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What's made me happy lately: The Happiness Project

Ah, sweet Planetarians, I’m so relieved to finally be posting again after Blogger’s hissy fit this week. Seriously, Blogger needs to smarten up its act! Anyway, this post is something new for me – a list post inspired by my huge-hearted and inspirational friend, Naomi at Seven Cherubs. Recently, she posted about Gretchen Rubin’s fabulous book, The Happiness Project. It’s sitting in my pile of books which I’m longing to read once life on Planet Baby slows down a little. Naomi was so inspired by the book, she decided to invite us here to “take time each day to record and write one sentence on what has made us feel happy during that day or things that we are grateful for on that day” and then post about it by joining her linky. This is what followed. I had no idea what a rollercoaster of a month it would be for me.
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10 April 2011 – I am so pleased my Dad has had the opportunity to see our three pixies grow up, right from the beginning, and can now see them anytime, instead of having to fly over to Sydney.

11 April 2011 – Thank goodness we live in Hobart and can support Mum and Dad as Dad’s health is deteriorating before our eyes.

12 April 2011 – I am just *over the moon* that yesterday we were granted bank approval for the purchase of a fully renovated 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom  house with huge backyard in Hobart.
13 April 2011 – Sam is showing a real love of music, joining in and doing all the movements to songs by the Wiggles and the Hooley Dooleys – just gorgeous to watch!

14 April 2011 – What a relief that Dad doesn’t have leukaemia - yet.

15 April 2011 – My brother will be flying in from Adelaide tomorrow to spend some time with Dad – perfect timing for us all.

16 April 2011 – The glorious autumnal weather with clear skies, comfortable temperatures and no wind was just perfect.
17 April 2011 – My sister, my brother and I spent some time together for the first time in years and it was comfortable and supportive – it bodes well for what lies ahead of us all.

18 April 2011 – Thank goodness a number of people inspected our Sydney apartment over the weekend and two couples have requested a copy of the contract.
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19 April 2011 – I am revelling in this glorious autumnal weather at the moment – clear skies, mild temperatures and no wind.

20 April 2011 – Mr PB is starting holidays for a week or so tomorrow – just what we need in the middle of all this stress.

21 April 2011 – A few precious hours to myself gave me time to let the knowledge that Dad’s life is slowly ending settle into my bones.

22 April 2011 – We ate flathead with Mum and Dad at their house for Good Friday – Dad was allowed home for a day visit and loved seeing 4 of his 6  grandchildren.

23 April 2011 – Mr PB and I had our first time away from the pixies in about 3 months so we escaped to Salamanca and wrote a list of all the things we need to do for the house move over a bottle of crisp Tasmanian riesling.
24 April 2011 – We all attended the Easter Day service at the Cathedral, sadly without Dad, who was still in hospital.

25 April 2011 – I admired the lavender picked from our garden, adorned with a jaunty blue and white striped ribbon.
26 April 2011 – Dad, Mum and I had several hours together alone in the hospital, one of the rare times we’ve been able to talk like that for years.

27 April 2011 – Starting packing for our move to our new house felt like something positive and constructive to do, just when life feels so precarious, precious and desperate.

28 April 2011 – Yesterday I received the sweetest surprise on our doorstep – gorgeous Ann had left a terracotta pot with some pretty French lavender for our new house and a touching card.

29 April 2011 – Enthused by creating my Liberty ‘Inspire’ artwork, I stashed up on more words and fabrics at Spotlight.

30 April 2011 – We packed heaps of boxes, ready for the big move, and moved them to Mum and Dad’s for storage.
1 May 2011 – After receiving a brilliant tip-off from my thoughtful friend, Rhi, I started bidding for some vintage Liberty fabric on eBay UK!

2 May 2011 – Mr PB and I actually had most of the day together alone so we toured Joshua’s new school and India and Sam’s new daycare – what relief to get all that sorted out!

3 May 2011 – India and I spent some time ‘crafting’, cutting up fabric with pinking shears into squares to glue onto her ‘treasure box’.
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4 May 2011 – It looks like we’ve found a purchaser for our Sydney apartment – we’ll know in about a week whether the sale will proceed.

5 May 2011 – Dad is so relieved to hear we are a step closer to selling our Sydney place – one less thing for him to worry about in hospital which is a bonus.

6 May 2011 – I enjoyed starting to make another fabric-covered word for my mother-in-law for Mothers’ Day – ‘love’.
7 May 2011 – I adored watching Joshie delight in playing soccer this morning, especially seeing him score his first goal!

8 May 2011 – Spending Mothers’ Day with my three gorgeous children and my darling husband was just delightful – a true blessing.

9 May 2011 – I can’t believe I have been chosen as a Kidspot Top 50 bloggerjust extraordinary!
Hop over here for a peek!
10 May 2011 – Seeing India and Sam really *connect* today and play so beautifully together was such a treat to observe – my littlest isn’t a baby anymore but a brother who adores playing with his big brother and big sister.

Goodness! Did you ride the highs and lows of my rollercoaster with me? I guess the past month has reminded me of the preciousness of parents and my enormous love for my family, both immediate and extended. 

Who knows what the next month will bring for us on Planet Baby? 

What I do know is that connecting with you here and *blogging through* this tough period lifts my spirits immensely. So I’ll keep on keeping on here, as they say in the classics!
PS Treat yourself by hopping over to Naomi's linky here to see what's made other bloggers happy lately.


  1. What a great idea. Keeping an eye on the goods things in life - even in stressful periods - is so important. Life rushes by and it is so easy to remember the nasty things and forget about the happy moments.
    x Iris

  2. Very nice!n I hope you are well.

  3. Wow, what a month.
    You must be exhausted, and you haven't even moved yet!
    I'm so happy you got the Liberty stash, it will be a good day when that arrives in the mail :)
    xxx Rhi

  4. a whole month of happy thoughts - what a wonderful record for you!! (especially Joshie scroing his first ever goal - what a milestone!)
    have a great weekend Jane :-)

  5. I feel happy just reading your happy thoughts! There is so much power in positive thinking!
    I read the book Pollyanna when I was little and she used to play the happiness game where she would find something to be happy about in every situation. Thoughts about looking on the bright side of everything have stayed with me since! So I have insisted my daughter read it too!
    Know that your positivity has positively effected all those you touch, weather virtually or in person!
    Have a happy day with your gorgeous family!
    Ps I have my fingers crossed the sale goes through! X

  6. What a beautiful and uplifting post.
    So much to be grateful for in amongst the stress and the sadness.
    I hope you can have many more beautiful times and memories made with your Dad and may this next chapter in your new home also be a happy one.

  7. It's really been a month of mixed emotions for you Jane ... this project seems very timely in allowing you to see the happiness in every day, even though I'm sure some days were harder than others.

  8. Beautiful post Jane. Even through lifes challenges, there is goodness to be found and happiness to be had. Sometimes it's hard to feel joyful or worthy of joy when there is stress or sadness or those you love are struggling but you have a lot to celebrate right now and I just bet your dad is thrilled about your house purchase, thrilled to have you all there with him. May the week ahead bring you much more happiness.

  9. hi sweetie girl :) what a month - a great way to capture life as we/you know it :) here's to the next thirty days le xox

  10. Wow, what a whirlwind. It seems lots of good things are going for you amongst the chaos and sadness :) XOL

  11. Wow!!! I thought that I had been busy! I have missed so much, can't wait to catch up on it all. Emma x

  12. That's the thing I love the most about this happiness project, that even on the roller coaster that is life, there is still plenty of happy things to see if we take the time to recognise them! And how nice that you got to spend alone time with Mr PB on a couple of occasions! lovely!!

  13. Thanks so much for joining in this project Jane, totally excited that you have approval on the house, so glad you got some time out with your love to talk and chat, with everything you have going on it is a wonderful blessing for you. Love seeing the connecting and family unity that is happening in your home and yeah! blogger got itself sorted out so I can read how you are going. Naomi x

  14. Thanks, ladies. I'm really touched by your varied, but uniformly positive, responses.

    Tiff, I loved Pollyanna as a child, too. One to hunt out for the pixies.

    Ad Naomi, thanks so much for marshalling us all to participate. It's been such a helpful and cathartic exercise for me. J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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