Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Celebrating Mothers' Day 2011 on Planet Baby

Ah, lovely Planetarians, thanks so much for your kindness about my last post about being nominated as a Kidspot Top 50 blogger for 2011. I am amazed at, and touched by, your responses. Thanks for lifting my spirits! Now, finally I have a moment to post about Mothers’ Day now that Blogger’s little hissy fit is over and we can post properly again. I had such a full day, packed with action, kisses, cuddles, presents, present-making (for my Mum – I was running a little late!), yummy food and lots of emotion. As usual, my darling Mr PB was the Ringmaster Extraordinaire, marshalling the pixies to create a sumptuous breakfast in bed, morning tea for his mum and afternoon tea for mine and my sister and her family. He’s definitely a keeper, that one! I’ll let the photos tell the story of my day.

I was woken by the pixies bearing breakfast on a tray, complete with the best china and flowers picked from the garden. They had prepared scrumptious scrambled eggs and bacon with Atlantic salmon, roasted tomatoes and all the trimmings. Here’s the spread (yes - lovely bed-hair!).
We had cuddles and *rare* photos of me with each of them. First, my beautiful big boy.
Then my gorgeous big girl.
And finally, my sweet little boy.
We attempted to get one of me with all three pixies but as usual, Quicksilver Sam squirmed away at the crucial moments. This is the best we could do – keeping it real here, as usual, sweet Planetarians!
They’d been excited for the whole week or so leading up to the Big Day as they made goodies at school and daycare. Every day, India would ask “How many sleeps until Mothers’ Day?”. They had great fun shopping with Mr PB on Saturday and then wrapping them that night. This is what they presented to me, jumping up and down in impatient excitement. It was filled with presents, lovingly wrapped inside!

Now you all know how much I *adore* wrapping presents. Well, I’m so excited to see the pixies developing an appreciation for this as well. With Mr PB’s help, they raided my stash of paper goodies and here are some of the treasures they created. Here are Joshua’s first, starting with his wrapping. 
See the rainbow, sun, sky and our family? My heart melts. 

Then his card.
Oh, be still, my beating heart! Here’s the inside. I *love* the fact he’s learning to write.
Here’s his first present – a handmade whirling plastic flower for the garden, complete with butterflies and a heart. See – he knows blue and green are my favourite colours!
And his second – a book he wrote and illustrated. I treasure every word and drawing in it.
And now India’s card, ably assisted by Mr PB.
And her present – some yummy rumballs in a little box, all made and decorated by her.
And here’s the family’s present – a new laundry basket for our new home. Ooh, I’m *starting* to get excited!
It was filled with chocolates of all varieties, including my treasured German Ritter Sport, salmon dip, pâtés and a bottle of Tasmanian Frogmore Creek FGR riesling.  Hmm, lusciousness!

All up, it was a really touching and heartfelt effort by Mr PB and the pixies. I am blessed. Especially when it’s not really all that long ago that we weren’t sure whether we could have any children. Yes, I am truly counting my blessings. And here’s a photo of my dear Mum with my handmade present. It was a hit.
And here’s my favourite shot of the day, finally getting my wriggly pixies into a group photo. 
Joy personified. It doesn't get much better than this, in my books. I hope you all had your own treasured Mothers' Day moments as well. What did you get up to? Do share!


  1. If I ever make it to Australia, I'm stopping by to meet those adorable little cuties! =) Looks like you had the most amazing Mother's day.

  2. Goosebumps reading this Jane. You have some wonderful memories here.
    I had a lovely lie in, shared a late breakfast brunch with a few coffees sitting on our side deck. Pottered around at home and then went down to the river to watch "The Sound of Music" under the stars in the open air cinema. We huddled under blankets and stayed up late (I'd forgotten that it's a three hour movie!) My home crafted card sits on the mantlepiece and I enjoyed the feeling of truly being looked after for the day.

  3. so glad it was perfect...i can't imagine, like you, a moment without our little bambinos in our lives...
    when you see the three of your angels together it just makes every late long night perfect doesn't it!

    love your hubby!!! M xx

  4. Oh lucky you, the pictures made me smile. Don't you just love breakfast in bed?! My sweet husband hates the crumbs it makes, but he did serve me a lovely tray together with my sweeties and I got a big hug from them both. We don't celebrate it extensively, but that alone made my day.
    x Iris

  5. Hi Jane,

    Kalani popping by. So fun to see you and your kids. So cute. What a fun, adventurous life you must be leading with all that energy and best of all unconditional love. Looking forward to venturing more around your blog. So happy to connect with other BYW mates.

  6. very very sweet. your bed hair looks fine to me, you should see mine. such gorgeous presents and thoughts


  7. Jane ~ I just love the photos of you with the pixies! What a wonderful morning!

  8. Jane, you are
    a wealthy woman,
    indeed, with that
    much LOVE in your
    account. Happy Mom's
    Day 2011!
    xx Suzanne

  9. How great was that?! Your cherubs are gorgeous and you look like the happiest Mum in town x

  10. What a great Mother's Day Jane. My homemade presents/cards made my heart swell too.
    Great photos. Your hair does not qualify at all as bed hair.

  11. You would have found me dining in bed too, Jane. Love the artwork, priceless... gxo

  12. What lovely gifts you were given, how precious! I wish I looked as good as you first thing in the morning, my Mother's Day morning shot was definitely not one for the blog :) LOVE the laundry basket!

  13. What wonderful photos and gorgeous gifts. Just beautiful!

  14. How beautiful do you look first thing in the morning? Goodness me Jane - gorgeous photos of you and your lovely children! It looks as though you were thoroughly and appropriately appreciated. I was presented with a very similar breakfast in bed. It should happen more often I say!

  15. What a beautiful mothers day your sweet family gave to you. The photos are so sweet and precious, aren't they happy.:) xo

  16. Wow, I could almost hear the giggles and feel the hugs coming out of this post. What a lovely mothers day for you!

    On the UK mothers day I went downstairs to make a coffee for husband and I to find my daughter busily making breakfast for me 'Oh! he was supposed to keep you upstairs!' Oops. I went back up and nudged him awake. 'Coffee?' he asked. Ummmm, no! When I reminded him of his 'secret plans' with daughter, he felt terrible. But breakfast in bed was lovely all the same!

  17. Each one of those mommy-child photos are beautiful - such a heartwarming post it brought a big lump to my throat. Your family is so precious - including your Mum. And you are clearly loved and cherished.

    And isn't it funny how childrens handwriting looks the same all over the world. I bet Mums worldwide all have similar looking cards. :) I have kept - and still keep - each one I get in a special box and from time to time pull them out for a look.

  18. What lovely images! It is a day to remember! You will treasure all those handmade gifts and cards forever. We mothers are so lucky to have been blessed with our children! x

  19. love the pics of you in there:) It is so hard to be brave enough to share pics of ourselves on our blog but we've got to do it! now that I've started I regret not doing it earlier:)

    looks like a special day. I love mothers day now that I'm a mummy and honestly the best present was keira singing to me and giving me a kiss and a cuddle! no hallmark cards needed there


  20. Thanks, ladies. Those goodies certainly are adorable - I am going to make myself a treasure box for them. So glad you also had a gorgeous day. J x

  21. OH happy mother's day to you & all the fabulous mummies in your world. Getting a shot of all 4 of mine at once, it's near impossible. Keep the dream alive, one day it will happen, maybe at a wedding?? Love Posie

  22. Happy Mother's Dear Jane! The breakfast they made, yum and the fabulous, lovingly made gifts, wow! The one you made your Mum with the liberty fabrics is stunning. x

  23. Ah, Jennie, it is the elusive dream, I agree. One day, one day!

    And so lovely to hear from you again, Emma. Thanks - I loved making it. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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