Thursday, 11 August 2011

The sublime, the ridiculous and everything in between: Part 1

You 372 kind Planetarians (and a warm welcome to the newbies!) have the hugest hearts. I am so moved by your responses to my last post. And encouraged. I wasn’t seeking your validation to blog *through it* but it was reassuring to receive it anyway! Never, when I started blogging a year ago, would I have dreamt that this space would provide me with such comfort and warmth during such a dark time. Gee, I love this bloggy caper! I know, I keep saying that, but I am constantly reminded of it. By you all. Every day. So thank you. Life still continues on, in spite of my Dad’s deteriorating health, and I have so many things I’d like to share with you here. As I said here, at the moment life is a combination of the *sublime, the ridiculous and everything in between*.  Let me share some of it with you.

The sublime

I was so thrilled to discover a whole set of these divine French enamel plaques at local shop, Chez Moi. Remember I posted about Karen’s fabulous store here? Well, I was so enamoured of these little beauties that most of the rooms in our new home now proudly flaunt them! Mr PB is quite taken by them whilst the pixies are intrigued, given they are in French, after all!
Here’s another, my favourite, on the door to *my room of my own*. Sorting that room out is on the backburner at the moment, given everything going on.
That doesn’t mean I haven’t been collecting treasures like a bowerbird for it, though. Here’s one of my latest purchases from the Etsy shopthe loveshop.
Isn’t it exquisite? The shade of blue just *gets* me. The Francophile in me is swooning. I can’t wait to have it framed and hung.

Here’s the first bouquet of flowers the pixies helped me pick from our winter-time garden. 
Spring is starting to creep up on us, as you can see. We bundled them up and took them into hospital to cheer up Pa.

The ridiculous

Now this next one is a little combination of the sublime and the ridiculous. Let’s start with the ridiculousness first. I have been hunting for a simple silver alarm clock for ages. Something sleek to replace this old dinosaur of an alarm clock I’ve had since 1981.
Although it still works (after being dropped numerous times by the pixies and its insides rattling), it’s ugly and I wanted an upgrade. So I found one on eBay UK for only £4.99! The first ridiculous thing was that they wouldn’t ship to Australia. So I called in my dear bloggy friend, Jeanne, to the rescue. It was sent to her and she kindly mailed it to me.

The second ridiculous thing was that the people at the Post Office were worried that her package contained a bomb! Apparently, it ticked away and an alarm rang at 7 am every day. Jeanne must have unwittingly set the alarm ☺. I did chuckle when I read how she had labelled the contents.
I doubt very few people other than logophiles like me (are you smiling, Felicity?) would know what an ‘horological item’ was!

And here she is, in all her beauty. Not a bad bargain, wouldn’t you say?
And on my bedside table, next to my new lamp. Yes, I’m quite fond of her. Even although she does tick!
Everything in between

A most auspicious occasion occurred on Planet Baby this week. After nearly 6 years, we took down the side of the cot for the very last time to convert it into a toddler bed for Sam. That meant the cot side could be taken under the house, never to return! We tried to take a photo to mark the moment but a certain pixie wasn’t *quite* cooperating…
He’s very proud of his toddler bed now. Here it is, all made up, overseen by his many friends.
And here’s a close-up of his bedtime buddies, B2, Piglet, Babar and Celeste.
Spot’s absent, being carried around with him, of course!

We’ve also been painting up a storm, first focussing on the pixies’ tables and chairs. We’re changing them from a bright blue to something softer.
Lots of turps has been involved – oil painting can be very messy, especially with the pixies about! Our butler’s tray has been given the loving touch as well.
I am enjoying its pairing with our new cushions.
They were half price at Laura Ashley and Spotlight. Duck egg blue and almost a turquoise – yum!
The painting bug has really bitten us. Next project the kitchen, perhaps? You might remember that aubergine here. I’m pondering these shades of Porter’s Paints.
But I'm also enjoying collecting paint chips from the hardware store. Maybe one of these warm blues?
Ah, the joys of having your own home and being able to make such decisions! We are revelling in it.

I also took the *odd extra one* to use for craft – I have visions of lots of garlands (can you see them, Bron?!)
So, your thoughts, lovely Planetarians? Can you see our vision for our little home taking shape? It’s just such a fabulous feeling to be able to put our own stamp on it. I have plenty more titbits in store for you – stay tuned for Part 2!
Footnote added on 17 August 2011: Given Jeanne's comment below, this tale becomes curiouser and curiouser! I gave the company Jeanne's address to send it to but yet it still made it to me direct, even although they had refused to do so originally. Go figure!

Joining in with Laura's Post of the Month Club on 30 August 2011.


  1. Such an up and down and all over the place time for your Jane. Having the house and all your plans for it is probably a good thing as it gives your brain a little space to stop worrying about the more stressful and sad things. At least that's how I see it.
    I love all your blue things, they're going to look great in your house. Your room will be super pretty when it's done.
    I love your paint chipps. I used to be quite addicted to collecting them when I was a youngster. You are inspiring me to start again.
    Take care and we'll talk soon x

  2. Love it all. Particularly the shade of blue that keeps cropping up. Keep up the great work. How has your little pixie gone at staying in the bed now that the side has been removed?

  3. PS i have lots of paint chip craft ideas in my pinterest board - DIY crafts!

  4. All such wonderful things around your home - I love the French door plaques and the busroll is gorgeous - I've seen it in black but not that stunning shade of blue! Are those forget-me-nots in your bunch of flowers? I love them and their gorgeous blue. We used to have a few bushes until Paul ripped them out thinking they were weeds when they were going through their non-flowering phase :( Exciting times with the toddler bed - I love how Sam's soft toys can all watch over him as he sleeps. Hope the transition has been smooth for him xx

  5. What a bunch of beautiful things! I laughed when I saw your *odd extra one* of the colour cards. We got a bit carried away in Bunnings one day and came home with a *few* too. We did actually spend a reasonable amount of money on paint there over the following few weeks so it helped to ease my guilt. When we got the paper punches out and made some pretty cards with them all thoughts of guilt floated out the window! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with yours!

  6. Now that clock as a story!! I often use my best friend in Lodon as a mule, trafficking fabric & all sorts of things from insane shipping fees or not shipping to Australia - they possibly think we're all still convicts??
    Wishing your father & all your hearts peace & comfort.
    On a completely material note - where on earth did you find those Babar Elephant toys?? I love them, i wasn't necessarily such a fan of the books (written in cursive, as good as French to a 5y.o. me) but i always loved the elephants, love Posie

  7. All those lovely blues are so restful, Jane. Now grab a paper punch and get punching those chips. Your bedroom needs a garland!! x

  8. Oh Jane, I have gone mad on duck egg blue colours, I have a new doona cover, and I was eyeing off some towels at Adairs (on sale of course). Flowers from your own garden are very special.x

  9. hee hee Jane you made me laugh I had a clock like that too, love the new addition though very classy my hubby used to have a gold one when we were dating but I used to hide it in his draw (hee) I could not stand the ticking it used to drive me mad how do you do it??
    Yay for getting the cot to a bed big boy :) & love the blue I am loving blue too hope your weekendwill be relaxing x

  10. What a lovely post, filled with such positivity Jane. What a fabulous new alarm clock, your old one certainly was a dinosaur, I can't believe you had it for so long! Sam's big boy bed looks so lovely and inviting, with all those cuddly friends... hope he's taken to it without too much trouble.
    It is so special your pixies can now pick bunches of flowers as pretty as those from your very own garden... ahhh takes me back to being a child picking flowers from the garden, a real treat :o)
    Thinking of you Jane xo

  11. Hi Jane, your new alarm clock goes beautifully with your new lamp next to your bed. Your love for blue is legendary! I often think of you when I make a new blue cushion cover!

  12. love a random post and this one is just so!
    My #1 son has reached the grand old age of 11 (and a half) and has decided he wants to choose the colour of his new room. Suddenly finding a new level of sympathy with my Mum for my 'black' teenage years....
    fee x
    me: 'how about white, with a touch of red and blue?'
    Alfie: 'how about black. With a hint of black?'

  13. Proud to be 373 has a special ring to it. Chin up in such a difficult time sending you hugs blogstyle. Come over my place for a laugh this week PLEASE I think you will feel better for it. By the way my family reckon if you stand in the one spot too long I will paint you duck egg blue. Love you things even the relic. Cheers

  14. How wonderful is it that Jeanne was able to help you out with your lovely new clock? Blogerista friends from near and far are the best!
    I can imagine there were some raised eyebrows at Australia Post - I wonder if they have x-ray machines for just such an occasion?

    Happy day Lovely, I hope your blue bird is singing sweetly,

    xxx Felicity

    PS: Just had a giggle reading fee's comment - such truth!

  15. Lovely, I adore the fact that you are settling in nicely in the new house, Sam is in the toddler bed now - ohh I just love his little display of toys and love that you got yourself and awesome clock - shipped from the US scaring customs!. Gotta get myself a good friend over there - no one ever ships to Denmark :)
    Have a great weekend sweet Jane, -

  16. My, no grass growing under your feet! A milestone for your little man too. Just love your new home and glad I got here when I did to see it all come together.

  17. Oh I forgot...great story about the alarm clock!

  18. Love all your new little treasures, and thats so funny about the alarm clock!!!! i had to giggle!!So sorry to hear about your dad, I am sure he will enjoy having a visit from your little ones. Have a very lovely weekend..XXX Laura xxxx

  19. Love the blue, love the blue my friend. So looking forward to catching up with you soon. Ahhhh!!! N x

  20. Love that YOU
    are loving your
    new digs and feathering
    the nest!!! As a
    blue girl, myself,
    I am nodding in agreement
    at all of your lovely
    xx Suzanne

  21. Love seeing the progress of your home, it is wonderful! Those signs and your print are both gorgeous! I love the colours you have! Happy weekend! X

  22. Thank you for the lovely peek! The preschooler has that piglet too. And I looove your little clock :)

  23. What a great update, you have been busy. Love all your finds and the Francophile in me is swooning over that print. Will have to get me one of those! We are thinking very soon of moving my little boy from his toddler bed to a big kid bed, so understand the momentous occasion. Look after yourself dear Jane, I am thinking of you. Gx

  24. So Happy to see you here you warmed up my heart when I saw your post xoxo.

    Love the blue and where your going with it and the new clock, LOL Little secret my hubby still has same clock as you I have tried so hard to get him to give it up no luck yet can't wait until it goes to clock heaven! Thinking of you everyday.

    Always Wendy

  25. Love those Porters Paints blues Jane. Can't wait to see where they will eventually go! And such a funny story about the alarm clock. So pleased that customs didn't destroy it!

  26. Great horological story Jane - I bet that gave the cutoms staff something to talk about?
    Keep enjoying those wonderful decision making choices about your new home...just because you can!

  27. Jane, it all looks so beautiful! You have wonderful taste and have created a magic home for your family. I know you will love stepping into it every day!

    As for your lovely clock, I have been meaning to get back to you to say that it never came our way...which means the owner shipped it to you directly! I would have loved to have seen the mention of a 'bomb' on the packaging. It would have been a first!


    Jeanne xxx

  28. Oh my! It's so heartwarming to see all your many and varied responses. Thankyou!

    As to your questions:

    Kate, Sammy has coped amazingly well with the transition with his big boy's bed. He still wears a sleeping bag so that constrains his movement a little ☺. And yes, you have collected so many fab paint chip ideas I am dying to try out.

    Amanda, I requested her to do the print in that colour, She has a range of different hues to choose from. And yes, I think they are forget-me-nots - I am still developing my green thumb!

    Jennie, I think we bought Babar and Celeste from Kidstuff. Not sure if they stock them anymore.

    Bron, the punch is out!

    Calico Child - they're called earplugs!

    And Jeanne, I can't believe this news! Will have to update this post now ☺. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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