Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sunday splendour: 8 May 2011

My, it’s been another topsy-turvy week on this busy planet. It’s such a treat to end it with Mothers’ Day – I wish all you mums a gorgeous day today, filled with joy and spent with the ones you love. Mr PB and the pixies excelled at making it a really moving and memorable day for me – a separate post will follow. So, let’s get stuck into some of the highlights of my week on Planet Baby, the things which happened in the middle of all this.

*I feasted upon* a mouth-watering chocolate soufflĂ© whipped up by Mr PB. We polished them all off before remembering to take photos. So here’s what it looked like both in the cookbook and on our table!
* I discovered* this divine Etsy shop, Miss Isa, run by the talented stationery fiend and crafter, Rachel. I treated myself to these swoon-worthy pencils, all wrapped in German text (I really must do that post soon on my love of all things German!).
Look at some of the other pretties she has on offer. I’ve had my eye on these divine tissue flowers over at Emerald + Ella for a long time but now I can buy direct from Rachel for a wonderful price. Tell me, are you tempted to buy some? Yes, Felicity, I can see you nodding over there!

* I enjoyed* letting my mind wander, just for a moment, to imagine some of the ways to furnish and decorate our new house. I think we might need the odd dresser or two.

Here’s one I spotted in the gorgeous book I posted about here after winning it in sweet Natasha’s giveaway at Northern Light. Hmm, not a bad starting point. It’s just intoxicating to start dreaming…

* I created* some more Liberty loveliness for my Mum and my mother-in-law for Mothers’ Day. Here are the two versions.

I’ve stocked up on plenty more words from Spotlight, so enthused am I at the thought of decorating the pixies’ rooms at our new house. And thanks to my dear bloggy friend, Rhi, I’ve also bought some more vintage Liberty Tana lawn off eBay UK from this lovely seller – hurry up Mr Postman! I’m still hoping you crafty girls out there can tell me if Mod Podge would be the best glue to use – the Spotlight staff are clueless!

* I read this* insightful post about compassion at a very new blog I’ve discovered, La spectatrice. It’s a topic close to my heart and one which I will post about soon. Aleathia says “ I believe that those who have suffered the hardest come to find compassion much deeper than one might think but it has to be nurtured. There has to be a desire to understand it is born inside you”. Whilst I have not enjoyed suffering from depression over the years, I think it’s taught me a lot about the value of compassion and it’s a quality I really hope to enjoy in the pixies. Treat yourself by reading Aleathia’s post – it’s beautifully written and thought-provoking.

* I watched* Joshua have a fabulous time playing his second soccer game.

Whilst his team won convincingly and he helped scored his first ever goal (proud Mummy moment!), what struck me was how beautifully all the players treated each other at the match’s end – with respect and thanking each other for a fun game. It was really heart-warming. I hope we can really foster this gentle side of his nature in the years ahead. I also loved seeing his two biggest fans cheering him on from the sidelines. Goodness, Mr PB and I are blessed to have these 3 pixies in our lives!

I can’t wait to hear how you all celebrated Mothers’ Day. Witnessing your children’s delight in giving you things they’ve made is the best feeling, isn’t it?
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  1. Revelling in all of your splendiferousness gorgeous I couldn't help but giggle and sigh at how grown up Cyclone Sam looks in the final photo. Maybe it's the absence of baby curls but he seems to be starting to take on the mantle of big boy.
    Joshie definitely is a big boy and one with a golden heart - you are so right to nurture this.
    As for Miss India - well I'm sure {like her Mummy} that she delighted in all of the papery perfection in the pencils and tissue flowers and loved giving her Grandmother's the floral love so thoughtfully crafted by you.

    Happy hugs from Noosa to Hobart town, xx F

  2. Glad you had a lovely day Jane. Thanks also for spending my money!! I just bought those gorgeous paper flowers STUNNING! You will see them on my blog post today.
    That souffle looked great. Wish my hubby would cook.

  3. Thanks Jane for being my first follower! It is so exciting! I've just done my post for Mothers Day also! And my son scored his first goal at soccer on Saturday too!! It's only taken him 5 years, but think it is more to do with the fact he spent all that time defending and now he's a wing!
    And congrats on the nomination also!

  4. Loving your 'love' words with the liberty fabrics, what gorgeous gifts they make. Tissue flowers look delightful also... you do find some spectacular bits and pieces.
    Love the pic of the pixie's in their little woollen hats... CUTIES! :o)

  5. Oh, ladies, I'm so delighted this post made you smile.

    Felicity, yes, we feel like he's all grown up in the week since his hair was cut!

    Kylie, you lucky duck - they're on my wishlist!

    Sally, it's my pleasure. Snap on the goals ☺. And thanks - you're very kind.

    Hey Julie Why don't you try giving them a go - it doesn't have to be Liberty fabric. You might be pleasantly surprised with the result!

    J x

  6. Amazing how winter inspires mums to be creative indoors and also to spend quality outdoor time with the kids during sport games. Hats and scarves are worn in Australia! Many people assume Oz only has tropical climates:)

    Cold snaps help other things too. Love how windy winter weather helps dry reusable nappies faster for those parents choosing to use them. oznappies multiple inserts dry quicker than some other brands I use. Its fun playing 'cat and mouse' with Mother Nature when we have rain, then sun, then rain and sun again in the same day! Its good exercise to hang out laundry, retrieve and hang it out again. This could be preparation for a future olympic event?

  7. Hi Liara Thanks for stopping by. Yes, today in Hobart we've had all 4 seasons in the one day so my washing is now drying in front of the heater. J x

  8. Oh your liberty loveliness is swoon worthy! Well done Joshua on your first goal!

  9. Emma, you should head to Spotlight and nab some of those words! Let me know if you want the link to the eBay UK Liberty seller! J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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