Sunday, 3 July 2011

Let the sunshine in: Planet Baby's Great Garden Chop

Oh, sweet Planetarians, all 358 of you (and a huge hello to the newbies!). I am completely knackered. Stuffed. Ready for bed. You get the picture! So this post will be a quickie. Well, you saw the ‘before’ shots of our back garden in my last post. Now let’s see the aftermath of The Great Garden Chop once our trusty hired help had spent 6 hours hard at work yesterday.

Saturday’s work

First stop was the two pittosporums outside the boys’ room. The pixies were captivated by the noise and activity below as they peered out the window, watching the men at work. There was a lot of this action. It took ages.
And here’s the moment when the sunlight burst through into the boys’ room. For the very first time!
Here are the pixies, bathing in it, joyously.
Here’s the finished result.
What a contrast to this, in my last post.
Then the action moved around to a side fence, covered with thick ivy. Emanating from our side. And trying its hardest to pull down the boundary fence. Hmm. Not to mention poking 2 metre long branches into our neighbours’ property.
That was given a good haircut, the emergency work before radical surgery will be required – the removal of the fence at some later date!

Then our game plan changed. Mr PB and I were so thrilled at what a difference removing those two trees had made, we then wandered around the garden with our gardeners, inspecting the trees one by one.

It soon became clear that most were on the boundary fences and about to shed limbs, dead or dying, in danger of splitting in half and just downright ugly and out-of-control. So we decided to cut the lot down! Save for a magnolia tree we discovered next the cubby – fancy that! We hadn’t noticed it before given all the dense foliage around it.

And here’s the end result.
We can’t *believe* the transformation. How it’s opened the whole area up! Don’t forget it looked like this on Friday.
Here are our trusty partners-in-crime, at the end of a hard day’s work. 
And then they left. Leaving behind a *little* mess.
Hmmm. Make that a *lot of mess*!
To save costs, we had agreed to remove all the waste to the local tip. Mr PB hired a trailer and a friend helped take a couple of loads to the tip before it closed.

Today’s work

This morning Mr PB hired a mulcher and set to work. It started to rain. The mulcher wouldn’t work. I heard a lot of muttering but my offers of help were rejected. So I donned my fancy new gumboots, grabbed some long-handled secateurs, gloves and my waterproof jacket and set to work.
On this monstrosity with its dense root system and thick branches. 
I did a lot of this.
And this.
There was lots of straining on my tippy-toes to reach the top branches (I’m a shortie, remember?!). I remembered I had muscles in my arms and back. Which now hurt a lot .

But this end result was worth it.
As the rain bucketed down, I retreated inside. Mr PB, meanwhile, had returned the mulcher and received a refund. Which all means that we will be looking at this…
until next weekend! Hmm, as long as Mr PB clears me a path to the clothesline, I’ll manage. And the bonus? Now my washing will dry much quicker! It looks like it might be a long week for the pixies, though, cooped up inside.

And now to bed. Sunday splendour will return next week. Let’s see how stiff I am in the morning! 


  1. Oh poor Jane, you must be aching! Garden work... and particularly the type you've been doing, is SO painful on the muscles. A radox bath used to do the trick... not sure if they still have radox, so maybe just a bubble bath ;o)
    It's looking great... all those trees! WOW! What a job!
    The pixies are scrumptious, so beautiful!
    And your gumboots!! They're the most delightful ones I've seen... little Bambi's on them :o)
    Good luck with the removal of those trees, it will be nice once you have your lawn back! xo

  2. Oh my gosh - you weren't joking when you said you were getting stuck in right away. Hope those aching muscles are feeling a little better now that they're lying down Jane. I'm guessing the room of your own is perhaps still in-waiting?
    Amanda xx

  3. Whoa! You guys did get stuck in. They say the garden is the first thing you ought to do when you first move in - put in less invasive plants and let them grow while you tackle the inside jobs.

    You must get so much more light in your home! xx

  4. You PB'ers are definitely people of action!
    You've made a huge difference to your lovely yard and it will be terrific to watch your progress as you replant and recreate your garden landscape.

    I hope you were able to enjoy a long soak in the tub Jane and that the sun does indeed do more than peek through this week.

    Sending a sunshine sprite from my home to yours,

    xx Felicity

  5. Oh my goodness, what a lot of work! I hope you are not too sore today. You have made a huge difference and how nice to have discovered a magnolia! Have a great week x

  6. Wow Jane - you've been busy! And as for a rainy week - I'm sure there will be windows of opportunity for sendin ghte kids outside in gumboots and raincoats to expore amoungst the pile of trees in your backyard.

  7. YAY way to go!

    I need someone to come here and do some serious cutting back... Would you recommend them?

  8. Ha! I think this is so funny! I love how you started out with just a couple and then thought, 'Dammit! We'll clear the lot'! And you're in Tasmania, too!

    The backyard is now a blank canvas for you. I hope you have heaps of fun replanting more suitable flora.

  9. Wow! And how rewarding does it feel to get stuck in and prune and cut stuff back - I think it's good for the soul somehow and what about that light that now comes in - that's the cutest pic of the pixies :) Glad it's all coming along my dear,

  10. The pile in the middle of your yard now looks higher than your fenceline..hehe! At least now you can make the garden into whatever you want it to look like!

  11. Lovely to see you back posting again Jane. Wow - if this is a short post I'll have to look out for your longs ones :) Looks fabulous. Nothing like some gardening to help you settle into a new abode. Rest well. Caz

  12. How exciting!!!! I remember cutting down six massive fig trees when we moved in to our last house... The light was so brilliant! We replanted better trees and never looked back! You may be sore but you will feel great!!! Hope that rain stops for you! X

  13. I also meant to say COOL boots! X

  14. Dearest jane, so much progress. Those tired aching bones I hope will be soothed soon and more vigour to plan the garden of your dreams.

    Lots of warmth and sunshine to you.


  15. Et bien ca alors!!!!I am amazed that you can still take pictures and blog after such a big gardening adventure Jane!I can imagine that you will enjoy your extra light and I am sure your garden will look wonderful once you re plan the planting business...It is also a great reminder not to plant trees to close to fence for they can grow do they and it brakes my heart seeing them on the floor.For us, it is planting time...such a long time process is it! Hope your body feel much better now and that the sun is greeting you!
    Sandrine x

  16. Oh, you gorgeous souls, caring about my aching muscles! It's reminded me of my gym and dragon boating dresses, pre-PB ☺.

    Yes @Julie, I remembered the Radox, only after leaving the supermarket. Something to put on our shopping list! so glad you like the boots - at $40 they were a steal and now I use them every day. Magic!

    @Amanda, yes, my room is still waiting. No worries - we have time.

    @Anita, thanks for those wise words - they are comforting! Yep, we'll looking forward to now planting more appropriate trees, hedges and bushes, All very exciting.

    @Felicity, thanks for the sunshine - it made its way to wintery Hobart. And I saw a huge rainbow today and thought of you.

    @Sarah B, I'm looking forward to showing you around! We must arrange our next lunch.

    @Ange, the snow was halfway down the Mountain today. I hear it was only 7 degrees yesterday!

    @Carmel, er, we're not really the three-cutting type. But most were on the fenceline, pushing down fences, never pruned and out of control, pests or dying. So yes, it is an exciting blank canvas for us.

    @Janette, I love that photo, too, even although the lighting is too exposed. Capturing a joyful moment is priceless.

    @Carol, @Tiff and @Jill, thanks for the encouragement.

    And @Sandrine, thanks for your gentle words of encouragement. They have made my day. J x

  17. So exhausting but so satisfying at the same time. Enjoy that backyard of yours Jane, and you and your dad are in my thoughts. gxo

  18. Too right, Georgie! Thanks for your compassion. J x

  19. Oooh! Your new gumboots are super-cute! Well done on a productive weekend in the garden, my favourite weekend activity! x

  20. Thanks, my friend. On both counts! J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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