goodness.

From the Fairy Hobmother

This, sweet Planetarians, was the most intriguing business of all. A few weeks ago, I read that my gorgeous friend, Felicity of Gifts of Serendipity, had been mysteriously visited by ‘The Fairy Hobmother’ who had bestowed a generous gift on her. Intrigued, I commented on the post, asking Felicity who she was. A few days later, I received an email from the good Fairy herself!

Here is an extract:

I’m the Fairy Hobmother from Appliances Online, and it’s my job to spread joy around the blog-o-sphere!

I recently visited Felicity from Gifts of Serendipity and I saw your comment, so I thought I’d check out your blog.

I love all of your re-purposing ideas and I particularly like your white-board photo frame.

I’d like to thank you for all your hard work on the blog and the ideas that you share with your readers, by sending you a $50 voucher for Dymocks, for you to spend on some books.

Can you believe it?! How utterly wonderful.  And what a fun job that would be, wouldn’t it?
So, here’s my little baby, just waiting to be waltzed into Dymocks to snaffle me a book or two. Talk about lucky! Thankyou, the Fairy Hobmother – you have made me very happy as for once, I actually have some money to spend on myself ☺.

But her generosity doesn’t end there. No, really. She also wrote:

As an added bonus for your readers, if any of them leave a comment on the post and make a wish, they could also be visited by me!

So, there you go, Lovelies – comment away and who knows, maybe you might receive a surprise yourself! Goodness, I love this bloggy caper .

And now I’d better scoot to bed – I never seem to get there soon enough for my doctors’ liking!
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  1. Holy Moses! Spoilt rotten ^_^ I found this calendar n thought of you....

  2. That's one fabulous delivery (or four!)
    The perfect antidote to squabbling children.
    I just love the thought of this Fairy Hobmother flitting around the blogosphere spreading bloggy bliss.

  3. Oh wow Jane, you had the best mail day EVER! So many beautiful treats, all so deserved you lovely person :)

  4. You have to be a giver in order to be a receiver Jane...and you've given lots! I rest my case :)

  5. So glad you like them Jane, and yes really a 'little' clean out. It's lovely that when the planets aren't aligned, and you're struggling, the post can bring so much happiness! xxx

  6. Unfortunately, my mail box seems to send forth only windowed envelopes. Pleased that your postie was able to deliver some goodies to help keep your spirits high.

  7. Don't you love parcels turning up in the mail when you least expect it, but most need it. Unfortunatly with email these days - i think it is less and less popular. At the start of the year i made a resolution to send a random card to a friend once a month. Well - that resolution lasted all of one month - but you have inspired me to revive it. Off to search etsy now for some beautiful cards to send to some beautiful people just because.
    Enjoy your goodies Jane - you deserve them.

  8. Oh how lovely! What a great pick-me-up. I concur with Kerry above - no one receives this much for nothing. You are obviously a very generous soul and deserve all the good you receive!

  9. Wow, a lovely post and well done Jane. Ditto the above comments. And who ever the Fairy Hobmother is, she has done her job well.

  10. Good things come to those who deserve it Jane.
    Enjoy your gifts.

  11. Hi Jane, don't you love the mailman some days. It is amazing how someone can cheer you up and seem like Santa Claus bearing gifts. I hope you find some lovely books to read and spend it on yourself! I recently started following Felicity's blog ( which is how I ended up here) and still fairly new to this blogging caper but love the being part of it all!

  12. Wow what an exciting thing to happen Jane, getting surprise gifts is always fun!

  13. Sweet blogging friend- all the way down there in Tassie....

    I am so glad you got your little book mark- it was made for you was it not!!
    We bought it in a little seaside village in Gozo- off the island off Malta...I also took some photos of beautiful old doors with butterfly lace curtains in the windows for you...I'll email you those today!

    Needless to say- my family now know you're also obsessed- little Audrey thinks you & her would obviously be great friends as you both are B.obsessed!!

    love Melissa xx

  14. You lucky duck! These deliveries could not have found a more deserving are such a beautiful lady :)

  15. How lovely it is being spoilt, love your blog. Thanks for sharing all your adventures.
    Enjoy all your goodies, buy something for you with your voucher......

  16. Oh WOW Jane, what a wonderful post this was to read. You really did receive a whole lot of loveliness on one day and as I always say, I believe these little pots of gold you receive are indicative of the type of person you are and the overwhelmingly positive effect you have on the people around you.
    And how could anyone not swoon over that lace bookmark, that is really something special :o)
    Fairy Hobmother you say, what an intriguing concept, I love this bloggy caper too Jane xo

  17. Jane, sounds like you had a great day!!! Well done. This bloggy world if full of surprises isn't it? Have a wonderful weekend...

  18. Oh wow! How wonderful it is to receive parcels in the mail and what loveliness. Receiving all these lovely gifts is obviusly a reflection of who you are, Jane. Enjoy your gifts xo

  19. All lovely, Jane. I especially like the eclectic mix of your name letters :)

  20. [Emailed by Le from Third on the right]

    Hello lovely Jane ....

    I have been reading but Blogger won't let me say hello - not today or yesterday ... not from my laptop or from the desk top - poo on Blogger .... I am not cluey enough to know where the problem lies ... blah! Remember it would never let me use my Google ID so I always did www, but now when I press select nothing drops down ... anyways I was going to say ...

    1) hee hee the fairy godmother person
    2) great family halloween
    3) thanks for the hard mail - came today - like you, post from a real person who I adore is a great boost to one's happiness quota.

    le xox

  21. Jane what a wonderful surprise. Getting mail always lifts your spirits no matter what it is. Am going hunting of Wasabi tape I love your ideas. Jo xx

  22. Oh my. You're all such a gracious lot. Thanks for these thoughts - I hope the Fairy Hobmother visits one of you!

    @ Claire, oh that calendar is gorgeous - thanks for the link.

    @ Kerry, thanks - and that from the Great Giver herself ☺.

    @ Jo, I'm so pleased you read this post - I haven't had time to write you a thankyou note so maybe this can be in lieu of one ☺.

    @ Kate, good for you! I revel in sending snail mail. There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of knowing that your little effort can make someone smile, don't you think?

    @ Deb, I agree - she's a savvy woman!

    @ Karla, I'm so pleased you've found gorgeous Felicity and are enjoying Blogland.

    @ Melissa, goodness those photos are divine! Your little bookmark is now resting in my copy of Virginia Woolf's 'A Room of One's Own' which I'm enjoying reading again!

    @ Le, I think it's something to do with clearing your cookie cache - will email you.

    And finally @Jo, I'm so delighted to see you here, my old friend. Yes, get yourself some washi tape and have some fun!

    J x

  23. Jane, everything you give out is finally coming back to you. Enjoy your goodies, angel. A-M xx

  24. The Fairy Hobmother sounds like just the type of fantastic that a grown up 'kid-at-heart' person like me delights in. You really want a wish? I wish for a copy of 'The Help' to read and a macaron to taste..macarons are popular everywhere but I've never seen one in my town! Thanks for the opportunity to have a little wishing time.

  25. Oh what a beautiful collection of goodies! You are so loved Jane! x

  26. Oooh Jane! Love that you where given some bloglove! What a good day that was for you, opening those goodies made you smile right? (love the butterfly lace bookmark too, Melissa is so sweat); hope you will have a good weekend, with lots of tea, feet up and serenity and don't forget to enjoy your room xx

  27. My pleasure lovely lady, what a brilliant surprise & thrill to have all that fan mail arrive at the same time JUST when you need it. Plants aligning alright, blogs rule, no doubt about it, brings all use ladies together. Love Posie

  28. Beautiful thoughts and gifts for a beautiful soul. Hope you are doing well, Jane (hope all are doing well on Planet Baby, including your Mum!)...T

    PS I'M A GRANDMOTHER...Archie Michael Grove was born on Wed 26/10/2100!!! Love love love!!! He's beautiful and I think he's been here before, he seems to have an old soul. He looks right at you and focuses on your face. Gorgeous, love him to death!! (Can you tell I'm beaming with pride!)

  29. I LOVE post and all those lovely little pressies are such sweet surprises to have received!

    I really do love blogging and email, but I do miss proper little envelopes and packages in the post. It's my birthday next weekend, perhaps there'll be a little something for me too!

    And a Fairy Hobmother visit, that's such a cool idea! x

  30. Hi Jane I as a bit dyslexic earlier today. Archie was born in 2011 not 2100!!Hmmm...oh well! T

  31. Lucky you Jane and well deserved!

  32. What a beautiful bunch of friends you have Jane.
    What a winner that fairy hobmother is too!

  33. Wow - what a great collection of goodies - I love packages but do not seem to get them unless i order something for myself.I am grateful though that occasionally a package arrives from a loved one for my kids and that makes me happy instead.

  34. You are loved and it is well deserved Jane!! xx

  35. Thanks ladies - you all have huge hearts and grace. J x

  36. Wow Jane, those gifts couldn't have gone to a lovelier blogger - how wonderful to receive that Dymock's voucher, such a nice surprise! x

  37. Thanks, Amanda, you darling. I ordered Nikki Gemmell's 'Shiver' and 'Pleasure' yesterday! J x

  38. Oh how lovely and so well deserved!!! xx

  39. Thanks, Gorgeous. So lovely to see you back here again. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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