Monday, 9 May 2011

Sweet serendipity: being named a Kidspot Top 50 blogger!

Oh, my stars! While I’ve been busy visiting my Dad in hospital, playing Planet Baby’s Monopoly game and generally attending to matters of state here, the most curious thing happened. Someone (no idea who) nominated me as a Kidspot Top 50 blogger for 2011. What serendipity! I am absolutely overwhelmed, flattered, flabbergasted and humbled at the same time. Never, when I hit ‘Create blog’ on 23 July 2010, did I imagine that only 9 months later, I’d be in this little spot in Blogland.
So what does this nomination mean for me?
Well that, sweet Planetarians, is something I’ve really had to think about since hearing the surprise news from Kidspot.
It’s funny – for most of my life, I’ve always sought validation from others and my opinion of myself relied totally on what others said. So what caused me to think like this - nature or nurture? I know it was a combination of both. It also got me into terrible muddles about my self-worth and sense of identity.
Fortunately, as I’ve grappled with depression over the years, brilliant and supportive professionals have helped me to get over this problem and to work out a better way to approach life.
I’ve finally realised that *I am enough*.

I am me.
I love being me.
I have no control over what others think of me, only what I think about myself.
Working through the issues behind my depression and the changes wrought by the enormity of motherhood have helped me reach this place in my life.
I am so glad I’m here. Now, in this moment.
So, having finally reached this point of self-awareness, it’s a little strange, even ironic, to me to suddenly be in this competition. And competing against so many of my dear bloggy friends and in particular, darling Felicity and sweet Bron.
I’m so delighted to see so them all getting the acknowledgement they so richly deserve. They each add to my daily enjoyment of Blogland in so many different and diverse ways - I'm so thrilled to have found them all in its vast expanses.
You can meet the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers here – treat yourself by having a peek at their blogs.
I've clinked a champagne glass in Hobart tonight as the other nominees celebrate at a cocktail party in Sydney. How I wish I could be there to join you all!

That I've also made the cut is extraordinarily flattering and humbling for a newbie blogger like me. It feels very unusual as I'm not into blogging for self-promotion or competition. I just blog because I love it as we were discussing the other day.
So, thanks Kidspot for the nomination – I’m truly delighted and honoured to be in such fabulous and inspiring company. You’ve made one tired mum in Hobart very happy!
You can find out more about how the Top 50 bloggers were selected by reading here. Oh, and treat yourself to reading Linda from Kidspot’s thoughts on the joys of blogging here – I’m sure you’ll find yourself nodding away!
So what’s the next step?
Given where I’m at in life now, as described above, I think of the competition more as a joint celebration of blogging as opposed to a competition.
You sweet Planetarians are welcome to vote for me if you’d like – just click on the button in my sidebar which will take you to the right spot (if you look hard, you can see my header up in the top!). Or this link will take you there as well. I’d be chuffed if you do that but it’s up to you. I certainly won’t be hectoring you to vote for me ☺.
Oh, and feel free to vote for your other favourite bloggers – I certainly have! However, according to Kidspot, only one vote per blog counts per ISP, though, just to keep it fair.
Just so you know (says the lawyer in me, in the interests of full disclosure!), there are further steps involved in the competition which concludes with the Top 5 bloggers getting to drive a new Ford Territory for a month and a $300 fuel voucher. The Top Blogger will be announced on 3 July 2011 and will win the use of a new Ford Territory for a year and $5,000. I’m not sure whether I’ll pursue this – as you know, I have quite a bit going on at Planet Baby now!
But for now, I'm just delighted to be along for the ride with some of my best bloggy buddies!
Happy in Hobart ☺.


  1. Yay Jane. I totally think you deserve this - your blog is beautiful and your way with words inspiring. Love that you were nominated - wish I'd thought to do it myself :)

  2. Congrats Jane, I have always said you're a wonderfully natural talented writer. I wish things flowed from my key board like they do yours. Also a big thanks for introducing yourself to me when you first started blogging. Without that I would not have read your witty & insightful posts. Good luck & you get my vote xxxx

  3. HUGE, HUGE, HUGE congrats to you sweet Jane! I'm so happy and pround of your/for you! The success and following of your blog is a true testament to your caring, generous and honest self. Well done and I'll be voting!!!!! ;)

  4. Yippeeeee!!!!!
    As you know my bluebird is singing its happy song and my little tootsies are doing their happy dance knowing that you have most deservedly been nominated for this award recognising your fabulous contribution to our lives via all that you share.

    Accolades such as these are best when unexpected and as we all acknowledge Jane, you are lovely - so I guess you could say it's serendipitous - I'd say well deserved.

    You have my vote for being one of my very favourite bloggers of all. xx F

  5. Whoopee Do!!!! So excited for you Jane, that's really wonderful and totally deserved! I shall pop on over right away to vote. You see... good things happen to the nicest people!

    Ang xxxx

  6. Congrats Jane! A well deserved nomination! I'm not thinking of it as a competition just a bit of fun and to have even been nominated is a huge honour! Good luck xx

  7. Dear Jane,

    Such lovely inclusive words. I have already casted 3 votes, so not sure if that will work. You are there too.

    Hope the exchange of contracts thingo is going through smoothly now. Its such a nailbiting time. Also that your Father is coping well being home.

    xo jill

  8. Jane what an honour this nomination is :)
    I actually saw your name amongst the list yesterday and voted for's kind of sad that your vote only counts once as I voted for a few of you. It's just too hard to pick a favourite.
    Happy Tuesday to you.

  9. Oh good for you Jane. I think we all like to be appreciated in some way...and this is definitely one of those ways! I'll be voting of course :)

  10. Oh - I voted for a few of you as well - what a pity only one counts. I wonder why it stills allows you to do it... You so deserve to be in the top 50 congrats!!

  11. Morning Jane!
    Just before I have to make the breakfasts, a quick look at blogland, I'm so behind reading....
    Congratulations on your nomination! Love the way you talked about this here, joint and all, you have a gift with words hon, hope you dad is feeling stronger every day, and as for pinterest, thanks! Can't wait to see when I'm in.
    Hugs from me to you,
    Maureen x

  12. Jane, congratulations, I'm so happy for you. I can relate to a lot of what you have said in this post. Hugs across the ocean to you! Jane x

  13. I have only been a Planetarian for a short while but I have loved what I see and enjoyed what I have read...congratulations on an award you truly deserve!

  14. Congrats JAne, that's very exciting. Gosh, hasn't your blog come a long way in such a short time. You are a machine! Good luck!
    ps good rhat we didn't catch up yesterday, I've come down with a bug. Will be good to see you next week though :)

  15. Oh well done. I hope you make to the nest round.xx

  16. Congratulations Jane, that's so exciting!

  17. Wow! I am so excited for you!! Off to vote for you now :) XOL

  18. Jane, this is so thrilling. I was looking through the list and was practically jumping for joy when I saw you. You deserve it! Enjoy the ride :)

  19. i am sooooo proud of you...congratulations darling friend!!!!

    of course...i've gone straight over and voted for you...

    bubbles and blessed...hope you had a lovely time popping those with your gorgeous family last enough!!

    M xxx

  20. It's utterly fabulous Jane and something you richly deserve, you have a beautiful blog and a captivating way with words. I actually find a great many of the nominees inspirational. Quite in awe of the sisterhood :o) Congratulations!

  21. CONGRATULATIONS...What an achievement, it's all so exciting!!!!

  22. Yay Jane! Congrats, you deserve it!

  23. Fantastic Jane! You do very much deserve to be there - you blog with so much enthusiasm and planet baby is such an original and distinctive space. It's a bit sad that only one vote will count - I've voted for a couple of blogs, you included, dear friend.

    Good luck, and as you say, you don't need a popularity contest to know just how 'enough' you really are!

    xx S

  24. Hey you, that is so great!!! And a great recognition for all the beauty, honesty and kindness you bring into the world with your blog. I am going to vote for you now...
    xx Iris
    ps will pop your magazine in the mail tomorrow.

  25. You are FANTASTIC and that's why someone nominated you! Congrats my friend! I'm voting for life on baby planet! =)

  26. Wonderful news. Congratulations!

  27. Hi Jane! Big congrats from me for this fantastic nomination. I threw in my vote for you and am sure life on planet baby will do great... Your blog is lovely, interesting, fabulous, just like you!
    x. Tesca

  28. Congratulations. A lovely thoughtful and honest post. Charmaine

  29. Congratulations sweet lady and goodluck. I just love the way you look at things, so beautifully written. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. xo

  30. Oh, my! Thankyou everyone for your very kind comments. Finally I can reply after Blogger's little hissy fit. Sigh.

    I'm just delighted to have found you all in Blogland - every one of you enriched my life in some way so thanks!

    J x

  31. Heartfelt congratulations Jane! You truly deserve this. I will be proud to vote for you! x

  32. Thanks, Emma - you're a dear! J x

  33. It's so important to be comfortable in your own skin. I like your note to self. For me, I think it's mostly age and self-awareness threat has led me to loosen up on the comparisons and approval seeking. I've, by no means, totally licked it, but ipthe self-acceptance is much more tangible than it was years ago. I'm curious though, how do you feel about all this six months on? And did you win?

  34. Congrats on your nomination - belated though that congratulations may be. I understand the need for validation - but I've also learned over many years of writing that the most ferocious critic I have is myself.

    Visiting via the Rewind.

  35. Well done on your nomination! I think everyone has a deal with self-worth but its good to know that you are happy with who you are now. I am most of the time but it is an ongoing journey.

    Via the Rewind.

  36. Ah! It was a lovely, friendly competition! Such a shame you didn't make it to the cocktail function. I would have loved to have met you in person :-) Thanks for Rewinding Bloggy Champ x

  37. @Veronica Thanks for that interesting comment. It sounds like we're at similar points. My thoughts now are exactly the same. I stand by every word. And no, as my Dad was dying, I pulled out of the competition when they were selecting the Top 5.

    @Allison Thanks, my friend. And I totally *get* your harshest critic point. Am working on that.

    @Charis Thanks! Yes, I'm definitely a continuous WIP on this score.

    And @MM I'm sad I missed it, too. The timing was terrible. Don't worry - we'll meet one day!

    J x


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