Thursday, 6 October 2011

A light goes out: RIP Steve Jobs

Just a quickie today, sweet Planetarians, to acknowledge the untimely and sad death of the brilliant and resourceful Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple. What a visionary the world has lost.

Here's one of his most memorable and inspirational quotations which really resonates with me on so many levels right now.  
Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life. 
Don't be trapped by dogma which is living with the results of other people's thinking. 
Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. 
And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. 
They somehow already know what you truly want to become. 
Everything else is secondary.
Steve Jobs

What an extraordinary amount he achieved in his 56 years on this earth. Our lives have been changed forever by his insights, drive and passion. I'd love to hear your thoughts. 


  1. I also posted about this sad day. What an inspiration to us all. He lived his life to the fullest, striving to the end to create great things. My entire design career revolved around Apple since the late 80s so I can't even imagine what my life would have been like without it.

    How are you doing? Your post about how you are coping with everything was so touching to read. Grief is a very personal thing - no one can tell you how to handle it. You will find your way. I think your dad would love to see you embrace your creative pursuits. :)

  2. That was just the quote that resonated with me yesterday. So glad you posted it as I lost it in my travels. An amazing man. A-M xx

  3. Oh Jane, that quote is so true. When I heard that Steve Jobs passed away, I like you was so saddened. My mother died of Pancreatic Cancer a terrible painful cancer. Mimi xx

  4. Hi Jane. Fellow blogger from Hobart joining you from Phenomenal Woman after reading Naomi's post today. Looking forward to catching up on your blog :)

  5. There was also a little comment he made about your heart already knowing what you really should do with your life..I took that one to heart myself this morning. Wise words from a man who wasn't afraid to step out where few people tread.

  6. Beautiful quote...simple yet relevant to us all ♥ Jo

  7. Glad you liked it, ladies. There are so many more I could have chosen - he really was most inspirational. And lovely to meet you, Crissy and Jo - I'm now following you both. J x

  8. I was so sad that he passed away, there's not a day that goes by that we don't use an Apple product. I love the quote you put.

  9. I feel the same and have written a little tribute to him too....xv

  10. I'm glad it resonated with you both, Damaris and Vicki. I'll pop over to your post, Vicki. J x

  11. So sad. He was such a big success story. x

  12. Yep, Bron, and seemingly a very genuine person. I still remember the first Macs we had at Uni in the early 1990s - that seems a lifetime ago now! J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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