Monday, 14 November 2011

Market love: the (spring 2012) market

A warm hello from windy Hobart, my fellow Planetarians! Have you entered my giveaway yet? Not long left for it to run now. Today I’d like to take you a-wandering with me to another crafty Hobart market I visited yesterday with my dear friend, Sarah. It was the Spring 'the market'. Yes, I know – it’s market season down here after last week’s post! So are you up for it? Okay, let’s go!

Molly’s Maison

Now the first stop is the prettiest stall of them all, that of our fellow Planetarian and Hobartian, sweet Sarah of Molly’s Maison fame. Here she is, proudly standing in front of her wares.
Doesn’t she have the loveliest smile?! Now wait until you lock your peepers on her pretties!
First up, here is one of her divine little notebooks, adorned with blue washi tape, doily stamps and tissue paper. You know why I was attracted to this one, don’t you (the answer for the newbie Planetarians: I *love* all those things)?!
Next we have some of her divine little gift tags, all prettily stamped and tied up with my old stand-by, Divine Twine. *Sigh*.
Here is some nifty little washi tape bunting which sold like hotcakes, to Sarah’s great surprise!
These must be the prettiest magnets you’ve seen in a while, wouldn’t you say? One of them is right at home in *my room of my own*, I must admit.
And here’s some divine wrapping paper. I can hear you all sighing out there! She assures me she’ll be stocking her Etsy shop with some of these pretties very soon so head on over there for a treat!

The Paper Shed

Next to Sarah was the talented Tonia Gretschmann of The Paper Shed. She had such a diverse array of creations on offer.
Aren’t these little robin softies divine? They really look like they’re having a fabulous natter. Tonia sells them in DIY sewing sets. She also had cloth-covered notebooks, greeting cards and postcards.
I couldn’t resist buying this one for $1! Talk about giggle-inducing .
And I’m seriously tempted to buy one of these little toadstool sewing kits from her shop. Talk about whimsical.

Sally Cassandra

Moving around the room and here we chance upon the supremely talented ceramicist, Sally Ellis of Sally Cassandra.
Here are some of her stunning Southern Ice porcelain tealight holders. I’m so lucky to have one on Planet Baby. They are just *exquisite*. Don’t you just love the different textures on them, mainly created using doily imprints?
Here’s some more ceramic loveliness.
And I found this lace-impressed porcelain dish just stunning. Apart from its sheer beauty, how many of you eagle-eyed Planetarians can see its amazing feature? That light blue is actually embroidery stitch detail! Talk about innovative.

Giggling Gertie

Isn’t that just the *best* name for a business?! What do you think, Miss Melissa? Calista Anderson-Leitch of Giggling Gertie is such a charming and delightful Hobart-based designer and maker of purses, accessories and fabric. She is bubbly, vivacious and eager to custom create a purse exactly to your specifications. At this critical point in our tour, my camera battery went flat (not happy, Jan!). So I’ll present you with the prettiest purse I bought from her a while ago.
She’s just the sweetest little thing. I adore taking her on (very infrequent – time to plan some date nights, Mr PB!) outings as she’s just the perfect size for my phone, money and keys. And she cleverly has twin compartments, each lined with a different fabric. Here’s side one.
And side two.
Do have a peek at her website here to see all the whimsical names she’s chosen for the different styles of purses – how about Minnie, Edna and Adeline! You can buy Calista’s purses here.

Macarons by Ruby

Having pored over the goodies of numerous other stalls, Sarah and I then repaired to the tearoom for a hot chocolate and a fabulous haven’t-seen-you-for-three-months-there’s-so-much-to-catch-up-on chat! I treated myself to a salted butter caramel macaron from Macarons by Ruby. Oh my stars! Talk about exquisitely and mouth-wateringly delectable! I savoured every last mouthful. Very slowly. I only remembered to take a photo with my phone when half-way through!
Their website describes them as ‘carefully and individually hand made with love then filled with luxurious (melt in your mouth) chocolate ganache or smooth buttercream to ensure that each bite is amazingly mind-blowing and addictive.’  And that, my friends, is the truth. 

How about these descriptions of the other macarons on offer:

Hazelnut sprinkled shells with chocolate hazelnut praline ganache

Yellow lemon shells with zesty lemon buttercream centred with tangy lemon curd

Rose flavoured shells with a rose buttercream and rose Turkish delight centre
Chocolate shells with vanilla buttercream and centred with organic cherry jam

Here's a collage of these beauties I created from the photos on their Facebook page!
For the Tasmanian Planetarians reading, please do yourself a favour and hunt some of these delectable morsels down! Believe me, you will be transported to another world .

So are you all salivating now? I’m sorry, I’m a dreadful tease leaving you on this note. I just wish you could all have joined Sarah and me – we had a ball! Do share if any of these goodies appeal to you and if so, which ones and why – I’m fascinated to see what you all choose.


  1. Oh more market treasures Jane. What a wonderful time you must be having visiting all these gorgeous stands of friends of yours :o)
    The Paper Shed is just delightful, all of those pretty little things, must have been difficult not to buy a sample of them all :o/
    My mouth is watering and my tummy is rumbling at the sight and sound of those macarons, YUMMO!
    They're all beautiful businesses, a very talented bunch indeed xo

  2. hello gorgeous girl- i'm ignoring the winter afternoon rolling in on me here and am thinking we are having a chat in hobart...

    i'm savouring that yellow lemon shell macaron with you...well one each but together you know ;)...and i'm letting you talk me into buying the aqua porcelain tea light holder from Sally Ellis!

    and then i'm going to let you talk me into pretty much everything on Molly's up for this!!??

    and then we should really finish with a glass of tassie's best on the harbour somewhere- can't wait to do this with you and sarah some day soon!!

    melissa xx

    PS- and yep *giggling gertie* is a seriously coooooool name! xx

  3. you've won my giveaway! I've emailed you...let me know if you haven't recieved it..fee ♥
    (love this post btw)

  4. How fattening can a macaron be? Surely not very...after all they're small and light as air...and only a tiny bit more-ish. I'd be ever so happy to join you in the sampling Jane, and I'd like nothing more than a wander around this great looking market. I'm so pleased it went well for Sarah - her goodies look fantastic. xx

  5. Deep, deep sigh.......

    It's not even breakfast time in my pocket of the world but already I'm having naughty thoughts like "I might have to find that lemon butter and put it on some fresh bread for brekky." - such is the craving I now have for sugar after reading the last part of this post.

    As for the rest....well I'm meant to be taking Luke for a walk but he might have to sing at me for a bit longer waiting whilst I explore all the fabulousness that you've shared....I hope they ship 'cause I'm keen to shop for Christmas.

    Happiest of happy days & thank you for this glorious start.


    PS: Congratulations on winning fee's gorgeous giveaway - I can see her blocks living very happily on Planet Baby

  6. Oh Jane, you are a sweetheart. Thank you for all of your encouragement and this lovely mention on your blog. Promise to get my Esty act together soon!
    Ps those macaron were amazing! I look forward to my next caramel one :)

  7. Those things are all gorgeous - i am dreaming of a trip to tasmania someday (wonder if they do any cheap last minute getaways as we have a few days free when my mom comes next month). That blue notebook and the blue dish with the embroidery - swoon!!!

  8. Thanks for the visual eye candy Jane - looking forward to visiting all these gorgeous markets again when I get back!

    Mel xx

    Thanks so much for your note Jane, it arrived safely. I am going to take my time and be sure to appreciate every word written on your dear dear wishes Jane..

    Jeanne xx

  10. All gorgeous!!!

    And I think those Toadstools would make *GREAT* pin cushions also! I've had trouble tracking down pin cushions in recent years.

  11. I do love Market season Jane, and The Market is on my 'to do' list for sure. SO glad you had a wonderful time there.
    Ness xx
    Marley & Lockyer

  12. I fell in love with Hobart the first time I visited. You live in my absolute favorite city. I adored the Salamanca Markets (Not sure if they are the same) I walked to Battery Hill and just stood for such a long time admiring the old settlers cottages there. I remember it being called Circus or something like that. I loved the Harbourside, in fact I love all of it. We stay at The Old Wool Store they have restored and added the new additions with such consideration to the old, I never ever want to leave. I would move there but for The Family. You are so so lucky. I have been a follower of your blog for a while and always love to visit. Thank you for having me. Come visit sometime, please. SpecialK XoXo

  13. Jane, that postcard is too funny! (I will have a look at her link, thanks) And also, I joined Sarah's blog, so nice to read her's, thanks for that too! And, last but not least, this market looks great, shame too far for me but I enjoy reading these posts so thanks!
    Friday I'm off for a little shopping sprea in Manchester UK, so will be back sunday evening. Now all I have to do is figure that linky thingy out before Monday.... see you later! Maureen xx

  14. It was fantastic catching up Jane... I'm proud of myself for resisting the sugary charms of the macaron, a coffee and your company were all I needed!

    And hey! I didn't see those cute toadstools. How did I miss those? I agree with E - they would make gorgeous pin cushions.

    Hope your week is going well - we've all got colds today thanks to a certain 5 year old coughing and spluttering all over the place!

  15. Looks like a wonderful market Jane. Can't wait to go to a few of the pre-christmas markets now that I'm back in Australia.

  16. Jane I love your market tour and all those bits of pretty:) It's a wonderful market to go and visit, so many gorgeous things to see and buy and taste mmm macaroons. I hope you are well lovely, have a great day. xo

  17. So pleased to entice you, ladies! And there was so much I left out as well ☺.

    @Melissa - can't wait!

    @Fee Thanks, Gorgeous. I am *so* delighted.

    @Sarah My pleasure. It was a treat to see you and your stall doing so well. It was the prettiest. Hands down. Oh, and good to see you've listed some of your pretties in your Etsy shop!

    @Mel Just you wait - we can make it a regular thing once you finally arrive here ☺.

    @Jeanne Thanks, my Fairy Blogmother, for the inspiration for this little series. And I'm pleased it arrived safely.

    @E So lovely to see you here. Yes, they're very cute - maybe something for a little one's Christmas stocking.

    @Special K I'm so glad you've enjoyed your stays here. You have an excellent memory for place names!

    @Maureen Yes, it is a hoot. One to give a Twitter addict. Enjoy your spree.

    @Sarah Your fortitude was indeed admirable. It was such a lovely morning with you.

    @Clare Now you have Emilia to buy for, Christmas will take on a whole new meaning.

    J x

  18. I adore going to these types of markets - so inspirational! And those macarons look delish! :)

  19. Looks like a great market with some great stalls. Sarah's looks so pretty with all her gorgeous wares. I'm hoping to hit some pre-Christmas markets here in Perth soon, I missed one last weekend but there's a few coming up I'm hoping I'll be able to make it to x

  20. Looks like a fabulous day!! How I wish I could have been perusing with you :) And that postcard is hilarious! XOL

  21. Loved reading your review of the Market! And those macarons are certainly making our mouths water - YUM!!

  22. @Lisa That salted butter caramel was heaven on a stick.

    @Amanda Sarah has listed some of her goodies in her Etsy shop if you're on the hunt!

    @Laura I only wish I had a magic carpet to whiz you down here to me, too. Yes, it's a giggle-inducer, I agree ☺.

    @Al and Kel Thanks. Did you get there? Make sure you don't miss the Christmas one on 10 and 11 Dec. J x

  23. Kel and I didn't get there this month but will definitely check out the Christmas one :)

  24. Oh my, I love everything! There are some very creative and talented people in Hobart! x

  25. Yep, come on down, Em! J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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