Sunday, 31 July 2011

Still settling into our new home

A thousand thankyous for your caring and insightful comments on my last post, you huge-hearted Planetarians. There's no doubt about you - you all manage to pull together to lift me up and keep me going at this trying time. I thank you - deeply. However, as I said here, "But still life goes on". My head is teeming with all the posts I'm longing to share with you about how we're settling into our new home. But I need to focus on 'self-care' as my doctors keep reminding me (oh, and bloggy rehab and all that). So instead, I'll share with you some photos taken recently of the shenanigans here on Planet Baby HQ. Okay, here goes!

Last week, I sent Sammy off with Mr PB to the hairdressers for a 'trim'. My mistake. Here's his interpretation of 'trim'.
Remember, only a few months ago, he was my 'curly-whirly boy'. Eek! My baby's growing up!
Miss India and Sam have been delighting in finding new hiding spots around the house. Here's one of their more obvious ones.
We flung open our fancy kitchen bi-fold windows for the first time. Our cafĂ© had some enthusiastic customers queuing up outside.
Carrot cake proved a hit. Here are the satisfied customers. I think they'll be back, don't you?
We spotted another rainbow on our back yard. This time it was a double one. The pixies' first=magic!
We had the carpet and furniture steam-cleaned. That meant afternoon tea-time was spent snuggled up together on the couch, atop a pile of towels. What a lark!
And my aunt and I set to in the overgrown front garden, secateurs and long-handled clippers in hand. This is the before shot, cursed cotoneaster and all.
And the after shot. Cotoneaster be gone!
We discovered numerous roses, a lilac tree and a camellia bush underneath all that mess. Discovering my green thumb is now one of my favourite pastimes! We are looking forward to planning what we want to plant. When life has settled down here a bit, that is.

Er, time to get to bed. So much for an early night ☺. I hope you all have a wondrous week. Good night!


  1. Ohh the cafe..LOVE those windows and the cute bunch of happy customers. Take care Jane, thinking of you xo

  2. What an uplifting post Jane, gorgeous pics and lovely stories to go with them :o)
    Oh Sam is just too cute! It's scary when they look so much older after a haircut... I kept my big boy's long locks for as long as I could, but now I think we've settled for a shorter, more manageable do.
    Love the hiding spot... we're into hiding spots around here at the moment too, in fact it's a game I can't get out of on a daily basis... there are only so many places I can hide and still be inconspicuous ;o)
    Ooo your rainbows are just lovely and magic is a fine description Jane.
    Good job on the garden too! Looks like you're putting in some serious effort, for a beautiful outcome xo

  3. What an exciting adventure you are embarking upon - another new phase in the life of your precious little pixies :-)
    have a good sleep

  4. The three sippy
    cups made me smile.
    My brother and his
    three going on four
    year old arrived
    yesterday, sippy cups
    in tow : ) Looks like
    you are all settling
    in nicely!
    xx Suzanne

  5. hello Jane - I think I caught your last post before you moved - I've been trying to wean myself off my daily blog to spend more time outside with the boys over the holidays (and now feel a little out of touch!) but find myself sneaking back now and again for a little catch up!
    Can't wait to see more of your beautiful looking new home - and very sad news about your (handsome!) dad - I have a large and squashy bossom and, if your personal space allows it, am sending you a huge large bossomed hug! (did you wonder where that was going?)
    I hope you are feeling loved and supported by those around you...fee x

  6. Hi Jane, I was too slow to comment on your last post - it was beautiful and very moving. You are being so strong!
    It looks like the pixies love their new home. How lovely to find some nice plants in your garden. It was a good weekend for gardening. Take care x

  7. Such fun and wonderful memories. So much for a 'trim'. i always think it is a bit sad to see them go from baby to boy. Heck, I cried when first teeth were lost as I remembered being so excited that they arrived!! Have a wonderful week. (you must have been up late because i went to bed at 11.30!!)

  8. Your photos are gorgeous, especially the haircut! He looks adorable and all grown up! Hope you are settling in well.

  9. Hi Jane..I love your Planet Baby Cafe and all the rainbowness going down on this post. Your garden is beginning to really take shape and your thumb is growing greener by the day! Have a lovely week.

  10. Its such a shame when you have to cave in and trim the baby hair. He still looks cute as a button!

  11. Love that rainbow photo. Wow.

    Kids are precious as always.

  12. Those shelves look like the perfect hiding spot (fun even if they're not fully obscured from view)!!

  13. your children (and your home for that matter) are just beautiful, Jane... may that rainbow cast a gorgeous light on your week! x

  14. Your wee ones are so so gorgeous!!!! They look so happy too which shows what a great mum you are, even though times are tough, you are all still able to smile! Thanks for sharing your adorable pixies, it is such a pleasure to see them! X

  15. That back deck looks like a perfect sunny spot for morning tea. And, oh no! Sammy's hair has gone the way of the cotoneaster! It will grow back (unlike, with any luck, the shrub!). I'm so not ready to cut my little one's locks. He's mistaken for a girl from time to time, but I don't mind :)

    I'm glad that amidst the difficult time, your family is still enjoying the small things Jane. xx

  16. The kids picked great hiding spots.

    Can't wait to see what you are going to do with the house and garden. I am sure the transformation will be magical!

  17. Hi Jane how cute on the shelves I bet they were having a ball we have just moved too, our Rumpas room is not gorganized & my 12 year old & her friend decided to do a renovation (watching the block I feel) they turned it into a studio flat it was fantastic half of my house & her bedroom furniture ended up in it now she wants that room for her bedroom hee I said she could have a couple of days for her hard work. Just glad she is settling into the new home your family look like they are having fun too! :) Keep smiling x

  18. Lovely house Jane - I LOVE the pic of the kiddies on the shelves - brilliant. Hope you are well - looking fab the new place - and how about that rainbow!
    Have a great day sweets,
    A xx

  19. Happy days, Jane. Thinking of you (and your dad) as I too tend to all things green, it's been the perfect month for it. gxo

  20. I'm so glad you can delight in these little moments in our life at the moment as well. Were I not so worried about my Dad, I'd say my life was rather blissful. J x

  21. Great to see that you have some normality in your life despite your worries with your Dad, keeping you in my prayers!

  22. Nice to see all this loveliness in your life on planet Baby.I also find gardening a new wonderful pastime lately...but you had some really happy finds, lucky you!Take care lovely Lady xx

  23. I am loving these pictures of your cherubs. They look absolutely delighted to be in your new home. So love the cafe you have going on there and what fun it will be when they are a little taller and can serve you a treat instead. So hope you can fully settle soon. N x

  24. The haircut makes me smile... why do men always have it cut just a LITTLE BIT too short.... The trimming of your garden looks great though.
    Hang in there honey...
    x Iris

  25. I love that you put a table cloth on the pixies cafe table. So sweet!

  26. Wow a double rainbow!!! I haven't seen one since I was a little girl! So love that you have discovered gardening, it is one of my most loved hobbies! x

  27. Love all the updates and the extra cute haircut. I love the little moments like having afternoon tea on the blankets... makes for awesome memories!

    And what an amazing rainbow. Jane, I think it's a good sign ;)


  28. First up, few fathers have any gone to the hairdressers & come back with the right hair cut, my first born got a mullet once under her father's guidence, he was horrified (she said she wanted to be able to tuck her hair behind her ears, which resulted in trim her hair to behind the ears, oh the humanity, she was 8 as well) & let's say we rocked some Harajuka interpreations of fun until it grew out, thank goodness hair grows.
    Second of all, forget Sam - look how big Josh has grown, wow wee, love Posie

  29. Oh Jane, I have been offline for a while and just been catching up on your posts. I am so sorry to hear about your dear Dad, what a difficult time for you and your family. My thoughts are with you.

    What gorgeous photos of the kids. Know all about the loss of the curls as same thing happened with my little boy.

    Thanks too for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog. I will now keep an eye on yours regularly for updates. Gx

  30. Thanks, ladies. It's lovely to hear from some of you long-time Planetarians again. Your kind comments are helping me keep going. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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