Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday splendour: 3 April 2011

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Hello, sweet friends – my, we’re nearly at 300 now! Hmm, I sense a giveaway might *just* be coming up soon! This week on Planet Baby has been a little tense as we await some news as to whether we can realise the long-hoped-for-dream I alluded to last week. Still cryptic, I know but you’ll just have to be patient with me for a while longer . I have also been really touched by your responses to my last post on my perfectionism – it’s comforting to know I’m not alone on that score. Thankyou for your willingness to share your own life experiences about it. Anyway, let’s wrap up what else I’ve been up to this week!

*I feasted upon* this scrumptious brownie, lovingly made by Mr PB. He’s a master at baking them so they’re just fudgy but not too much. Let me know if you want the recipe – it’s never failed us yet!
* I discovered* these Japanese lovelies here at Etsy shop Little Happy things. Some of them even winged their way to Planet Baby – quelle surprise!
 * I enjoyed* this exquisite post at sweet Tesca’s blog, Wohnwasabi. She’s one of my Blogging Your Way classmates and a newbie Planetarian. My parents have grown hydrangeas for all my life and I adore them. So Tesca’s post was just sublime to read and a feast for the eyes.
Source: Just Something I Made 
I’m seriously tempted to give those cupcakes a try, not to mention these divine brooches.  
Source: Glorious Treats 
* I created* some pretty cards adorned with butterflies to send to some of you Planetarians, all over the world. Give me a gluestick, my cards and envelopes (for the locals, I stocked up on them at Chickenfeed – great value at 6 matching sets for $A2), my first butterfly punch (I’m on the hunt for more sizes and shapes) and some scrapbook paper and I’m set. I find it calming and almost meditative, as I sort out the colours, line up the butterflies and stick them into place. Then I pick up my favourite silver Lamy fountain pen and let my handwriting flow. I handwrite so seldom nowadays that it’s a pleasure to write in these little missives.
* I read this* uplifting post from the Brave Girls Club. Just what I needed to hear.
It’s something I’m *working on*,  put it that way! If you would like to receive a little lift in your inbox each day, then click here to subscribe.

* I watched* Mr PB pluck this luscious strawberry from our garden. Nothing better, even warmed by the sun.
Here’s Joshie, showing some more of our garden’s plentiful bounty of potatoes and carrots.
Eek! So much for an early night and bloggy rehab…Let us all know what splendid things you’ve done this week –  don’t you just love sharing goodness around?



  1. A splendid week indeed filled with bounteous gifts to gather and share.
    I will be the first to put up my hand for Mr PB's brownie recipe - it will be a wonderful way to bring a little bit of the PB joy into our home.

    x Felicity

  2. Hi Jane, Mr PB also in for making the brownie and sending it over to switzerland?? just saying... Enjoy the start of your week hon, love the butterfly card!
    Maureen x

  3. Can't wait for your news... Now, you do know that we will ALL want that recipe for the Brownies don't you. Maybe it can be a male cooking bondy-thing...

  4. What a week... delicious, beautiful, insightful... can't beat that, Jane! Love that little bird, an excellent little piece of advice! Georgie x

  5. Lots of lovely things! Your etsy goodies are adorable - I love the colour, which takes me to the hydrangeas - Aren't they stunning!! I want to get a bit of blue hydrangea action in my garden, they're currently al pink.
    Don't you think home grown fruit and veg is the best? I do!
    ps thanks for the tip on the Chickers cards. I must check that out. See you later! x

  6. Hi Jane,

    I do love the way you write and keep forgetting to pop by. So I have now added you to my links and you may 'see' a little more of me :)

  7. I love your cards, and I also love Hydrangas.

    Can't wait for your news.

  8. Hi Jane,
    what a great post. I'll order the delicious looking brownies along with your adorable butterfly cards. Hope, you ship to Germany ;-)
    Thanks so much for including my little blog in your post.
    Big hug!

  9. Love the brownie recipe Jane, they look delish! xx

  10. I see you are back at doing some craft. That my dear is fabulous!! The cards look adorable with their happy butterflies. Have a fab week. Deb.

  11. Gorgeous week, Jane. I'm happy that you're crafting! x

  12. Congrats on almost hitting 300 peeps! So exciting!

  13. Yay for Sunday Splendour! It's lovely to take a moment to reflect on the good stuffs.

    p.s Want that brownie!

  14. What a lovely peek
    into your day and life,
    Jane! By the comments,
    I see a brownie post
    coming on!! I spent a
    lovely day with my NZ
    pal last week {in California,
    not NZ ~ darn!} and we
    both agreed that there is
    NOTHING like getting a
    "real" letter in the post
    box! So, I want to make
    it a habit to write by
    hand on lovely cards much
    more often : ) Loved your
    xx Suzanne

  15. So many gorgeous splendids :)
    Your card is a masterpiece, I love it...the brownies look to die for - recipe please..hydrangeas are one of my all time favourite flowers, those cupcakes looks so delicious.
    Am off to check out the Brave Girls Club.
    Have a wonderful week.

  16. Mr PB is a clever man making you some yummy brownies, what a sweetie. And those delicious rewards from your garden are something to be proud of. When I went to Tasmania I saw those Chicken Feed shops everywhere and wondered at first why you needed to sell so much chook food (lol) but then my friend told me what they were about and you know I think we forgot to go into one, next time. Have a wonderful week lovely. xo

  17. Looks like another wonderful week! I hope you are kicking the new one off just right. Those hydrangea cupcakes look amazing! Love all the flitting butterflies XOL

  18. the suspense of your news is so great! i'm excited for you, sweet friend! your senses are on overload this week:) those brownies look fab!

  19. I love that pic of your boy and his garden bounty. I think one of the most important things we can teach our kids is about where their food comes from and how. I bet dinner that night tasted extra yummy.

  20. Ah, you all have hearts of gold. I turn my back and what do you come up with but these delightful and varied comments - thankyou!

    Okay, I will post that brownie recipe as it seems popular (note to self).

    Catherine, you make me chuckle. The goodies on offer in Chickenfeed are ' as cheap as...'!

    And if anyone would like a butterfly card to fly to them, just email me your address and I'll get cracking! I'd love to do this so you have a tangible reminder of your bloggy friend. J x

  21. oh oh can I have the brownie recipe?

    Ummm STILL hanging the suspense you tricky lady!

  22. Check the next post for the recipe, Sarah! J x


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you gorgeous soul. You've just made my day! J x

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