Thursday, 17 November 2011

My miscellany of marvellous moments on Planet Baby

Hello Lovelies! I know – I am such a lover of alliteration that I couldn’t resist . I thought I’d show you a handful of random recent moments on Planet Baby which have *made my heart sing*. Just what I need right now. Oh, and before I dim the lights, don’t forget to enter my giveaway - it closes tomorrow! Okay, who’s in charge of the dimmer for our little slideshow?! Thankyou – away we go…

Making our first daisy chains together

On the days when Joshie’s at school and India and Sam are home with me, I’ve been enjoying watching their special little relationship burgeoning. It makes my heart swell when I see them playing together and revelling in each other’s company. Not that it’s like that all the time, of course, but *sometimes* there’s just magic happening between them. Sammy has us both giggling when he says “Good idea, Sis!”. *Sigh*. Here is one of them, making our first daisy chains in the garden. Oh, and wearing our signature PB gumboots, naturally!
First, we laid out our ‘picnic rug’ on the grass (note, not lawn – big difference!) and held up our chosen daisies.
We had plenty of specimens awaiting our attention.

Then, after discovering making a little slit in the daisy was “too twicky”, Sam handed his over to me to work on. I hadn’t done this for about 35 years. But I just hopped back on that old bike again…
Rinsed. Repeated.
And shiver me timbers, it worked. Voila!
Miss India was smitten and so sad when it wilted.

Learning to climb

Older Planetarians may recall my posts on ‘Quicksilver Sam’ here, here, here and here. Well, my littlest man is remaining true to form. The other day whilst we were waiting for Joshie to finish his Milo cricket after school, India and Sam ran amok in the nearby playground. I averted my gaze for about 30 seconds to peer out for Joshie, just to see how he was holding his bat (remember I’m a cricket tragic!). Then I turned around to see this sight.
I couldn’t believe my eyes! My little 2 year old had scaled that height all by himself.
And, just for good measure, he reached the top. Unaided, of course! I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry to see my baby up there.
As for him, well you can see the pride radiating out of his adorable little face. *Sigh*.

Wishing on puffballs

We also have plenty of ‘puffballs’ in our garden. Does that word take you back to a quieter, easier time when we were growing up? Life seemed to possess so many simple delights then. As it does now. First, pick your puffball (it’s buried there, somewhere!).
Then make a wish…
and gently blow…
until they’re all gone. I wonder what she wished for?
And now to bed, my friends! Tell me – do any of these moments bring back memories for you? Or are your littlies doing the same as mine? I’d love to hear.


  1. This post was full of favourites for me.
    From alliteration to daisy chain making.
    The simple joy radiating here is beatiful, Jane.
    So glad to feel it.

  2. What cute moments to capture Jane. I loved making daisy chains as a little girl although I still recall my Nanna telling me the old wives tale that doing so would make you wet the bed!! Loved puffballs too although we didn't refer to them as that - not sure what we called them exactly. I love Sam's "good idea Sis" and what a little adventurer climbing that swing all by himself!! x

  3. these are the moments of childhood i treasure- i have photos of audrey doing the daisy chain making with BB's little girl {audrey's bestie} here in the summer...oh audrey and india would get on so well!

    & *sam i am*- that grin of achievement! i don't think mine were at the top at 2!!! bless him- and that mixed *wow* and *holy cow- get down now* that we mothers swing between- yep get all that!

    hugs to you...keep the emails up - they keep me going!

    M xx

  4. A broad smile from ear to ear to see your gorgeous Gifts enjoying the simple pleasures of life - it must swell your heart.

    Thank you for taking me scooting back on my own trip down memory lane with the daisy chains in particular - my Mum taught me how to make them when I was about India's age and it's a gift that has kept giving through the ages.

    Happiest of happy days Lovely, I hope the sun is shining brightly in Hobart today.


  5. Beautiful images Jane. I particularly love the one of India preparing to blow her fluff-ball. Even worthy of framing I think. Can see it in one of your favourite blue milk-washed frames.

  6. Love these - I have to be honest and say I have never made a daisy chain (but you can bet i am on the lookout now) but we have enjoyed many a puffballl as we pass a bunch on our way home from school most days (not so good when only one can be found!)

  7. So glad these snaps made you all smile.

    @Shar I'm so delighted to find a fellow alliteration lover. We're a rare breed!

    @Amanda Goodness, I've never heard that tale either. I know they're not called 'puffballs' really - they're dandelion seed heads but we love the word here!

    @Melissa You inspired me to start capturing these precious moments - I can never thank you enough. With India starting Kinder next year, her days alone with Sam are finite.

    @Felicity Yes, it does. To have such simple pleasures under our noses is such luck.

    @Fiona Thanks - brilliant idea. Hmm, now I also have to print out all our digital photos since April 2009...

    @Deb Go for it! Oh, and I so *get* your comment about not having enough to go around - that is often a source of concern on PB!

    J x

  8. So sweet! I love making Daisy chains! I think Will would find it a bit too twicky as well but he did the same thing at our local park the other day, scaled right to the top of the spiders web, I was shocked!
    It looks like beautiful weather there in Hobart.
    Hugs as always,

  9. Well I can only comment on the girly stuff, but I am knee deep in picking flowers and making daisy chains too. Isn't it so nice just to sit back and watch their imaginations at work. A great post filled with memories in years to come!

  10. Oh Jane, we are on the same page.
    I have Harrison at full time school next year and it will be my last year with Ruby at home before she starts Kinder in 2013. (*sob*)
    I am really struggling with moving to this next stage, as it seems I have always had a baby or little toddler around.
    Keeping this in mind I am trying to live in the moment as much as I can and soak up all the little moments with my precious 4 before they grow up too fast.
    I loved blowing puffballs as children, although we called them fairies :)
    Fairy chains are also one of the magical delights of childhood.
    I keep thinking this week that I want to be as carefree and full of joy as my children are.
    Don't you think we lose some of that along the way as we get busy and focus on our "to do" lists?
    Time to become more child like I think.
    A lovely post Jane!

  11. Ha! I just posted a photo of our eldest making a wish before the first breath too... enjoy your weekend with your gorgeous little ones, J... gxo

  12. Miss Jane

    You gorgeous soul.

    You have taken me back to so many years of fun and delight - and look at the beautiful scrumpets and the fun they have had too.


    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  13. OHHH these pictures are adorable - love the daisy chains - and I remember how it felt when they wilted too. And the puffballs (never heard that name before here) - remember to blow the seeds are not that tasty ;-) - ha ha.
    Have a great friday dear Jane,

  14. I haven't made daisy chains for years. You just took me back to a memory of sitting cross legged in primary school with my friends on the school lawn making the longest daisy chain we could in the time we had.
    Have a great weekend, Jane

  15. Yay, smelling the roses, or dandelions?? My children are climbers & jumpers but not fallers. I'd be the mummy (without a Nanny, coffee or magazine i might add) not hovering over her children & if they asked for help i'd call out "if you can't reach, it's too big for you right now" & they knew their limits, such a simple life lesson & boy did they try to reach those heights, when they did, huge satisfaction, all on their own.
    My children still make me daisy chains, i'm sad when i mow over the clover on the lawn. First cross country, my 3rd girl came back with a daisy chain - she made it while she ran & still came in top 2 (her twin sister won that year, they take it in turns). I know that heart swelling feeling of watching different combinations of children getting on famously - it's the good old 'let them sort it out' fashion of children being allowed to 'be'.
    Saw you won the Chipper Nelly blocks, so thrilled for you, what an ace week, love Posie

  16. lovely pictures of your pixies jane... of course lots of daisy chains at our place (and general picking of flowers and putting into little vases at this time of year). Doots loves to blow a dandelion clock too, just like I did when I was little. All I can think of now is all those pesky weed seeds spreading around... but I couldn't possibly spoil her fun xx

  17. Hi Jane, you have brought back beautiful memories of when my boys were younger, thank you! Enjoy your weekend. Mimi xx

  18. Yep, daisy chains and puffballs. I think these are things that will keep being passed on while ever there are such things to be found! Lovely photos of the littlies Jane x

  19. Hi Jane, I have not stopped by for so long, not blog reading in my efforts to get my little sewing Blythe dolly clothes shop up and running online. I'm marketing and sewing and listing like a crazy girl :). I skimmed over your first page reading here and there but mainly taking in the pictures. Happy to see all looks well in your world 'you heart lifter you' ;) Thanks for the lovely Birthday wishes too. :) x

  20. Such lovely memories Jane... I hope you are enjoying the weekend with your beautiful pixies... xv

  21. Oh Jane, this post warmed my heart entirely. The first pic of your pixies sitting amongst the daisies on the lawn... ohhh, gorgeous :o)
    I too, recall making daisy chains as a child, always loved it!
    Also love the 'puffballs', we like finding those also... and what an adorable name for them :o)
    Your little Sammy has the makings of a daredevil there... I fear Felix may have the same urges. Whilst it is fabulous to watch them develop like that, it is also a little heart stopping to observe :o/
    So glad I finally caught up on this post, such a beautiful one Jane xo

  22. I can actually remember making daisy chains in Hobart on a family holiday as a little girl! We call puffballs.... dandelion clocks!! Never heard them called puffballs before! x

  23. I'm delighted these simple photos evoked so many happy memories for you all. And @Kat, thanks for the reminder - I also called them 'fairies' when growing up! J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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