Friday, 25 November 2011

Celebrating Joshua's 6th birthday

Oh my! Can it really be 6 whole years since Mr PB and I arrived on Planet Baby? They would have to be the 6 most jam-packed, emotional and exhausting, yet thrilling and wondrous, years of our lives. And can it really only be a year ago that I wrote this? Jeepers! Yes, our firstborn turned the big 6 on the weekend. I’ll let the photos tell the tale. Here’s our beaming big boy.
Oh, he’s looking so grown-up now! This is what greeted him in *my room of my own*.

The presents
Hmm, let’s investigate! What do we have here? Howzat – a cricket set! Just perfect for the son of a cricket tragic, don’t you think?
Some textas – previously contraband on Planet Baby but we’re now going to take the risk with them, Quicksilver Sam or not!
Another Flat Stanley book to add to the collection – look what you’ve started, Jeanne!
Here’s a beautiful drawing from Miss India of our family, created with such love for her big brother. Heart-melt…
A photo of the three of them before The Big Present was unwrapped. A gorgeous moment snapped for eternity.
And then Joshie called in the troops for assistance with The Big Present.
Ta da! A Big Boy’s Bike in all its T-Rex covered glory – oh, happy day ☺.
The small family celebration

After a playdate with his best friend from Kinder (that was two schools ago – are you keeping up?), we had a tiny family celebration, just the 5 of us.
The party preparations the night before

I started making the birthday cake on Saturday night, smugly thinking I would have heaps of time to finish it before the party. Ahem! Let’s see what transpired. At 7.45 pm, I assembled my ingredients and the Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cakebook, complete with hired tin, to assemble The Soccer Ball, given the party guests would be from Joshie’s school soccer team from First Term.
This was the aim.
It looked easy-peasy. Here’s step 1.
Step 2.
And step 3.
Cakes baked, we repaired to bed.

The party preparations on The Big Day

Joshie having chosen blue and green as his party colours, I zoomed into town to collect supplies. Then I assembled the party bags. The boys’ initials were painted blue and green whilst Miss India held sway with her choice of pink for the girls.
After assistance from my helpers, the bags were done and dusted.
The water bottles were prepared.
Mr PB having assured me that he was coping well with icing the cake, I then inspected it. Ah, the horrors! Somehow he had neglected to *trim* it as requested. The consequence? A cake more representative of a flying saucer than a soccer ball!

I tried my best to resurrect it. Frantically. Time was ticking. I realised I’d have to pull out of my planned rendezvous with Sarah to attend the launch of Sibella Court’s new book. *Sigh*. I slathered on the butter cream icing, chopped up the licorice and started assembling my hexagons all over the cake. As panic set in with the guests’ imminent arrival, my hexagons soon turned into pentagons. The five different ways we attempted to melt the chocolate failed. I turned to Plan B – chocolate sprinkles instead. Aaagh!

The party

The house was soon awash with young guests, their parents and siblings and our extended family. Talk about noisy! Food was devoured eagerly. There were cupcakes made by the pixies.
And fruit sticks.
Frogs in the pond (the pixies had dropped them into the pond if you’re looking for them!).
And homemade lamingtons.
Mr PB played The Pied Piper, running all the games. This was the aftermath of ‘Musical Chairs’!
And then it was Cake Time. A quick snap before The Big Reveal…
Joshie was delighted. That was all that mattered to me.
 And then it was time for The Big Blowing Out.
Woo hoo! Party time over, the guests left. Mum posed for a rare photo with me. We’d survived another ‘first’ without Dad.
And then the Birthday Boy bid Nanna adieu.
We then collapsed into bed. Now to back up on Sunday for another party with his current classmates (his 3rd school in 7 months – we’re so proud of him) – wish me luck!
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  1. Oh Jane, what a glorious post, had me beaming from ear to ear. Your big boy is such a handsome young man, just lovely. Loving all of the photos, especially the one with the 3 pixies and of course the one with you and your Mama... gorgeous ladies :o)
    Well done with the cake! It turned out beautifully. Those Women's Weekly cake books sure do give me false hope every time I try to replicate one of the designs. Mine never end up looking like the pic, oh well, precisely as you say... as long as the birthday child is happy! :o)
    A true success Jane and Mr PB, now put your feet up til the next party xo

  2. That photo of the three pixies is a bit mesmerising. Just beautiful.
    And they're not my pixies!!!
    You have done so well and your big boy is one lucky, loved little man.

  3. You have really laid on the magic for your big boy's sixth birthday..wonderful!

  4. Lovely collection of memories Jane. That drawing is just priceless and I adore the cake. Well done. congrats to you on making it to 6 years as well. We need to celebrate as well :) He really is growing up into a handsome young man and love the picture of your three cherubs. N x

  5. Oh Jane, 10/10 for giving your boy such a magical birthday. You excelled.
    Your babies are just so beautiful. A-M xx

  6. Awh! His wee face!!! They're all so cute ^_^ I posted your thingy yesterday and it was great to get your email. The ulogy was lovely xo oh yeh, happy birthday little one!!

  7. Looks like an amazing birthday for a special boy. I tried making a soccer cake for my sons first and not only did it look horrendous it tasted horrendous too! This year I have learnt my lesson and my mum is making the cake!
    Your family is very lucky to have you.

  8. Oh Jane I laughed when I read your post. I have had many a cake disaster! I think you did an awesome job tho..and under pressure too. I LOVE the pic of Joshua with his cake. He looks very happy indeed. Hope your boy has fun being 6!

  9. It's all in the angles Jane, take an arial shot of that cake & Mr PB has hit the jackpot in cake decorating & design. Love Posie

  10. Oh Jane. That is me at 1am the night before almost every party. The cake gets me every time!! You did a superb job!!! You are a super mum doing another party also!!

  11. What happy pictures! I can feel the happy party and birthday spirit coming through the computer screen. The cake turned out fabulous - it was, after all, to eat not play soccer with :) I used to love Flat Stanley books - good to see their still just as popular!

  12. Wow Jane - it's certainly party central at your place the next few weeks! I adore the falt soccor ball cake - perfectly handcrafted with love. And Happy Belated Birthday to Joshie!

  13. What a fun time, that cake is fabulous, as long as the birthday boy is impressed thats all that matters, (I'm impressed too). Nothing can beat made with love by mum can it.x

  14. so many kinds of wonderful ... this post made me laugh and cry - hugs le xox

  15. We just had a 6th birthday around here. Only for my youngest... I hate admitting she's six!

  16. Looks like there was lots of fun by the width of the smiles.

  17. What a great party and the cake turned out really well! My efforts would have been disastrous! Happy Birthday to Josh!

  18. Loved the cake drama, it brought back memories of my attempt at a Dolly Varden! Happy birthday Joshie! x

  19. There is something so special about celebrating their b'days and yet when oh so stressful when it comes to the organising, baking and decorating.
    Oh boy could we laugh about cake drama's, I have had more than my fair share Jane.
    I think you did a fabulous job of rescuing the cake and as you said Josh looks very happy with the result.
    You look beautiful, yet tired in the pic with your Mum. (Again I can relate!)
    Amazing that you are going to do it all again today!!
    Hope it goes smoothly and a belated happy b'day to Josh!

  20. Happy Birthday Big Boy!
    You are so loved and that smile says it all...

    You and Ian did it- he's 6 and perfect!

    Hugs to you all Melissa xx

  21. Happy birthday Joshie! He does look so grown up. Now, you know it's not a kid's party without a cake drama... but I can't believe you looked at the pictures of that cake and thought it would be, ahem, 'easy-peasy'. Little alarm bells go off in my head just looking at a spherical cake with chocolate hexagons in a precise geometric arrangement! I'm amazed that you attempted it, and very impressed with the gorgeous result (and all the other gorgeous looking treats which, by the way, are making me hungry!). Well done Jane, I hope the second party goes off just as well (and minus any cake drama!). x S

  22. What a wonderful birthday your gorgeous big boy must have had. Joshie looks so grown up, I can't believe he's already 6!! Great job with all the party details. I find time always escapes me on the morning of a party and before I know it, guests are arriving! Cake is great, love the goodie bags. Big hugs to the birthday boy x

  23. Fab party, Jane! I can't believe that anyone has that many children's chairs... That's so 'you' to be so prepared. It's also so you to be hosting another party for the same birthday. You are both mad and wonderful in equal measures.

    The sprinkles were a stoke of genius. The soccer cake needs some air!!! x

  24. Thanks, everyone! You all *get* how much is involved in preparing such events ☺. Although, you'd think by now that we would remember to start preparing a day earlier!

    As for the cake, it would have worked out if we had done it the day before so had time on our side and perfectly flat slices of chocolate to slice up. We also should have used 4 packets of cake mix instead of 3 so that the tins were filled completely. Then the ball wouldn't have looked flat (I loved that observation, Bron ☺)!

    J x

  25. Oh, and Bron - all the chairs were bought by us at IKEA in Sydney and hauled down to IKEA-less Hobart. There are enough for us, the grandparents and my sister so heaps to borrow when needed! J x

  26. Happy 6th birthday Joshie:) Jane he looks so very happy and very grown up now. Jane you did an amazing job with the birthday party, I love those party bags so simple and they look fabulous. Joshie looks like he had the best time which makes all the stress worth it. I hope you are having a wonderful week. xo

  27. Thanks, Catherine - you never fail to life my spirits with your kind comments. J x

  28. I just read this and wanted to say what a divine little boy you have and what a lovely day you gave him - your kids are just so adorable and gorgeous xxx

  29. Why thanks, FF, you gorgeous girl. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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