Friday, 1 July 2011

Come awandering with me around our new garden

Hello Lovelies! I have been overwhelmed by your generous comments about our new home. I’m thrilled that you are gracious enough to share in my delight. We’re still amid The Great Unpack. Hopefully this weekend will break the back of it. Oh, and see us glue together Emma’s desk for *my room of my own*. Meanwhile, I thought you might like to see some of our garden. Are you up for it? Okay, let’s go!
Right, here we are on the back deck, looking at the kitchen and those bifold windows. There’s our barbecue, waiting to have the gas bottle connected. Those gas bottles are for our inside stove. Oh and the chest on the left is waiting for a home. All part of The Great Unpack!
There are some of Emma’s pots (the empty ones I bought at her garage sale on the weekend). We’ll probably move those pots and replace them with some blue wooden planter boxes like we had in Sydney. The French lavender on the butler’s tray was given to me by my dear friend Ann on one of her recent visits here.
Let’s stroll down these steps to the back garden. This ivy-covered wall is to our left.
That’s going to take some serious elbow grease to remove, don't you think? However, see that jasmine flowering on the left?  At least something pretty can replace that horrid ivy. Fortunately there is a concrete wall behind it so the ivy can’t pull that down before we get to it!
And then here’s the spartan cubby house left by the previous owners. Mr PB can’t wait to work his magic on it and create a little haven for the pixies. He’s already hung a childhood parrot mobile at the entrance. And yes, there are Joshie’s old green gumboots inside! As you can see, those trees make the clear plastic roof very dark and shady. We’re going to get the tops lopped out of them to start and then see if we want to keep them. They’re right on the boundary fence and causing a few problems for our neighbours.
Here’s a view of the back fence. That fencing and the gate are the ones which famously restrained Quicksilver Sam at our rental house! Those acacias are at risk of splitting and dropping limbs, especially the left hand one which is uncomfortably close to the fence. We’re having a little emergency tree surgery performed here tomorrow and will then take it from there. We’ll move that dank little sandpit to a sunnier spot and get a cover made for it to keep out any stray neighbourhood cats.
Here’s the vegetable garden, waiting for some TLC. All we’ve done is plonk Mr PB’s spade and Joshie’s butterfly net there. Meanwhile, potatoes are growing and there’s a mystery fruit tree just aching to be pruned. We have lattice to replace and that vigorous climber on the fence to remove. My, talk about learning on the job! There’s so much to do for a novice gardener like me.
And here’s the clothesline. This was taken at 10 am. See how the sunlight is blocked out by the tops of those trees? It gives me a very finite window in which my washing can dry. I am looking forward to having the tree tops lopped to let the sunshine in. Yes, you eagle eyes, that’s the washing basket I was given for Mothers’ Day! Eventually we’ll remove this line as it takes up so much space and attach one to the fence which folds down. All in good time!
Oh, and here’s a close-up of my happy-making pegs .
Here’s our neighbours’ pesky cotoneaster, dropping its berries everywhere. They’re classified as invasive weeds over here. We’re getting our gardeners to lop off the branches on our side.
Here’s some thriving rosemary. Mmm, I’m thinking spring lamb, aren’t you?
Here’s our strawberry patch. Bring on summer, I say!
And to finish, here are our raspberry canes, just waiting to burst forth with their luscious fruit.
Let’s walk back towards the deck. Here’s *my room of my own* to our left. See how it’s painted with my favourite colours of blue and green? Sigh. A shame about that shade. Fortunately that will disappear once the tree tops have been lopped.
And what do we have here? A trailer expertly packed by A Certain Mother with all the detritus of The Great Unpack, waiting for Mr PB to take to the tip tomorrow morning.
As we mount the steps to the deck, we can see these enormous pittosporums, right on the boundary fence.

Look at the shade they create in the boys’ room, all day long. And yes, those floral curtains and ugly brown curtain rail will be replaced, eventually!
So tomorrow, those trees will be gone. Completely cut down by our trusty gardeners. Our neighbours are delighted. As will be the boys. And me as now I’ll have longer for my washing to dry!

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll get *my room of my own* organised. It’s a tip. Look – here’s the proof!
And the other side of the room.
In pieces. I wasn’t joking!

Now I’d better get to bed (bloggy rehab and all that). So much to do tomorrow! Good night, my friends ☺.


  1. Another fantastic tour Jane, thank you very much.
    Your yard and garden really has everything! I love it all! So many lovely projects to busy yourselves with. Can't wait to see how the cubby house turns out. As for the trees, I don't blame you one iota for wanting them gone. Trees are beautiful, but boy they can cause some massive issues. We have big problems with troublesome gums at the back of our place... and we're on a teeny tiny block :o/
    The sunlight will be amazing once you've broken through all those branches.
    Love your deck too by the way... Oh and the strawberry patch, gorgeous!
    Enjoy your weekend and all the fun of making your yard, your own! xo
    P.S. Thank you so much for your lovely kind words on my post yesterday, warmed my heart :o)

  2. Your new place looks absolutely beautiful! I live in rainy Manchester, England and our sunlight isn't a patch on yours even though the trees block some of it out!
    Can't wait to see what you do with the garden as time goes on.
    Good luck! x

  3. Sorry Jane I've been a bit absent dealing with life! But it all looks fabulous. So much space and so many plans but really no rush - you are so lucky. I can only hope we'll have as much luck in Melbourne, that little lavender will have a very happy new home. Now rest! A x

  4. lovely and waiting for your room my lovely gal....enjoy each moment!

    m xxxx

  5. You sound very happy -planning, scheming, forseeing.... Thanks for the tour!!

  6. All just wonderful Jane - even in the various "states" your new place is in - it just looks so great to see your patch, despite the work, its all just potentials.
    I do love a good before and after sequence !

  7. What a lovely place to create your nest! xx

  8. Oooh, fun! Love the look of that vege patch and cubby house. Totally jeal :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Hi, Jane. just a quick thought, if you are making any new garden beds you may want to keep some of that cardboard for use as a layer between soil and mulch. Cheers

  10. What an awesome yard you have there much potential :)

    Enjoy putting your mark on 'your room of your own'


  11. You guys are really into it with gusto! Things are so damp at the moment outside, aren't they? I have patches of the back yard that don't get much sun during winter as the sun is too low and it always feels a bit damp, but it will all be better in summer when the sun is high. How nice to already have potatoes, raspberries and other goodies. Are you still keen for some foxgloves? I'll dig some out and drop them off if you are :)

  12. The garden looks lovely Jane, lots of winter sun beaming in and smiling all over the place. Can't wait to see what becomes of the cubby! We've recently put a cubby in the back yard...its become such a labour of love, it wouldn't suprise me if it becomes a 'parent's retreat'?!

  13. Wow, what a fantastic yard for children your new house has - cubby house, vegetable patch and all!! Lopping those trees to let in more sunlight will be the perfect solution. Looking forward to watching your garden's progress x

  14. That you for such a wonderful meander through your backyard.

    There is so much to love.

    Cotoneasters are a beast. We've just cleared a heap of them from our front garden. I'm not sure if they are classified as a pest here in Vic but I sure think they are.

    Happy unpacking :)

  15. Hi takes time to make it into your own place doesn't it! I am sure it will make a huge difference to the way you get through winter to be able to enjoy every scrap of sunshine that comes your way..I know how much difference it makes to my day when the sun breaks out on a cold day.

  16. Hi Jane, how nice your new home and your garden!! Thanks for sharing. Everything looks great, and that garden!! ah... has everything! I hope you enjoy a wonderful time with your family. Sending you the best fron Buenos Aires.
    Nadine :) xxx

  17. Looking forward to seeing your room all set up and filled with sunlight Jane :)

  18. How awesome Jane that you have so much you can create and design just the way you want. I know it can feel all overwhelming at times but you are doing an excellent job at getting you house in order with a bunch of young cherubs to take care of. Great work lovely. Looking forward to more updates. N x

  19. I cannot wait to see how the small cottage for the kids turns out. I will stay there if I ever make it to Tasmania.

  20. Hi Jane,
    I loved the wander around the garden. Just lovely. Emma.

  21. Great tour, Jane. I feel as if you really did just show me around!

    I hope you don't lose too much privacy along with the trees... But I guess the sunshine will make it worthwhile.

    Enjoy the Great Unpack! x

  22. Lovely warm words again, sweet Planetarians. Thankyou.

    @Julie, I'm glad you understand about removing the trees. Choosing better ones will be such fun. And I'm delighted my comment moved you.

    @ Allison, thanks for stopping by. Yes, the sunshine is Australia is much brighter than in England, that's for sure.

    @Ann, I can't wait to hear how the move goes. Crossing fingers you find a gorgeous place in Melbourne.

    @Sarah B, I'd love those foxgloves, Sweetie! Thanks ☺.

    And @Bron, no, we haven't created any privacy issues, thank goodness. Ooh, it's going to be fun planning this garden! J x

  23. Loved this tour of the garden Jane! Almost feel as though we walked around it together! The veggie garden has great bones, can't wait to see what you and Mr PB do with it all and the produce you will soon be enjoying. x

  24. You'll have to come for a little visit down here one day, Emma! J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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