Saturday, 7 May 2011

Vacating, selling and buying houses - all at once!

Ah, Lovelies. This week has been another heady one – the pace is wearing me down. I started with my Feedburner problem so have a peek if you missed my giveaway post and Sunday Splendour. Given the few days I appeared to be ‘off air’, I will now draw my giveaway on Friday 20 May 2011 at 6 pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time so overseas Planetarians please take that into account) – I have amended my post to show the new date. Then of course, my Dad is still in hospital – we’re hoping he’ll go home this week. Oh, and apart from running the usual affairs of state on Planet Baby (let’s so *not* talk about the number of tantrums witnessed here this week - hmm), I’ve had to keep focussing on the details of all matters real estate. Trying to vacate, sell and buy houses all at the same time is *challenging*. It sounds insane, I know! Here’s a little glimpse into what’s transpired on Planet Baby this week – see if you can stand the pace .

Vacating our rental property

All this changing of real estate on Planet Baby’s Monopoly board has meant I’ve had to plonk my lawyer’s hat on for the first time in 3½ years. My goodness, it’s felt odd! And strangely comforting at the same time. To get organised, I had to purchase some pretty stationery supplies first, of course! Dealing with 3 different properties meant I needed 3 different folders. Here are my treasures from Typo.
Aren’t they just scrummy?! I feel so much more organised when using them. And they’re so nifty – you can turn them inside out for another look. Ah, be still my beating heart!
But I digress.

Moving out of our rental property has involved:

Ø   Giving formal notice of our intention to vacate to our landlord’s managing agent;

Ø   Trying to find friends to take over the balance of our fixed lease until January 2012 (no luck there);

Ø  Requesting the agent to advertise the property for us (please cross your fingers for us that someone snaps it up soon so we’re not stuck with paying rent and a mortgage at the same time!);

Ø   Mr PB fixing the curtain rail you saw in disarray here;

Ø   Arranging for the agent to photograph the house next week (hence the fixing of the curtain rail ☺); and

Ø Starting The Big Pack. Fortunately, my aunt is an Avon lady so we have plenty of spare boxes handy! Here’s a pile waiting for us.
And the pixies are really getting into it, to our great surprise. We plan to pack all our possessions and ferry them to our new house by car, aided by generous-hearted family and friends. Then we’ll only have to pay removalists to move our furniture.

So far it hasn’t caused too much inconvenience (apart from Mr PB packing away most of the pixies DVDs, leaving only the scratched ones behind which don’t work. Oh, and the pixies’ Blue Books which I need – see below).

Selling our Sydney apartment

Oh, my! The shenanigans involved here have caused Mr PB’s hair to start turning grey. Seriously. We have:

Ø  Chosen a different agent to sell our place to the company managing its rental for us (yes, you can guess whose feathers have been *ruffled*);

Ø    Retained an old friend I used to work with up there to handle the sale (and for mates’ rates, too – she’s a legend!);

Ø    Been disappointed by the photos taken of our apartment for the advertising campaign (a result of our not occupying the place and decorating it as we would like - not much we can do about that. Here’s an old photo of our kitchen);
Ø  Fielded dozens of phonecalls from our selling agent, reporting on numerous inspections by interested purchasers (a task complicated by the fact that our Telstra T-Hub telephone has repeatedly stopped working – we are currently about to report our third faulty machine – don’t get me started on that topic!);

Ø    Signed a contract with a prospective purchaser and now have to wait until the end of next week to see if her bank approves her loan (cross your fingers and toes for us!); and

Ø    Started the usual argy-bargy with her solicitors who now want to change fundamental terms of the contract their client has signed. Hmmm…

Buying our Hobart home

This is the most exciting property move of all for us but it also fills the thickest of my folders – there is so much to organise before we move! We have:

Ø    Retained my old firm (mates’ rates again!) to conduct the conveyance for us;

Ø   Received a gorgeous surprise from the vendors’ agent – a $500 gift voucher towards a photo shoot, just to thank us for buying the house! Now Sammy can have his turn (oh, and here are the ‘after’ shots following his haircut. He looks like such a little boy now – where’s my baby gone?!);

Ø   Inspected the local primary school and daycare centre (both brilliant, only 10 minutes’ walk from home and they had places for us – woo hoo!);

Ø  Received all the paperwork to complete for said school and daycare (hence the need for the Blue Books as immunisation records need to be provided. Hmm, now where is that box?);

Ø  Contacted our bank about splitting our new mortgage (yes, we’ve had to dust off the old crystal ball and deduce what interest rates are going to do over the next few years); and

Ø  Bought Holly Becker’s heavenly new book Decorate (thanks Booko for the great price).
That’s the closest I’ve come to actually starting to imagine our life ahead in our new home. Ooh, I can’t wait both to read it and finally have a chance to use some of the ideas!

So, I guess it’s no wonder I’m feeling *a little tired* at the moment. Let’s hope our purchaser’s loan is approved on time, we find a tenant quickly to take over our lease and we find those jolly Blue Books!
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  1. ggod luck with the move...keep calm and don't try and get the new house perfect will TAKE TIME and you need time with the children...I'm sure I became the evil hag witch mother from hell when we moved to Spain!

  2. oh honey...i'm tired for you too...

    we managed to get to england with 16 suitcases, 3 kiddos and a household shipped long before we left oz...and i'm quite sure the kiddos & Ritchie didn't do it with a sane,happy mummy everyday!
    but someone has to hold it all together...and you do it so very stylishly my friend with your gorgeous Typo bits!
    good luck sweet...drink your coffee's...sit with your dad for peace...get the kids onto filling those boxes...enjoy a glass of wine and do it all again the next day...
    you'll hopefully be there,in your gorgeous new place before you know it...

    sending you patience and friendship...melissa xx

  3. Oh miss Jane! I've stood in your shoes a couple of times now and know it is a totally exhausting process. Physically and emotionally. Finger crossed for the sale. We've been there too and it's a hard wait! An idea a friend gave me for the kids is to get them to decorate the the boxes from their rooms. I have pics somewhere of my little pinks drawing up a storm on 'their' very important boxes. Keeps them amused for ages :) Take care of yourself through this process and rest well. So you have the energy to enjoy your beautiful (I've seen the photos) new home! Cazxx

  4. Oh Lord I HATE moving. Scarring... Cold shivers just reading it. Happy Mother's Day to you... x

  5. Wow Jane - my head is in a spin with one move and you're managing all of this with Littles in tow - you are AMAZING!

    So pleased that you're back 'on the air'.

    xxx Felicity

  6. Far out brussel sprout... wishing you a happy Mother's Day this Sunday. STOP for just a minute and pop your feet on the coffee table... if there are no boxes on it... heading over to your giveaway now. gxoxoxo

  7. Crossing fingers all will go well. And I'm sure it will due to the person you are. Your attention to detail. Your dreams are coming true.

    xo jill

  8. Woah!!
    Best of luck with it all.
    I hope it all falls into place (with much behind the scenes work on your behalf) shortly.
    Exciting times ahead.

    We've just discovered Typo over here in WA - I LOVE it.
    In fact, a Mother's day gift for my MIL from Typo is sitting right here in front of me!

    I hope you find some time for you in the midst.

  9. Wow you have a lot to deal with at the moment, but lucky that you have those contacts to help out. I'm sure the nice stationary helps as well :)
    I actually saw it at Typo and meant to tell you about it :)
    Good luck for it all to work out quickly.
    ps have heard that school is a good one :)

  10. Happy Mother's Day though me lovely!! I am so 'off' the images agents allow to sell properties, they should either be minimal furniture or nothing, bare, vacant, blank canvas. We noticed our apartment in Darwin for lease advertised with images from the apartment below!! Good grief!! Horrid furniture, inferior view of the harbour & we went into a panic thinking the last tenant had taken off with the beautiful plantation shutters we put in!! Argh!! Why is it so hard, don't they want to sell or lease it??!! Clear counters, honestly, shove all the crap on the floor & leave out of view of the photo, it's not hard!!
    We've had to view images of potential Army houses in our time, complete with ugly furniture, cigarettes & bourbon on the coffee table - just the kind of house we'd like to move into with 4 children, thanks!!
    Urgh, good luck, head spinning but it will all be worth it come January 2012 when the lease isn't an issue (hopefully sooner) & you're in your home. Love Posie

  11. i am exhausted reading everything you have to do!!
    happy day to you everyday lovely Ms Jane ♥

  12. Goodness me you have been busy!!! glad you have that lawyer hat on to organize them all and a big hooray for 'mates-rates' I say. Happy Mother's Day dear Jane and I am glad that the whole school/preschool thing is working out because that is very important and one less thing to negotiate...

  13. WOW Jane very exciting but stressful all at the same time! Here in NSW they don't accept your blue book for your immunisation record, you have to get the print out from the immunisation register from your medicare office or you can also obtain it online, might save you a search!!

    Good Luck with EVERYTHING & I cant wait to see pics when your in your new home. Congratulations to you all!!
    Cheers xx

  14. So busy Jane, but I love your manilla folders and I can completely understand how they would make the tasks so much more manageable and enjoyable. Hooray for the (almost) sale of your Sydney property, and for sorting out the school and childcare places - two big achievements.

    You know our station wagon (and ourselves!) are standing by and willing to help. Georgina will be so excited - she's fascinated by relocations and really wants to move house herself.

    ps Sammy's hair looks adorable.

    Happy mothers day!

  15. wow wee that is huge - I am exhasted just reading it :) be safe matey and have a wonderful mums day - send me a real address - I have a wee something for you le xoxo

  16. I am about to send my T-Hub back for the first time..the hand piece has never worked properly and we've had it since January. After recharging and taking batteries in and out it still wouldn't work for more than a few hours at a time! I wonder if others have the same problem. Fortunately we kept our old handset so we can still make phone calls. The computer part is fine.
    You only need one I am sure they're out there just waiting for a lovely apartment!

  17. Hooley Dooley Jane... you are BUSY!
    I can relate on the tantrum front... aaarrrggghhh! Hope that improves for you asap.
    So exciting about all the moves and sales, you must feel like you're juggling all the time... lucky for those nifty folders ;o)
    Crossing my fingers you have a buyer for your Syd property!
    And oh, Sammy is just gorgeous, what a lovely do! I really need to get my little 3 yr old man to a hairdresser... toot sweet!
    Happy Mother's Day Jane xo

  18. Wow Jane, what a busy time. But you are so organised, yes, you really are. Have a fabulous Mothers Day.x

  19. My goodness, that is a LOT to juggle Jane!
    You sound super organised though and I am sure it will all go smoothly.
    Thought of you yesterday when Miss 8 and I were browsing Freedom and I saw your Hubby, Josh and India. (I have met India before and recognised the other two from your pics.)
    Maybe he was buying you a Mother's Day pressie?
    I didn't go up and say hello, but they all looked so familiar that I felt like saying hi.
    Hope you had a fabulous day today and got spoilt by the Pixies and Hubby.

  20. I guess there's a good reason why they say that buying and selling a house is second only to divorce on the stress levels. I'm not surprised that you feel a 'little' tired! I'm hoping you've had a day off today and a lovely Mothers Day instead. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way that all will fall into place just as you wish.
    Amanda xx

  21. Wow busy times!

    Just wait until you move in and enjoy the fun of decorating and making it your own. Then it will all feel worth it :)


  22. Busy, busy lady! But with those divine folders, surely all will turn out well! {Thanks for the tip on Typo}. I really hope the week ahead is filled with compliant children, eager purchasers, new tenants, more excuses to buy fab stationery and a few hours rest:)

    Happy Mother's Day lovely Jane!

    Meredy xo

  23. Oh, Jane where are all the villagers when you need them. This really does sound super exhausting, not to mention the stress of your poor dad in hospital (thinking of you still). I can totally empathise on the moving/packing front - we did it 5 times in 6 years ... for a while there I thought if I ever heard the sound of another tape gun, I might lose it completely. Glad the Pixies are coping well - very important. Now, just try and focus on all those wonderful 'new home' posts you are going to write when the shuttle finally lands xxx

  24. oh jane so much on! my goodness! good luck with the whole process,realising we can keep our house here (hopefully) is the best news ever because selling and buying is stressful but to add a rental property to the mix - ahhhhhhhhhh. at least the sydney market is so hot so you can sell easily here


  25. Oh Jane, sounds like life is so full on at the moment...but take heart that you will soon be in your new home and all this will be a thing of the past.
    Praying for a smooth transition.

  26. Oh, my stars! Thanks for all your lovely, supportive and encouraging comments - just what this weary mother needs to hear right now! And I'm glad to see some fellow Typo fans among you!

    Melissa, I really admire how you ex-pat girls manage the moving - this seems enough just to move a few suburbs!

    And Caz, thanks for that tip. I think I will get the pixies drawing on their boxes- getting them involved is central to part of their acceptance of the new house.

    Thanks, Trish - I'll see if the school and the daycare centre will accept the Medicare computer printouts.

    Oh, Carol, this T-Hub hadn't been with us for 12 hours before it stopped loading! So over it...

    Thanks for the encouragement, Julie. Yes, I'm going to post soon on 'My life as a juggler'!

    Kat, that's too funny. Mr PB said he recalled the pixies actually playing with some children - maybe they were yours!

    Paula, you are an inspiration - that's a feat I hope to never undertake! My goodness. You are a dead-set legend ☺.

    And Corrie, good for deciding to 'try before you buy' - eminently sensible, my friend!

    J x

  27. Good luck with the move and keep juggling!!

    And if you don't want to rifle through all those packed boxes looking for immunisation records, just go and ask for a print out at Medicare - they keep a complete record and the print out shows whether their immunisations are as required for their age!

    Look forward to running into you more often once you move into the neighbourhood!!

  28. I want to leave a deep and meaningful, and uplifting, message about the wonderful new discoveries and joy of a new home.... but I can't sorry .... I'm off to Typo for some new folders!

    We are so happy with our life changing move and I know you will be too, it is just such a shame all that work, to actually make it happen, is a pain! X

  29. Oh Jane!! You are sure having a full on time. I hope it all goes smoothy and once you're all settled you can rest (hopefully) xo

  30. Ah, sweet Jane....
    I need another cup
    of java after simply
    reading all the things
    you have going on!
    Makes my life seem slow,
    which is really saying
    something, as it's anything
    but! I hope your dad has
    turned the corner. I'm
    sure that adds an extra
    layer of angst to all the
    other things you have going
    on. Don't forget to breathe!
    xx Suzanne

  31. Jane I'm out of breath just reading this post! Hang in there and soon you'll be settled in the new digs!
    xo Cathy

  32. I love that your first most important step was buying some pretty stationery to keep yourself organised - a woman after my own heart!
    And thanks so much for adding my blog to your side panel - too sweet.

  33. Thanks for the tip, Ange - I checked and both are happy to accept the Medicare printout - bonus!

    Ah, Tiff, glad to see a girl after my own heart. Stationery lovers of the world unite ☺.

    Thanks, Suzanne - you always have the sweetest and most supportive things to say.

    Cathy - I know the feeling. Yes, we're inching closer to the big move.

    Kate, I really must continue with my stationery posts - there is so much prettiness to share, isn't there? Oh, and it's my pleasure.

    J x

  34. Oh Jane!!!

    You sound so busy, but it will all be worth it in the end. As you know I adore your new place!!!

    Love your new finds from typo.

    Also I agree with your strategy. It is easier to move incrementally, rather than the horror all in one day move. As you know things don't always go to plan, and sometimes settlements can be delayed (hope that does not happen to you but it is best to give yourself some grace period before you need to be out of your current place to make sure you can move into your new place).

    Moving things in increments means you can unpack as you go, ie bathroom (except to essentials) Kitchen and other rooms... Then when all the big furniture arrives you area already to sleep in you new home, tuck your precious little ones up, and make yourself a yummy hot chocolate as you have a functioning kitchen already!!!

    How exciting!!


  35. oooooh, those folders from typo! note to self, pop into typo this week. Anyway... I totally understand how busy and stressful the buying/selling caper is, have done it a few times now and it is exhausting. Once settled on a property in 11 days, that was a whirlwind! Congrats on the new house too, can't wait to see how you decorate it! xx

  36. Thanks, ladies! Yes, those folders make my Monopoly game infinitely more enjoyable. I hope you both scored some.

    And yes, Emma, I am still pinching myself about the kitchen.

    J x


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