Sunday, 9 October 2011

Weekend snippets on Planet Baby

Hello lovely Planetarians, all 416 of you, scattered all over this little world! I hope you've all had a splendid weekend or are continuing to do so for those north of the Equator. Hobart's spring weather has been wildly unpredictable with torrential rain last night and intermittent spells of sunshine today. We've been doing yet more of The Great Unpack (slow and steady wins the race, doesn't it?), a spot of gardening and I've been slowly *easing* myself into some crafting again. Woo hoo! We were also lucky enough to have a dear friend visit from Melbourne as well. Here are some shots of our weekend.

Plans were hatched

Ever since clever fellow Planetarian Kate showed me this post, I've wanted to make our own little whiteboard. So, this is how I did it. 
I chose some of my favourite scrapbook paper, a pretty Typo frame and cut the paper to size. I then slipped it behind the glass, grabbed my trusty Sharpie pen and hey presto! A nifty family whiteboard to use. The pixies love getting involved in planning our weekends and especially the honour of crossing a task off the list. When you're finished, you just wipe it clean and start again. Here were our plans. 
Unfortunately, the woolly weather scuttled some of them. But the wardrobe de-cluttering is gathering pace ☺.

A birthday present was prepared

My lovely sister will receive her birthday present from me tomorrow so it's still  *secret squirrel business* here on Planet Baby. But here's the wrapping I made.

And the card.
I'll show you the present soon.

I found some old friends

One of the things I've most enjoyed about The Great Unpack is finding all my books, especially the pre-Planet Baby ones. It's felt like being reunited with long-lost friends. And I've realised how much I've really missed them. I long for the time when I can actually read books from cover to cover in under a year! At the moment, I'm struggling to keep up with my growing pile of magazines. Here are some of my old friends. 
I can't wait to re-read my Virginia Woolf now I have *my room of my own*! And I'll be intrigued to see what I think about 'I don't know how she does it' now I have the pixies. Will it be as funny as I remember? We'll see.

I finally organised Grandma and Grandpa's travel postcards

Mr PB's parents have been in Europe for about two months now. They've been very diligent in sending the pixies postcards. I finally had this Cavallini & Co wrapping paper laminated and stuck up the cards with Blutack and string. The pixies were enthralled.
The ones from St Petersburg should hopefully arrive this week so now we're all set to receive them.

I found some old marbled paper I'd made

I was so tickled to discover some intricate marbled paper I made about 15 years ago with Mr PB at an Adult Ed course. I had completely forgotten about it - sweet serendipity! Here's some of it.
And some more.
I was so inspired that I bought a set of marbling paints and some paper and hope to try them out soon. I made these ones using oil, I think, but apparently you can use water now - maybe YouTube will have some tips for me. Have any of you tried it? 

Oh my. So much for bloggy rehab - look at the time! Time to get this head to bed. I'd love to hear what you all got up to this weekend - do share!


  1. Isn't it fun to be busy getting all creative! Love your little whiteboard hon..and that marble paper...Oh My...just have me intrigued now...must look into it a bit further.
    Hoping you week starts off as a pleasant and productive one.

    Big Hugs,
    Anna x

    Oh..btw..did you end up getting your parcel yet?

  2. That all looks magical.
    We've had a busy, indulgent weekend.
    Looking forward to going camping tomorrow and switching off for a few days.

  3. Well....hello again the map idea with the postcards!
    You are good to be so organised...I'm sure the kiddos love this!

    And- great white board too....I'm going to use that idea for my studio!

    I have a little butterfly something for you from Gozo, Malta- I'll pop it in the mail tomorrow...small but lovely- I instantly thought of you...

    Now to get back to my blogging...too much post-holiday stuff to do tonight...maybe tomorrow!

    Melissa xx

  4. A beautiful creative weekend Jane, you are very clever, I love your sister's wrapping and her card. Enjoy your day! Mimi xx

    P.S. Thank you for pointing me to changing my comments, it is wonderful to just see all you comments posted. Mimi xxx

  5. ooooooooo I haven't marbled paper in years!! You've inspired me to hopefully get into it again! xx

  6. Sounds like you've had a really productive and creative weekend! :-)

  7. [From Jill at Deux chiens et un garçon]

    I cannot comment on your blog from my work computer. I loved reading your most recent post. So clever is the to do list all so pretty framed. You seem to take so much care and thought into the way you approach each task/venture.

    I hope there is a bit more sunshine in your neck of the woods this week.

    xxx Jill

  8. I love that To Do list in a frame, so pretty!

  9. Love the pretty framed whiteboard idea - I actually almost picked up one of those frames the other day for our nursery :) Your butterfly paper is beautiful, are the darker butterflies stamped on? And your map of travels idea is fantastic, a real visual masterpiece! Enjoy your start to the new week x

  10. Hi Jane, I love that frame whiteboard idea, just brilliant! Love that map too, how wonderful to see the progress of that mega trip! Clever you, that paper is gorgeous! Fun to make too! Can't wait to see what else you do with that marbling kit! X

  11. Hi Jane, gosh that marbled paper is gorgeous! It will be difficult using it as it's too nice to cut into!
    Keep warm x

  12. Some gorgeous and inspiring craftiness going on there Jane! That marbled paper is amazing and the frame is very stylish and practical at the same time!

  13. I'm sure there are more than that!! Do you want a postcard from Ireland?

    I have those measuring cups too!

  14. What a wonderfully creative weekend, Jane! And I kinda love the fact that you and Mr PB made the marbled paper at a course together so long ago :)

  15. Yay for the fabulous finds in your unpacking!! The paper looks amazing, clever you!! My son has a laminated map on his wall, i love it, we play 'find 5 countries every night' & i'm learning too, seeing so many countries have changed names or split since i learned at his age on my parents massive wall map - um, USSR anyone?? Love Posie

  16. Oh Jane, always SO much goodness to inhale from your posts, this one is no exception.
    Loving your clever whiteboard, what a brilliant idea... and seeing that little babushka nesting cup next to it made me smile, I have a set of these put aside for my first ever giveaway, coming soon :o)
    Just love the wrapping paper and card, gorgeous.
    Fabulous idea to map the postcards to the world, a beautiful way to engage those young minds.
    And WOW! I used to do marbling too! Though mine never looked quite so pretty as yours do here. I actually used to use water, with a few drops of food colouring, of all things. It created more of a pastel marbling effect, but it was lovely and I went through a phase where I was using marbling creations for all my stationery needs ;o)
    What an uplifting weekend update Jane xo

  17. Hello sweet lady lovely to be sharing some of your weekend, Oh I love the Typo store just can’t pass by without going in. Your card is adorable for your sister can’t wait to see her present. The travel board is a wonderful idea to show the little ones where their grandparents are, just love it. So happy every time I see you have posted enjoy your week my friend.

    Always Wendy

  18. You have been busy Jane. Marbling is fun. I have a kit stashed away somewhere. I must pull it out and let the kids have a go. Thanks for reminding me.

  19. LOVE that marbled paper. Gorgeous!

    (We did the wardrobe clear out these holidays - SO satisfying!)

  20. The whiteboard frame is great - such a styley way to keep everything on track and organized.
    It is such fun tom rediscover old friends and treasures isn't it. I've been having a fabulous time doing the same - although it does slow me up somewhat each time I stop to reminisce!

  21. Me again - sorry about the typos. I'm sure you get the drift of what I was trying to say. Sometimes this iPad thingy is just way too smart for it's own good!
    Have a great week. xx

  22. Lovely Jane, all and everything!I need one of those board and it would have the cupboard jobs on it too :) xx

  23. Cripes! I turn my back and you've all been so industrious here ☺.

    I'm glad the whiteboard idea is a winner - I find it's one of those why-didn't-I-think-of-that-before things!

    Ooh, Miss Melissa, you are naughty to do that. Thanks - I can't wait.

    Mimi - my pleasure. So glad it worked.

    I'm so glad you all liked the marbled paper, too. Now I'm just itching to make some more! And Sarah, I figure that if I photograph it properly, once it's in digital form, I should be able to print it out as wrapping paper whenever I want it, shouldn't I? Hmm, if only we had a working printer...

    And Jennie, you're right - this map was printed in 1990, just after Germany reunited but before Czechoslovakia and the USSR broke up. I have plans for a larger, more current one for that wall!

    J x


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